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Blood Add-ons
Somewhere Under the Sea
198 This is a 3 level episode created around my Rapture map. All maps are coop, bbath, and teams compatible. The episode is fairly difficult.

Level 1 = Hijack (Previously unreleased)
Level 2 = Welcome to Rapture
Level 3 = Arcadia (Previously unreleased)

The Lost Episode
Q Studios, modified and fixed by Maz
419 There are 8 Levels total in the lost episode including the secret level.
Turns out theres a whole episode worth of content in the leaked Blood Alpha build. I did not create these maps but, I have put a great deal of work into them. All maps required sound implementation, Navigation tweaking and various issue fixing.
Blood Chronicles Volume 2
Compiled by Sir Seizhak , Scripted by BME
2.45M Blood Chronicles aims to be the best blood map
collection. Only the very best of Blood Community!


-Dark Times E1M1 by TheNigth.
-Devil's Playground by Sean Burney.
-Incubus by Mike Meklenburg.
-Dark Sun Rising by Bloatoid.
-Ramparts of Fortitude by Dwayne Anderson.
-Ravenloft Chapter 1 by Michael Shire.
-Ravenloft Chapter 2 by Michael Shire.
-Ravenloft Chapter 3 by Michael Shire.


-Return to Haunted Hill by SpillSomeBlood.
-Revenge by Jerry.
-Hellbent by ScorpVenom.
-Cavern of pain by Joël Dubé.
-OutBreak by Bloatoid.
-The Spirit World by D.
-Caleb's Rage by Priest.
-To be or not to be? by Rouge Rodent & Mister X.


-Burger Queen by Someone.
-Batman for Blood by Michael D.Green.
-Sewer by Dwayne Anderson.
-Miskatonic Station by James Donaldson.
-Chesse factory by Sir Seizhak.
-The Abandoned Factory by I.Mecking.
-Rapture by SpillSomeBlood.
-The Abyss (unknown).


-The Bloody City by Daniel Gómez.
-The slums by Tekedon.
-The house of pain by Steve Portelance.
-The cathedral by Robert Bauer.
-Escape by Skumball.
-Swamp Castle Revisted by Tekedon and Nemo.
-Test of Skills by Anden Af Anti.
-The Hall of Epiphany by BLOODTheChosenOne.


Whatever! by BME/ILMHB
The Facility by Michael Ochs
Circular Canyon by Martin Brentnall
Bq3bb1_1 by ItBurn
PacManic Depression by Jeff Morris
Sin by Cho Yan Wong (Tempest)
BodsMids by ShadowWolf
CyberWar by Patrick Schaefer

Caleb Will Have His Revenge On Toronto - Scum of Dallas v1.3 (8-03-13)
Frances Rampage aka Jahrax, Junga,
Cutscenes and update to version 1.2 (Upgraded RPG system) by LifeKILLED.
QAV file weapon editing: NoOne.
Install script and reorganization by BME/ILMHB.

Caleb - Scum Of Dallas, cheated by fate was mean-spirited Canadian hockey player. Rates - a risky business, especially when your favorite team lurking selling rat. That is what happened to our hero: Team Canada hockey player Adam Ace received a tempting offer to merge the final match of the World Cup in return for eternal life and sold his imperishable little soul of the famous Cabal sect. And then the sport, you ask? The fact is that tired of immortality and endless wandering Caleb found his outlet in sports betting and put all his wealth accumulated over a long time spent under the wing of fortune and a unique flair to win at the above-named miserable team. This implies another question: Kabbalah something from that? Immediately found the answer - knowing that Caleb will not forgive such Ace maple leaf bases of the country (and actually losing money), the purpose of crazed fanatics who have lost their great and mighty, track, locate and destroy our stiffs, so to speak, on live bait .

We hope you enjoy this!

- Unzip and put CWHHROT.EXE and the folder of the same name in the Blood folder.
- Drag CWHHROT.EXE onto the DOSBox icon to start.

Have fun!

BME's Blood Map Pack April 2014
229M Contains 1119 Zips, 1650 maps of 285 authors. Very well organized! Each item has full author and title information and its own BAT and INI file.

