WITCHAVEN II BUILD Game  v2-09-2015 Release 7  RTCM Corvin , RTCM Hank
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Game: Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance
a.k.a. - Witchaven 2 or WH2

Witchaven II is a commercial BUILD Engine game designed by Capstone. This was the third BUILD game Capstone made and the fourth BUILD Game Released. First Witchaven, TekWar, Duke3D, then Witchaven II and the others came later.

The witches have been destroyed in their lair on the Island of Char! Returning to your homeland, you are greeted
with newborn hope, pride and great celebration. After the revelry, you awaken to a dawn filled with an eerie
silence that looms in the still air. Your countrymen are gone!

The great witch, Cirae-Argoth has taken them to avenge the death of her sister. You have only yourself and your
foolish meddling to blame. But, you are not meant to die...yet! Alone in the land that you have fought so
fiercely to protect, you must gather your strength and use your anger to fight for Blood Vengeance.

More power, excitement and bloody encounters with vile creatures and vicious warriors. A greatly enhanced "Build"
engine will take you deeper into this first-person action adventure with non-stop action and aggressive game play.

Endless Game Play: New Level Editor - Create Your Own Deadly Levels!




A first-person, fantasy action slashing adventure wherein the player takes the part of Grondoval, a hero from the first game who killed the evil witch, Illwhyrin and her lair Witchaven destroyed. But shortly afterwards Grondoval is contacted by a mysterious female golden dragon named Ikethsti and tells that the vindictive great witch Cirae-Argoth, one of the most powerful of Nether-Reaches Order of Witches, has arrived to avenge the death of her sister. Her army of demons and Argothonian clansmen has abducted Grondoval's beloved princess Elizabeth and the other people of his homeland Stazhia and you'll have to fight and claw your way through fifteen huge maze-like levels filled with deathtraps in order to eventually thwart her plot. It's time for the hero to embark on an even more dangerous journey than the first, rescue the innocents, and defeat the evil witch and to capture the Horned Skull item which would then contain her evil powers until it could be destroyed. Supplementing your physical prowess in the use of weapons is a system of magic, both are needed to triumph. Collect weapons, armor, spells, potions, and other vital supplies to stay alive again in Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance.






  • Jump, duck and fly in a first-person perspective. (this is no mouse look)
  • Arches, sloping floors, cathedral ceilings, dense forests and murky crypts in a realistic 3D rendered underworld.
  • New magical and powerful Medieval weapons! Flaming arrows, electric sword, jeweled dagger and more.
  • Mystical spells with greater powers and magical might. Destroy, freeze and stop your enemies in their tracks with your super-human abilities.
  • Drink powerful potions for strength, invisibility, fire resistance and more.
  • Level after level of new mystifying and intricate areas to explore. They are all part of this innovative game design.
  • Battle in network play for up to 16 or Head-to-head modem play.
  • Most '96 Virtual Reality Head Sets, Joysticks and 3 button mice now supported.


  • 15 blood-curdling music tracks to choose from and new, intense sound effects.
  • More 3D rendered malicious warriors and demons seek you out and engage in relentless battle.
More Details:
  • Uses BUILD map format v7 rather than v6 as Witchaven 1 and Tekwar did, Which means slopes! Some sprites/tagged are hard coded to make sound while walking on a bridge. There is mirrored /reflective water effects, that ripple. Particle engine in place. Breakable glass. The overhead map is not as revealing as it was in WH1. Sector over Sector is most prominent is a circular stairwell going up and down in level 13!
  • Some Bugs in v2.0c; The Strafing assignments will not work, they corrected this in the unreleased (now found)v2.0g patch. The RUN MODE is kinda stuck in run only, pressing the run mode key (shift) doesn't have any effect, doesn't allow you to walk. You have to double tap the CAPs Lock key to get it to work.
  • The SETUP.EXE re-installs the game every time you make a change to your sound configuration or controls. It also requires the CD to be present for the program to work. Use SETUP LOCAL as command line for a workaround that doesn't require the CD.




Fists (Weapon 1) - Very Short attack range. Each punch does 1 to 5 points of damage.

Dagger (Weapon 2) - Same attack range as fists. Slashing and stabbing attacks. Enchanted dagger does double damage.

Short Sword (Weapon 3) - Inflicts more damage than the dagger but breaks easily.

Enchanted Short Sword - Does double the damage of what the standard short sword does.

Morning Star (Weapon 4) - Does more damage than the short sword and has a larger swinging radius

Enchanted Morning Star - Summons a prey seeking firewall causing serous damage.

Broad Sword (Weapon 5) - Two different swinging attacks, left hand attack does more than right-hand attack.

Battle Axe (Weapon 6) - Inflicts more damage than the Broad Sword and high resistance to damage. Slow weapon speed.

Enchanted Battle Axe - Does double damage and is faster than the Battle Axe.

