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Get Official Patches at 3DRealms Duke3D - All Duke3d 3DR patches done by Joe Siegler

All patches and tools are available from RTCM in the download section:
"duke3d-patchs" or "src-eduke-patchs" and "src-eduke-source" etc...

Why this guide? Well there are a few problems with most if not all of the 3DR patches and installers. Primarily the installers may only look for the game in the default install location, this is noticeable with the Revised or Window installers. Also the installers don't do a CRC check on the files, they look for a specific size of the files, date and time. However WinME and up (including DOSBox EMU) write the present/current date too the files, making patching impossible...

Determining Game Version
  1. Startup duke3d.exe, once you launch read the TOP line in the red bar. The version number is displayed there. If you have the Wal-Mart/'Parental Lock' version or similar restrictions, it will indicate this in the TOP line in the red bar.
  2. OR load up your dn3dhelp.exe file and read the top line
    • v1.3d indicates: 'Duke Nukem Atomic v1.3d Technical Help'
    • v1.4 indicates: 'Duke Nukem Atomic Technical Help'
    • v1.5 indicates : 'Duke Nukem Atomic v1.5 Technical Help'

Game Patches
  • Note: ONLY the Official patches are supported by 3DRealms. The patches marked in bold are the Official patches.
  • Note #2: The EDuke v2.0 installer is supported by 3DRealms.
  • Note #3: Any patch marked REVISED indicates that it was repacked by Joe Siegler to work on newer systems with Windows installers instead of the old DOS ones. Meaning you won't get the run time error problems.

The left column is your CURRENT version of your game, the right column indicates the patch required or suggested for your CURRENT version. Once you update your game come back to this chart and select from the left column your new CURRENT version of the game. Until you applied the maximum patches you could for your version.


Your Duke3D Version The Patch You Want
Shareware v1.0 (701KB , 618443 bytes) - v1.0 to v1.1 shareware patch - Corrected version. NOTE: Some copies of the v1.1 patch had a typo on the initial install screen. This one does not.

Shareware v1.1 (1349KB , 1381580 bytes) - v1.1 to v1.3d shareware patch

U.S. v1.3d Plutonium PAK - updates 1.3d to 1.4 - A CD product you must purchase

German v1.3d Plutonium PAK - updates 1.3d to 1.4 - A CD product you must purchase

Australian/New Zealand v1.3 (Adult Lock) (579KB , 593014) - lock removal to Full Reg. U.S.
If you have the earlier censored Australian version, and would like to change to the un-censored US version.
Please note: This patch will work ONLY with the Australian version of Duke Nukem 3D, and only with the installed files from the complete version - not the shareware version.

Australian/New Zealand v1.3 (unlocked) Plutonium PAK - updates 1.3d to 1.4 - A CD product you must purchase

Registered v1.4 ppack15.exe v1.4 to v1.5 registered patch (696KB, 713,030 bytes)
REVISED - runs on faster computers without the runtime 200 error and is a Windows Installer.

This small update to v1.4 fixes some bugs in the game, as well as corrects an install program problem ON the physical 1.4 CD for people with computers that have 64Mb of memory or more.

This patch installer will work together with the Registered Plutonium PAK CD. It updates plus replaces the 1.4CDs installer.

If you do not already own the Plutonium PAK CD-ROM, this patch is not for you.
For Use ONLY with the Plutonium PAKv1.4 (aka the v1.3d to v1.4 registered patch)

This following information is provide here incase you come a crossed the OLD version of this patch. Its in zip format while the revised is in exe format. - v1.4 to v1.5 registered patch (673KB , 689160 bytes) - 1st release(do not use)

U.S. v1.5w (Adult Lock) dnsepat.exe (382KB, 393,216 bytes) - v1.5w lock removal to Full Reg. U.S.
REVISED - runs on faster computers without the runtime 200 error and is a Windows Installer.

If you bought the Atomic Edition CD in Wal-Mart and can't "unstick" the Parental Control. Fixes the Atomic Duke3d Special Addition and now will allow Adult Mode ON!

This follow information is provide here incase you come a crossed the old version of this patch. - 1st releasev1.0 (do not use)
Dnsepat.exe (255KB , 260474 bytes) -2nd releasev1.1(do not use) -alt.2nd release (do not use)

U.S. v1.5 (Kill-A-Ton and East Meets West CDs)   (27.5KB) - v1 Corrects your Installed Dukev1.5 game file dates to allow you to use the EDuke update(1st release v2.023) without problems. this file is available from RTCMs EDuke download page.

U.S. v1.5 eduke20.exe (1678KB , 1717903)- Enhanced CONs Plus more!
The EDuke Site Optional Download, Windows Installer.

Your Duke Version Other Original or Default Patches
v1.0, 1.1, 1.3
(& Shareware),1.4-1.5 All
duksndfx.exe 5.52KB (5,654 bytes) v04/26/2000  Works for ALL released versions of Duke3D!!
If your system has a PCI snd card, and it crashes the game. (not required for DOSBox EMU users) This patch is a workaround. Disables the ECHO and Reverb sound effects in the Apogee snd engine. (only if required) Ken Silverman's Build Page

3DR made a similar patch based on Ken's original patch. This version is only supported by 3DR and it only works for the 1.3 shareware, 1.3reg and 1.5reg CDs. The 3DR filename are the same as Kens. You can tell the difference by the size of the file, and the 3DR version has a windows icon.
3DRealms version:
dnsndfx.exe 36.4KB (37,303 bytes) v4-22-2000

v1.3 - Lost or damaged your names.h file? This Sets your names.h back to default. Names.h file v1.3d  done by Ken Silverman/3D Realms (4KB)

v1.4-1.5 - Lost or damaged your Atomic Edition or Plutonium Pak names.h file?  This Sets your names.h back to default Names.h file v1.4/1.5  done by Ken Silverman/3D Realms (5KB)

German v1.4 dn3dhelp.exe - During Installation, this help file may not install. for German v1.4 users - 3D Realms(77KB)


Here is a small chart indicating some various patches that users have adopted as the FIX for there problems. Some of the files are not available officially.  You'll have to find them on your own or contact 3DR to help you out.