This is an update and total replacement of the previous pack released in April of 2013.

The archive has been totally restructured, there are many updates like previously unknown maps being identified and over 100 new maps and add-ons have been added and more.

I like to thank Corvin, Mike Ochs and all mappers out there!

Purgatory (rescripted)
Scripted by BME
334 Caleb stands in the hall of epiphany the only evidence of Techernobogs foul presence the spent bullet casings scattered on the floor, an emaciated man staggers out of a passage way draped in ragged clothing "you've saved us" Caleb empties the last of his Tommy gun’s drum into the man and turns away dropping his weapons as he heads slowly back to the ancient doors that lead out, as he reaches them a noise stops him an ominous rumbling that seems to draw towards him from all sides, the sound gathers into a scream that tears into Caleb throwing him to his knees then silence...

It's A War Out There 2 v2
Joe Anderson
8.50M  After your encounter with the zombie at the
cliff, you quickly come to the conclusion
that the Cabal is in the area. Since the
whole reason your even near this cliff is
because your so darn bored, you decide to
follow the cliff in the hopes of finding
the Cabals latest hideout. After an hour
or so of walking you come across an old
library. You immediantly decide that this
is a promising place to start looking and
quickly proceed inside...
It's A War Out There v3
Joe Anderson
One beautiful cloudy day you were sitting in your
shack very, very, bored. You wished to go outside and
look for something to do, but being as it is a war
out there, there is a bunch of mean evil nasty things
outside that wish to harm you. After A while of
thinking about this situation, you come to the conclusion
that the mean evil nasty things outside could be the very
solution to your boredom. Sure they wish to harm you, but
could you not harm them as well? An evil smile streches
across your face as you grab your shotgun and rush out
the door.
The Unholy Church
Smith Philip


Time Episode
306 You have killed some innocent people and you have no other way but to jump off the building. After that you’ll wake up in hell and escape trough a time portal, make your way back to your own time and kill the evil flying lizard (Maybe it's mr. Satan. Who knows…).


Journey To Hell
Martin Brentnall


Haunted Realms
Joël Dubé aka Shimmy
134 A three levels episode ( Very good Single.
Run the episode with Haunted House.bat if you want the Difficulty Settings.
This episode is a little bit dark then close the lights in your house or just play it at night to make you feel PAIN & FEAR !!!
** House Of Horrors Description **

It's a big haunted house featuring blood, gore, bodies, pain and great lightning effects.
Make you a way through different kinds of monsters with all your artillery!
Really hot map. Enough big to lose yourself everywhere. A little bit frustrating because of large ammount of monsters!
Then save your game each minutes.
You liked the true Monolith Blood maps... You will LOVE this one!
** Lost Crypt Description **

You are outside the major of the time.
There is a large monastery in what you will find all your needs to make your way to the bosses.
Really GOOD and BIG map.
You liked the true Monolith Blood maps... You will LOVE this one!
** Snow Blind Description **

Not finished YET!
Evil Uprising ver. 0.9 beta


Cradle to Grave NEW BLD EDITION


Death Wish Mod v1.3+coop
Death Wish is a massive new Blood campaign that has been under development since January 2010 and has finally been released. Every level is highly polished, and you may even see a few Mapedit tricks you never thought possible! The creator is a long-time Build veteran who has pulled out all the stops to make this the most amazing, original user content for Blood ever released.


  1. Over 30 levels spread out across 3 episodes, which includes secret levels and transition levels for flowing smoothly back into the main campaign.
  2. 6 new cut scenes, appearing at the beginning and end of each episode explaining the story and its developments throughout the course of the game.
  3. New story, taking place after the events of the original Blood and its add-ons while staying within the same mythology.
  4. The Tome message system, giving the player hints and story tidbits during play to further deepen the story and reveal hints or secrets.
  5. All the levels have been adapted to be playable in Co-Op mode, so you and up to 7 other friends can tackle Death Wish together.
  6. All levels include modified enemy and item placement depending on difficulty settings for added replay value. Even long-time Blood pros will find a challenge in Death Wish's brutal Extra Crispy setting.
  7. A very detailed plain-text Walkthrough is included. It is split into 2 sections: One with the basic player path discussed and the other revealing all available secrets.
  8. A Commentary text file is included, revealing the creator and lead QA tester's thoughts on Death Wish and its content.
  9. A detailed README file is included, ensuring that everyone can get things working properly even on varying file system configurations.
  10. Simple drag-and-drop installation — no confusing or malfunctioning installers.