Bow (Weapon 7) - Long range attack, and never gets damaged.

(Enchanted) Flaming Arrows - Does double damage than an ordinary arrow.

Pike Axe (Weapon 8) - A two-handed swinging attack does damage equal to a short sword. Overhead chopping attack can inflict the same as a Morning Star. When more than one Pike Axe is found, they can be thrown, and reused (picked back up) if they miss.

Enchanted Pike Axe - Spreads into three prey seeking axes when thrown. You can't pick up a regular Pike Axe until the Enchanted version is used fully.

Two-Handed Sword (Weapon 9) - Two attacks, left swing does 20 to 30 points of damage, right swing does 25 to 30.

Enchanted Two-Handed Sword - Turns creatures into ice 25% of the time, wearing the Helmet gives 50% chance.

Halberd (Weapon 0) - Longest attack range of melee weapons. Piercing attacks do 5 to 20 points of damage and a swinging attack does 5 to 35. This weapon can be Enchanted as well, doing 2x damage.

Enchanted Wells - Enchants your weapons for a limited time and normally only once.


Damage Modifiers: (Experience level and strength)
+1 point per experience level.
x2 (double damage) drinking a strength potion.
x2 (double damage) wearing a helmet artifact, lasts thirty seconds.

Break Hits:
Each weapon breaks or dulls by an undisclosed number of swings. (should be hits)
The short sword is the weakest in quality while the two handed
sword is the strongest.

Double Weapon Proficiencies:
As you gain experience you can use two weapons at the same time.
You must have the Broad Sword out and have the Dagger or Morning
Star in your inventory. The shield must not be used. (press the S key)
in order to take advantage of this ability. A second attack will be made
automatically in opportune times with the Morning Star or the Dagger.


Scrolls and Spell Book
Scrolls - 5 Charges for your spell book. There is a scroll for every spell.
Spellbook - Select your spell then use the ` key to cast spell.

Scare Spell (F1) - Invokes deep fear into an enemy. Works on the weaker minded creatures.

Night Vision Spell (F2) - You can see in the dark. Lasts ten seconds per experience level.

Freeze Spell (F3) - A Ball of energy draws heat from creatures. Making them brittle enough that one blow will shatter them. Fire based creatures are immune.

Magic Arrow Spell (F4) - Launches 10 seeking energy projectiles, inflicting 20 to 40 points of damage each.

Fly Spell (F5) - You can fly for a limited duration.

Open Doors Spell (F6) - Opens any pentagram door that requires a key. Make sure your facing and close to the door you wish to open.

Fireball Spell (F7) - Incinerates all creatures within 10 feet that fail to resist the spell.

Nuke! Spell (F8) - Annihilates all creatures and items within 30 feet. The most powerful witches can resist this spell.

Ankh - Gives 250 health points.

Amulet of the Mist - Makes you invisible for 1 minute.

Shadow Amulet - Acts as a Scare spell for 1 minute.

Leather Armor - 50 points of armor, looses 4 points per hit and allows only half damage to your health. Sometimes deflects attacks altogether.

Chain Mail - 100 points of armor, looses 2 points per hit and allows only 1/4 damage to health. Better chance to deflect attacks.

Plate Armor - 150 points of armor, looses 1 point per hit and allows only 1/4 damage to health. Very good chance to deflect attacks.

Crystal Staff - Gives you 250 health points and 300 armor points that acts as Chain Mail.

Glass Skull -  Adds one experience level.

Helmet - Gives increased speed of your attacks, 10 points of armor and x2 double damage for thirty seconds (Hero Time).

Horn - Every point of damage you inflict is added to your health for one minute.

Keys - Four types: Black, Brass, Glass and Ivory keys. They unlock locked doors.

Pentagram - You must collect one then find the exit before you can move onto the next level.

Blue Potion - Increases your health.

Green Potion - Gives you more strength temporarily. Allows you to do x2 double damage.

Orange Potion - Cures poison.

Red Potion - Immunity from fire.

Brown Potion - Turns you invisible if your not attacking.

Adamantine Ring - Protects as if its Plate Armor, but gives no armor points.

Onyx Ring - Protection from missile attacks.

Sapphire Ring - Protection from fire attacks for a limited time.

Blue Scepter - Ability to walk on water, limited to the level you found it on.

Yellow Scepter - Ability to walk on lava, limited to the level you found it on.

Quivers - Adds to the amount of arrows you have.

Midian Shield - Gives 50 points of armor and protects like Plate Mail. You must be using a one handed weapon to allow for the shield. It can be damaged and rendered useless.

Ciraen Shield - Protects longer than the Midian Shield.

Treasure Chest - They contain something that may help you or harm you.

Horned Skull - When the item is found Cirae-Argoth has been defeated. Return it home to end the game.

Gold Coins - Adds experience points.

