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Game: TekWar
a.k.a. - Tek War

TekWar is a commercial BUILD Engine game designed by Capstone. This was the second BUILD game Capstone made. This was also the second BUILD Game Released. First Witchaven, Then TekWar. the others came later.

Welcome to the future! Welcome to "New L.A."! William Shatner's TEKWAR the TV series comes to life in an ultra-realistic, ground-breaking 3D action adventure. Battle corrupt Tek Lords and their minions...criminals destroying the population with "TEK," a mind-altering digital hallucinogenic. Engage in combat against these super-intelligent felons using high-tek weapons and equipment. Embark on hazardous, strategic missions to gather clues, unravel puzzles and interact with this virtual city. Your boss is Walter Bascom (William Shatner), the head of the elite Cosmos Detective Agency. He will guide you through the labyrinth of this metropolis. Learn how to use the intricate cyber-highway of the Matrix(A level you float in, to represent the Matrix interface) as you attempt to overcome powerful and relentless enemies.

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Short Description

An awesome 3D first person shooter based on the sci-fi book series authored by William Shatner.

You're an ex-cop who was sentenced to cryo sleep. When you awake you are recruited by the Cosmos Detective Agency as a hitman. Why? Cause there's a dangerous new drug on the streets of New LA: Tek! Take out the seven Tek Lords and their minions in 7 missions, but spare those innocent civilians.


A City in Turmoil...

The year is 2045. The place is the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (GLAMA). The threat: TEK. The most psychoactive mind alterant ever devised by the human mind is peddled daily on the streets of the inner city. This trade resists all efforts by the poorly funded local authorities to halt its distribution, and it brings in enormous wealth to those in control: the TekLords. The mafia kingpins of the 21st century, the TekLords have divided the city into seven boroughs to minimize infighting and maximize their profit.

A New Threat...

Recently, an informant within the organization of TekLord Sonny Hokori, the most powerful TekLord in the city, has come forth with a story too frightening to ignore. He swears that the TekLords have put aside their differences to increase the level of Tek addiction to disastrous proportions. Their vehicle: The Matrix.

Nichol Petrovski, a noted cyberbiologist and Miyoshi Nakahara, a Nobel prize winning cyberneticist have mysteriously disappeared. It is believed that their skills are being used by the TekLords to develop a means to distribute Tek across the Matrix. This would addict the hundreds of thousands of people who use the Matrix in their daily business; and once the flow of Tek on the Matrix is stopped, these addicts will rely on the TekLord Consortium in the physical world to get their fix.

Recently Thawed...

Who will save the city from this enslavement? YOU WILL. An ex-cop framed for dealing with Tek, you have spent the last five years in cyrogenic suspension in an orbiting prison platform called "the Freezer." When you return to earth you discover that you have been granted a "special parole" on the condition that you work for Walter Bascom, head of the Cosmos Detective Agency.

You must investigate the efforts of the TekLords to use the Matrix and find a way to stop them. If you succeed, thousands of innocents escape the mind-ravaging effects of Tek. If you fail, the addiction spreads, but you won't see that in the freezer...


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  • Real Civilian A.I.: They walk around and when you un holster your gun they run away in fear, ducking and speaking. Shooting them produces animated blood on walls behind them. NOTE: In the first demo of tekwar, when shooting a target blood would show where you hit them, the designers removed this in the second, beta demo. However, using the Orlow weapon will produce particles of body parts.
  • Police Officers: They Respond to you un holstering and holstering a weapon. They verbally warn you to drop your gun. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to a bad guy, the Officers only see you.
  • Matrix Level: You float around in it. There's a lotag that is placed at the players starting point to indicate "flight" Its believed this method of flight is perhaps an early "underwater/swimming" code, or perhaps a "jetpack." It seems to use the tekwar ladder code. Not much of the Matrix is covered on this page, I may re-explore it another time.
  • William Shatner stars in original full-motion video footage, assigning you on strategic missions and critiquing your performance. Shooting civilians is frowned upon.
  • Jump, duck and move with speed. Using the powerful "Build" engine, exclusively licensed from 3D Realms, TekWar has freedom in movement & perspective, along with strategic, interactive game play.
  • Watch your back. The advanced enemy A.I. in this world will keep defenses and apprehension high as you battle numerous digitized characters. They may guard a location, chase you, or even stalk you. In
    combat, donít be surprised if they dodge, duck and take advantage of cover. If you notice a door you closed is now open,
    watch out. A goon may be stalking you!
  • A virtual, living, breathing metropolis of the future comprised of 7 distinct areas. Ride subways and buses. Explore offices, hospitals, alleyways, sewers and more in this massive game play field with intricate maps that transcend traditional 3-D game levels.
  • Network play for up to 16 and head-to-head Modem play