Includes: Coop Death


Save the Slave's (13 Realm Demo)
Josh Hutchison


Banzai Addon (caleb's revenge)
618 After Caleb's successful defeat of Tchernobog, he retires to Los Roma, a sleepy little town in his home state of Texas, where the only dead animal is the one on his dinner plate. He is sick of fighting, tired of bloodshed. But as he spends his days building up a ranch, there is activity beneath the ground of Los Roma. At first there are only tremors, and the townspeople shrug their shoulders before going on as usual. But soon, strange sounds begin to emanate from the town church. Hellish sounds that lift the hair on Caleb's neck, and grip his cojones with iron-tight fear. His old life, he knows, is returning.
Blood Chronicals Vol1  9-24-2004
1.93M BLOOD: CHRONICLES. The first volume of a collection of the best BLOOD user maps ever made. 36 levels making up 4 unique episodes that will keep you occupied while the world crumbles to dust around you.

Episode I: UNDERWORLD tells the tale of Calebs search for the cabal's newest horror, The Grand Illusion Carnival, with plans to shut it down before it entraps any victoms. The rumor is that there is a forgotten teleport back in one of the old cabal mines that will put Caleb right at its front door.

KillKillKill by Joël Dubé
Mountain Passage by Desmond Shepherd
The Dead Mines by Cure
Into The Darkness by JoJo
Mine Game by Joshua Noss
Ambushed by B.Freeman
Cavern Of Pain by Joël Dubé
Volcano by Marc Levesque
Grand Illusion by Joël Dubé

Episode II: CULT INCORPERATED is the story of Caleb's adventure exploring the massive grounds of the cabal's headquarters looking for you-know-who and getting into some mindbending situations. Don't forget to pack your shrooms.

Evil Dwells Within by Tobias Persson
Mad Cult by ScorpVenom
Save Our Souls by Josh Hutchison & Memo2000
Dr. Goozz's House by Treks
Foul Keep by IronDen & Memo2000
Dark House by Maik Rockstar
Lost Evil by Christopher Brua
Lost City Of Barabas by Wendemere
Cult HQ by Robert Bauer

Episode III: DIABOLICA finds Caleb facing his worse nightmare as he is thrown into the very mind of the Dreaming God, Tchernobog and his minions. Will Caleb emerge with his insanity intact? This promises to be the weirdest episode you will ever experance.

Mind by Jim Livingston
Nevermind by Jim Livingston
Human Zoo by Peggy DeLand & Frater D~D
Before Dawn by Cristian Reinoso
Dawn Of The Dead by Cristian Reinoso
Devil's Playground by Sean Burney
Darkwood by Justin Martucci
Brain Dead by Sub-Zero666
Crypt Death by Paul Screwnail

Episode IV: COLD BLOOD will whisk you away to the frozen places that men dare to go to find the cabal's version of Shangrala, an evil paradise where Calab finds yet another dark secret about the dread cabal.

Avalanche by ItBurn
Winter Hell by John R. Leonard
Frozen Village by Desmond Shepherd
Carnival by Alex Vancomerbeck
Zero Cool by AI
Greenhouse Effect by Oliver Baer
Embraced by Andrew Ingvarsson (The Black Jester)
Full Moon by Michael J. Ox
Ruin by Anders Aandahl

So pick your poisen and dig in. A splattered time if guaranteed for all!
Ravenloft chapt 1,2,3
Michael Shire


Burger Queen (Tiny Town Demo)
71 A Single Level of a WIP episode.