Silver Coins - Adds experience points.

Wooden Barrel - They usually contain something to help you.


Rat - They run away from you.

Willow Wisp - Absorbs magic and life energy, attacking with a fireball blast from a distance.

Skeleton - They claw at you.

Orge - Pounce on you and have meager intelligence.

Imp - Feed in packs and poison their victims, leaving them helpless and vulnerable.

Lave Fiend - Magical produce balls of fire.

Mino Drake - Intelligent, stubborn and attack with a large battle axe.

Guardian - They spit hissing balls of fire.

Giryon Knight-War Hammer - Fast attacks at close range.

Giryon Knight-Sword and Shield - The weakest. Hard to penetrate his defenses when his shield is up.

Giryon Knight-Two-Handed Sword -

Argothonian Clansman-Fist -

Argothonian Clansman-Swords Man - Magical sword penetrates any type of Armor.

Argothonian Clansman-Throwing Axe - Attacks magical pike axes and hurl them with both hands. When his magic runs low he with attack with a short sword.

Ciraen Sentinel-Bare Hands - They can summon other warriors to aid in their distress.

Ciraen Sentinel-Dual Morning Stars - Very strong and hard to knock down.

Ciraen Sentinel-Magical Bow - When their arrow supply runs low they rush their enemies a point blank range.

Ciraen Sentinel-Magic User - They attack with magic spells that cause much damage before engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

Midian Warrior-Brown - The weakest.

Midian Warrior-Blue -

Midian Warrior-Purple -

Midian Warrior-Sword and Shield - Very Experienced with speed and defending themselves.

Midian Warrior-Halberd - Can hurl three halberds at great distances before they rush to engage in melee combat with sword and shield.

Midian Warrior-Magic User - Can cast three fireball spells at a rapid pace before they attack with sword and charge at you.

Cirae-Argoth - Able to raise the dead, channel the forces of fire and summon minions at will.



Cheat mode:
Press [Backspace], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Code Effect
marketing God mode
weapons All weapons
enchant Enchant weapons
spells All spells
scare Casts scare spell
nightvision Cast nightvision spell
nuke Cast nuke spell
freeze Cast freeze spell
magicarrow Casts magic arrow spell
opendoors Cast open doors spell
fly Cast fly spell
fireball Casts fireball spell
potions All potions
strength Drink strength potion
health Drink health potion
curepoison Drink cure poison potion
resistfire Drink resist fire potion
armor Adds armor
keys All keys
invis Invisibility
level #(level 1-15) Level select
nobreak No broken weapons
showmap Full map
experience Add 10,000 experience points
herotime Start Hero time
intracorp IntraCorp contact and company information
list List type, size of actors*
showobjects Show actors and objects on map
pentagram Receive Pentagram
ruben Skull monster
shield Receive Midian shield
shield2 Receive Ciraen shield
spikeme View death pit sequence
killme Kills player
killall Kills all monsters on a level
scareme Spawns scary skull

*Note: Press [Esc] to resume game play after the "List type, size of actors" code is enabled.


Command Line Switches:

MAP ##
This will load any map, EX:  WH2 MAP 11


These are different types of multiplayer connections. Further information is needed here.


Seems to be multiplayer-related as well, but with something more going on. Perhaps Like Duke3D where it sends fewer packets /f# TIC DUPLICATION, 1, 2, or 4. Maybe a special service along the lines of DWANGO?


For debugging multiplayer.

Are for using the game with VR helmet type hardware. Further information is needed here.

It lets you bypass the CD-ROM check skipping the SMK videos on the CD. (If you still want the SMK videos to play, Place the SMK video files directly in the games root folder.) This works for both WH2.EXE and SETUP.EXE





Witchaven II Credits
Executive Producer:
Amy Smith - Boylan
James Wheeler
Les Bird, Joe Abbati
Assitant Producers:
Richard Henning, Katheryn Gangi
Witchaven 2 Artwork:
Jeff Schulz, Lance Peck, Rafael Paiz
3D Intro/Ending:
Carlos Ibarra, Ken Loyd
Sound FX/Music:
Joe Abbati, Steve Newton
Original Story/Design:
Scott Nixon, James Wheeler
Marketing Product Manager:
Judy Melby
Cover Artwork:
Ken Kelly
Level Designs:
Richard Henning, Ruben Cabrera, Scott Nixon, James Wheeler, John Potter
Richard Henning, Robert Hobbs
Level Editor Documentation:
Richard Henning
Director of QA:
Ray Boylan
Lead Beta Tester:
Trevor Talbird
Quality Assurance:
Carlos F. Munos
, Michael Goldman, Alex Solano
Internet On-Line Rep.:
Sean Potter
Build Engine:
Ken Silverman, 3D Realms Entertainment
3D Animation Portions:
Animation Factory
Originial Witchaven Concept:
Michael Pitts