Version in Question The Patch or Workaround
U.S. 1.5 editart.exe - Some v1.5CDs where distributed with the old Editart, and other CD's lacked the DOS extender binding within Editart. Effectively not allowing you to use the full tile range in Atomic Edition. Users have adopted The Shadow Warrior editart.exe as the FIX.  You may prefer to contact 3DR if you do not own SW.
U.S. 1.5 FULL ATOMIC - build.exe - Few CDs where distributed without the Build Directory leaving many users unable to Build levels. You may want to contact 3DR for a replacement CD, prepare to provide proof that your CD is one of the misprinted versions.
U.S. 1.5 eduke20a.exe - This is a DOS installer of EDuke with some con fixes over v2.0  Many users where unable to apply the official version of EDuke to there game directory, Specifically Kill-a-Ton users. Other users needed a DOS installer in order to work on there system. 3DR wouldn't re-release a DOS v2.0a was born. Be prepared to HAVE your original registered DUKE3D disk as the copy protection was left in to insure 3DR wouldn't get ripped off. Be sure to check out version for proper updates.
v1.3-1.5 All DukeCDMusic -; Adds the ability to play your own music CD's while playing the game. Many users wanted to hear there own CDs while playing Duke3D. It was Nothing against the games music, they just want there own after years of playing the in-game music. Of course others wanted the CD-checked removed since they needed it 'cause they illegally obtained Duke3D off the web. Anyhow buy a damn copy of Duke3D, just don't get ripped off. A good price is anything under $10 bucks.


Quick Notes about the versions of Duke3D

Registered  v1.3d = 1.3d "Complete Version"
Registered  v1.3d   +PLUS+  Plutonium PAK = 1.4 Atomic
Registered  v1.3d   +PLUS+  Plutonium PAK   +PLUS+   ppack15.exe  = 1.5 Atomic "Full Reg. U.S. Version"
Registered Atomic Duke = 1.5 Atomic "Full Reg. U.S. Version"


Installing Patches: and the order you MUST adhere to.

Make sure you read everything that is displayed, and read carefully.

  • Have a newly installed Duke3D game present. An untouched directory
  • Apply Official patches first such as adult unlocks then game updates
  • Apply the PCI sound patch (only if required) (NOT required for ISA sound cards or DOSBox EMU)
  • Apply the Music CD patch (optional)
  • Clean up the patch files and any files that where backed up.
  • Run setup.exe and reconfigure. Note: see Patch Facts below


Patch Facts
  • Saved games are not compatible after the update.
  • Recorded Demos are not compatible after the update.
  • In some cases the duke.cfg will be deleted during the update, you may need to reconfigure after the update.
  • In other cases the duke.cfg file can be automatically updated via running the setup.exe the first time after the update.
  • Some install programs may not run correctly on faster machines.- runtime error
  • The PCI snd patch will not effect saved games, demos, duke.cfg compatibility.
  • The Music CD patch will not effect saved games, demos, duke.cfg compatibility.
  • Most Official patches require you to have your CD in the drive.
  • The REVISED 3DR Window patches only let you install too the Default directory.
  • You may need to double check and make sure your patch has actually patched your game. 3DR patches tend to just dump the patch to the Duke directory without actually running the patch. Run it from their after the dump.
  • With any Windows version above WinME users may find that some patches, in particular dnsepat.exe (even the old ones) will not work correctly. The patch will run but the patching process fails. You need to find a Windows95/98 or DOS system and install the game on there and patch it, then copy the exe to the newer Windows system. If Win95/98 is not available try WinME. I'm not entirely sure why the patch fails, it indicates that the original exe is not really an original, but it is. Special note: The date of the patched exe should remain the same, duke3d.exe (Dated 12/11/96 1:50pm) When patched on WinME or newer systems the date may actually be the present/current date of when you patched it. This may cause future patching problems.


Add-ons and Patches

Be advised that SOME TC's or Mods alter a few settings in the game.exe in order for the Conversion to work properly. In most cases the exe is backed up before the modifications are made. Other conversions may "reset" the game.exe after it is done running or uninstalled, which ever the case maybe.

In some cases you will find that the cheat codes will not work properly or at all the way they where intended. If used they may temporarily corrupt the Conversions playability and performance. These TC patches will not disable or turn off any previous official patches that may have been applied.

Online Play Note: There's been some reports of Kali not letting you run some modified game.exes this includes the official PCI snd patch. Not all online services check to see if the game.exe is modified.


Tools and Patches / Trainers

As you may know, there are many programs to create custom patches. There are several in the RTCM "duke3d-patchs" Download section. You will find "Generic" tools and Tools that are designed solely for duke.exe modifying. As indicated above, a few TC groups have used these methods, primarily patching was done to tailor the game.exe slightly to enable features designed by the TC groups. Such as altering the Episode names and switching flags for global sounds. This method was used very frequently by Shadow Warrior mod makes as they had very little control over the game since there where no cons.