Outpost "MORTEM" (Release 1) (rescripted)
Scripted by BME



The Evergrowing Army of the UnDead Part1
Sloth, Kozmyck Chiken
113  After being murdered for killing their leader, Tchernobog, The One
That Binds, you were thrown into a grave, to sleep forever, never to be found by the living. The Cabal's cultists work day and night, in an old funeral home, outside of your grave to create zombies to help the Cabal take over what they had lost because of you, Caleb. Other creatures, such as Cultists,zombies, and butchers work in the train station, not too far from the funeral home.
They have to make sure the trains and the shipments of zombies to the other parts of the Cabal, make it to their destinations on time. Trains come by several times a day to pick up the shipments of zombies, and if one thing were to go wrong, the Cultists working there would have to pay, bigtime. You are thing that will go wrong. You awaken from your slumber and stumble out of your
coffin that was supposed to hold you in forever, planning to reatake the Cabal by storm, and get your rightfull place back, which is leading the Cabal.

1) Pitchfork
2) Flaregun
3) Sawed-Off Shotgun
4) Tommy-Gun
5) None
6) Dynamite Bundles
7) None
8) None
9) None
0) None

Cultists (all types, including Plasma Pak cultists)
The Choking Hands
Kill Bill
10 Bill bastard! He lent me 100 bucks and smylsya.Ya obliged to take the money and koknut Bill!


Old Friend v2.6 Full (rescripted)
Scripted by BME
19.4M They're all dead. Bullet holes in the walls of the stick, the smell of gunpowder up to the skies! This is Jake - a new anti-hero, the terror of the monstrous creatures - who survived, no matter what ... Hunting for the sake of immortality Chernobog was just a warm-up prior to this massacre! Best friend betrayed the soldier. Along with the killer because they shared the Jake, and his soul went to hell. But the rage that has no boundaries, will come back to life and make terrible revenge ... if you make this way. More than 40 maps, new enemies, afterlife worlds, eerie music, overt violence and blood ... Remove from the screen the children! An old friend who has returned in a new guise!

Because we did OB and debugged more than two years, once version 2.5 If it were not for Helen, we would have released about the same time when criticism has burst on our ears, but the Project would have made at the level of good, and besides, no episode-history!

What's New v2.5

1. Now a 41 superior level on the passage, including more advanced episode Old Friend.

2. Voice acting! Meet the real killers! The main characters of neighing, screaming, foul language with such fury that the right is scary ... And cries pereozvuchennye Jake oskoronosnom performance CHARMED'a grab for the soul!

3. New enemies, bosses, graphics will make you grab your head ...

4. Exclusive Mouzon on each day and for every listener!

5. The plot, which is now a really oozes from all the cracks! .. And all the sounds!

Detail: even the perfect boot. Also, the game titles and added support for demos. Complete with a 1.21 for the demo version.

7. Now the game has been tested with a scratch on the 3rd level of complexity. Phew-hoo! It was too cool!


75 You are now Caleb and Irik Weiner, an ordinary man whose family was killed by cultists! But there would avenge them Irik enrolled in a sectarian cult Chernoboga. On was now making their way through the crowds of monsters to kill Faust tries Irik-son Chernoboga.


104 So John began his Times story ...

I came home, strangely enough, it was quiet ... Elevator was broken, but it worked an hour ago! The door was open ... Mary, Mary, you are at home ...? The bedroom was locked, I found the key and ... NO ... NO ... NO!

I had to join the sect, yes, to find the killer ...

The original idea ... John will visit the temple of the sect, City tryuscheby AND zhertvoprinasheniya hall, and even within his own nightmare visit (during sleep).
40 In 2042 the U.S. has created an underground provitelstvo labolatoriyu to study the new virus X. But a failed experiment, the virus escaped from the laboratory and echoed through the city ... You play as an ordinary guardian of the 6th sector John Silver ...
Final Alone In The Dark
Addon features:
  • New story
  • New levels
  • New sounds
  • New models
  • New textures
  • New weapons
  • Other features

-Updated BAITD series returns to say "goodbye"!
-This final compilation of BAITD series let you play (almost) all parts of mod.

-BAITD is pure experimental mod that show to users new ways to mod the game and dedicated to original Alone In The Dark game series.

-Since 2006 year author(s) trying to expand gameplay and push the limits of Build Engine.