  • Pulsating sound effects and original CD-quality music. Also Midi music.
  • Most of it is digitized from real world props and people. Some of it is 3D-rendered models, others are drawn sprites.
  • Playable in SVGA.
More Details:
  • TekWar actually predated Duke and introduced a lot of new features: like travelling in trains and a hub system for the levels. Where it loads a map while in the game, seamless as if one single map. Also teleporting areas, sending you from one area of the map to the next. It also has ROR, but you can't be looking at both sections at the same time(ex: Sewer 1 map.) There are ladders, you can climb by holding jump, climb down with crouch. Speed up climbing by holding down run key. Transparent Water. No where in the game can you swim underwater. Pickup, carry and throw objects is possible. Blast marks on the ground when an Android explodes. Temporary gun blast marks on walls when you or an enemy hit.
  • Mouse Aim: To aim up and down, assign the caps lock for aim up/dwn. This will allow you to use the mouse to aim, however there's no invert mouse option.

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(Blue pistol) Kralov CEG-15 Stunner (Weapon 1)
This pistol fires a ball of highly charged particles that will short out its
targets nervous system and render them unconscious for a short period of
time. Energy Ammo is unlimited.

C&W Model 2040 (Weapon 2)
This semiautomatic pistol fires caseless rounds. For when precise aiming is
needed. It is the choice weapon of most TekGoons, so scavenged clips will
serve to reload.

Shrike DBK (Weapon 3)
The Shrike DBK, is a semiautomatic energy round weapon, with tracking. This
weapon uses charges to reload. Shoots Three Plasma Balls, that explode on
impact. Accu Track Item improves accuracy. NOTE: In the demo of tekwar
this weapon was the Orlow and rightly ripped its targets apart. Somewhere
the designers mixed the effects of the Shrike and Orlow with each other.

Orlow 34s (Weapon 4)
An aggressive upgrade from the Shrike DBK, This weapon fires energy rounds
that expand on impact, violently ripping its target to pieces. Like the Shrike,
it uses charges to reload. Shoots red blaster bolts.

EMP Gun (Weapon 5)
This pistol fires an electromagnetic pulse designed to stun androids, and people.
It must be recharged.

Flamer (Weapon 6)
This rifle fires long gouts of a volatile chemical mixture that bursts into
flame on contact with air. The fluid also has a glutinous consistency,
causing it to stick to its target and inflict horrendous burn damage. This
weapon requires fuel canisters to reload.

Bazooka Launcher (Weapon 7)
This shoulder-mounted weapon fires short range rockets that explode on
impact, obliterating its target and much of the surrounding infrastructure as
well. Originally designed as heat-seekers for aircraft, the targeting acuity
of these rockets has been increased to track a human target.


Note: They are picked up with the spacebar (while on top of them or looking at
them at arms length, sometimes you need to duck to pick them up) and then
thrown with the Enter key.
You can hold onto the item for as long as you want till you need it. But you only
can carry one item at a time. No HUD display, its simply in your left hand.

(need image) Stun Grenades *NOT sure this is in the game.

(need image) Force Charge *NOT sure this is in the game.
A canister of liquid plastic explosive equipped with a kinetic detonator.
This weapon is thrown and explodes on impact.

or Grenades
A canister of liquid plastic explosive equipped with a kinetic detonator.
This weapon is thrown and explodes after a few secs. Note: The designers reused
the Bazooka rocket for the first weapon image.

(many items) Other Objects can be picked up and thrown.
Such as medical equipment in the hospitals.
Garbage bags and containers.
Construction Items and markers.
If you thrown an item and it lands on someone's head it will kill them.


Pistol Klip (for C&W)

Shrike Charges

Orlow Charges

Fuel Bottle (for flamer??)
Bazooka Fuel

Donuts (Health)

Medic Kit (Health)

Accu Trak (Improves accuracy of the Shrike Weapon.)
You can pickup more than one but I'm not sure it does anything special.

Red Key Card

Blue Key Card



Tek Rats


Though accustomed to living in a dangerous world of urban violence, the
hardened citizens of GLA want only to stay clear of all TekLord-Police
altercations and continue their business with some feigned degree of




Losing the war against Tek, the GLA Police Force finds itself hopelessly
outmanned and utterly outgunned. Seeing their uniformed comrades shot down
day after day in the line of duty has embittered them and instilled within
them a deep hatred for Tek, the Tek Lords, and especially those 'Rogue' cops
that leave to work for the Consortium.

