FATE BUILD Game  v11-15-2014  Release 7  RTCM Corvin , RTCM Hank
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Game: Fate Demo
a.k.a. - Fate Preview

This game was never released as a completed, Intracorp went bankrupt a week after the demo was released.

The beginning of the game takes place on Pymandros. You have been captured by the Lesyrgian Troops who have come to your planet to regain the All-Father. They are keeping you in a guarded area of the temple for interrogation.

FATE -- a ground-breaking first person action game using the "BUILD" engine from 3D REALMS, with exclusive enhancements.

...Comes Fate. 3D, BUILD Engine Action Gaming To Vex The Mind and Satisfy The Trigger Finger.

Soon, it will be out of your hands.

Compliance is Strength



  • Throughout the game there are various items that can be collected. These items may be useful as they are, or at times need to be pieced together with other items.
  • The demo has the ability to create two full items, a key and an auto-rocketgun.
  • Super advanced A.I. which are sound sensitive and move into compromising attack positions. Also many are free roaming and will guard the hallways, you can even sneak up on them.
  • Has a built-in 2D inventory menu where you select and move objects you want or piece together with the mouse.

  • Sound effects only no music. Uses HMI Sound Operating System (SOS). Uses only mono sound.
  • 3D modeled artwork, very detailed.
  • Vivid color palette.
More Details:
  • Uses wall texture swapping/animation for simulated dynamic light. You can push barrels and break sprite doors. Sprite ruble is used allot. Physics and Particle engine in place. Breakable objects and glass. Free roaming enemies. Overhead map, textured or not. Some sprites are half breakable or wobble when shot. Visible touch plates. Uses level warps to go back an forth from one map to the other.


Fists (Weapon 1) -

Grenades ( "G" Key) (Hold down longer to toss it further)

Plasma Club  (Weapon 2) -

Rocket Gun (Weapon 3) -

Auto-RocketGun / Heavy MachGun (Weapon 4) - You need to assemble this weapon in order to get it too work. Takes three pieces and ammo. ALT-fire shoots Rockets.

Satchel Charge (Inventory Item) - To place, open inventory with the ENTER Key and then hold down the left mouse button on a charge, hit ENTER again to place the charge where you want; move it around in a 3D environment, forward, back up and down. Then release the mouse button.



health root

healthy broth


rocket gun ammo

auto-rocket gun ammo

plasma club ammo

locator device - enables map mode (TAB)

Standard Keys; Red, Blue and Yellow.

Dropped Keys; Red, Blue and Yellow.


piece of weapon 1

piece of weapon 2

piece of weapon 3

tryptych key piece 1

tryptych key piece 2

tryptych key piece 3

tryptych completed key

Wooden Barrel; Sometimes contains helpful items. Can be pushed around and used to stand on.

Explosive Canisters; Sometimes used to reveal secrets.



Trooper Cop - Attacks with Rocket Gun and Fists.

Alien Goblin - Attacks with Plasma Club.

Alien Crab - Attacks are like Plasma Club.

Soldier - Attacks with Auto Rockets.

Wall Fire Shooters.

Heavy Machine Gun Turret.



The best way to use God-Mode is to traverse the levels without picking up items and keys on the board in case you decided you want to turn it off. This way those items/keys will remain when you need them!




DogBone Software
Programming: Lance "What The Heck" Peck
Sounds: Steve "Keppler" Newton
Art: John "Scuba" Potter
3D Engine: Ken Silverman
Joe Abbatis Wardrobe by K-Mart