CopFemale GuardSecurity



Kamikaze Androids
These mechanized assassins home in on their programmed targets and attempt to
touch them. Their tactile detonators cause them to explode on contact. These
androids can appear as Civilians, Cops or TekGoons, and are notoriously
difficult to damage with conventional weaponry.

(No Image, they look like everyone else)


The wealth and power of the Tek Consortium allows it to hire agents superior
to the GLA Police Force in both armament and number. These loyal soldiers
serve as the arms of the TekLords, doing the 'dirty work' associated with
organized crime. They carry a varied assortment of weapons and guises,
allowing them to infiltrate all aspects of city life and quickly terminate
any threats to the boroughs.

The TekGoons are ruthless; their willingness to fire on civilians has numbed
the populace of GLA into submission, and detracted much support for the
local authorities. As a result., the average citizen relies on TekGoon favor
as much as the GLAPD to stay out of harm's way.
Undercover Gun, watch your mirror for them shooting at you.
Female Thug
Female Guard as TekGoon

Security as TekGoon
Apron Guy
Respirator Thug

Tazer Thug




The real power in GLA, these local warlords control the distribution of Tek,
the most addictive psychoactive drug created. As the local authorities fail
miserably to slow the trade of Tek, the TekLord Consortium increases its area
of control and makes plans to harness the power of the Matrix to spread Tek
addiction to the entire world.

Conrad Lowell

Dallas Di Marco

Miles Connor

Marty Dollar


Carlyle Rossi

Sonny Hokuri

As the most powerful member of the TekLord Consortium, Sonny Hokuri is the
major force behind the plan to distribute Tek through the Matrix.

Final Boss


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Cheat mode:
Start the game with one of the following command lines to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Note: The game can not be completed with the "No enemies" code enabled.

Effect Command Line
No policemen tekwar.exe noguard
No enemies tekwar.exe nochase
No objects tekwar.exe noenemies
No bystanders tekwar.exe nostroll
No "Stalking" tekwar.exe nostalk
No blood tekwar.exe nogore
Level select tekwar.exe practice
Skip briefing tekwar.exe nobriefs


In-game cheat mode: Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat effect.
Effect Key Code
Invincibility [LAlt] + [Shift] + G
All weapons, full ammo, all keycards [LAlt] + [Shift] + W
All Matrix Symbols [LAlt] + [Shift] + J


Cheat mode (demo version):
Start the game with one of the following command lines to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Command line
TEKD1 BRIEF-Display introduction.
TEKD1 NOCHASE-Removes the shooting enemies from the game.
TEKD1 NOENEMIES-Removes everyone but you.
TEKD1 NOGUARD-Removes the guards from the game.
TEKD1 NOSTROLL-Removes the innocent bystanders from the game

In-game cheat mode (demo version):
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat effect.

Effect Code
Invincibility [Num Lock]




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Tekwar Credits
Executive Producer:
Amy Smith - Boylan
James Wheeler
Product Manager:
Judy Melby
Brandon Chamberlain
Executive Story Consultant:
William Shatner
Story & Script:
Brandon Chamberlain, Tony Panaccio
3D Engine & Tools:
Ken Silverman
Les Bird, Jeff Schulz
Joe Abbati
Additional Programming:
Joe Abbati
3D Animatiom & Artwork:
Ruben Cabrera, Carlos Ibarra, Ken Loyd, Scott Nixon, Gonzalo Montes de Oca, John Potter, Ernie Roque
Map Design:
Ken Loyd, Mike Pitts
Map Editors:
Ruben Cabrera, Ken Loyd, John Potter, Jeff Schulz
Quality Assurance Manager:
Ray Boylan
QA Coordinator:
Carlos F. Munos
Acting / Cast:
Scott Amos
, Lee Ann Emery, Rick Knight, Kirsten Marshall, Aaron Okada, Toby Sax, William Shatner, Orry Skrypec, Sydney Sproule, Jeff Wachsmann, Shawne Williams
Michael DeMarco
, Katheryn Gangi, Michael Goldman, Sean Potter, Alex Solano, Trevor Talbird
Special Thanks To:
Alex Dawes
, Kirsten Marshall, Sherry McMorran, Sherri Saito, Sydney Sproule