-It was first mod with new voxel models, weapons, non-linearity and monster experiments.

Alone In The Dark 3 First Demo

NoOne aka Diman
Scripted by BME
8.43M This is the exact same demo as previously uploaded by NoOne/Diman except it now has a proper script that will install everything in just one go (including the shotgun model) and will restore all files after the game has been exit (so DO NOT close DOSBox while still in the game!)

Have fun!
Alone In The Dark 2 (rescripted)
NoOne aka Diman
Scripted by BME

Alone In The Dark v1.5
NoOne aka Diman


Alone In The Dark v1.0 (rescripted)
NoOne aka Diman
Scripted by BME


New Alone In The Dark (repack) v1.2FR

From creators of the conventional addons: BAITD, BAITD2, SectWar and OutPost.

After one and a half years of work we are ready to present officially to public this add. We long thought how to keep atmosphere of game favourite by all of us, but at the same time to expand habitual frameworks, to present a new gameplay and sensations. Do not compare it to our previous works and add-onami other people. It is absolutely unique in all.

Each map is carefully sustained in gloomy style. You will plunge into mystical atmosphere of the thrown places. Music, an environment, a plot - all it will keep you in suspense to the end. The portrayal of premises is worked to trifles. You will get to the new world which will live before you which you can investigate. Will see phantoms. Will face the novel. Will hear the darkness, breathing horror.

Add to it:

* Set of innovations: special effects, riddles, the sorcery, the new terrible and strong boss.

* Full re-gameability: more than half of unessential premises, a nonlinear plot, 5 different endings.

* The large quantity of models, textures, and new weapon.

The New Alone In The Dark v1.2
21.6M Each map is carefully sustained in gloomy style. You will plunge into mystical atmosphere of the thrown places. Music, an environment, a plot - all it will keep you in suspense to the end. The portrayal of premises is worked to trifles. You will get to the new world which will live before you which you can investigate. Will see phantoms. Will face the novel. Will hear the darkness, breathing horror.

Add to it:
* Set of innovations: special effects, riddles, the sorcery, the new terrible and strong boss.
* Full re-gameability: more than half of unessential premises, a nonlinear plot, 5 different endings.
* The large quantity of models, the structures, the new weapon (!).

Includes Updates: and


Dead Letters v2.2 (rescripted)
LifeKILLED, scripted by BME
2.31M Your mission is to enter the mansion of the dead magnate who killed his family and committed suicide. When still alive, he hid many treasures but nobody knows where. Look for his diary to be able to find them.
The Way of All Flesh-Again (rescripted)
NoOne aka Diman
Scripted by BME
2.88M In fact this addon does not change the history of the episode, it just gives him an opportunity to pass an alternative. Waiting for you 8 new levels and new textures from games such as: FEAR, Kingpin, Redneck Rampage, Witchaven (1,2), Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, NAM, WW2GI, TEKWAR, Manhunt, etc. Some levels are taken from the original and slightly modified Blood'a. All cards are connected to each other. Difficulty levels are optimized.
The carnage continues v1.1 Beta (rescripted)
BHarry, Team
Scripted by BME

S _ E _ C _ T __ W _ A _ R  v1.2 (rescripted)
LifeKILLED /IT publishing
Scripted by BME
8.35M There is:
* 20 levels in 2 episodes
* new art
* new story
* live music
* most additions for Blood engine!
Rage Against The Machine (re-scripted)
scripting by BME
57.9M New installer, smaller package.

Rage Against The Machine Ep 1
70.8M RATM Episode 1 Till Death Us Do Part

Rage Against The Machine, RATM or simply ‘Rage’, is a combined effort by select members of the Blood community to create a Blood campaign worthy of remembrance and worthy of honouring, and hopefully complementing, the Blood title and its legacy. Rage’s objective is to expand on the Blood universe, adding a little innovation where necessary, while not compromising the spirit of the original title’s unbeatable action, breathtaking atmosphere and overwhelming fun factor. So far, Episode 1 of the campaign has been released, but the rest are coming up. All the Single Player maps included in this campaign are fully optimised and compatible with Bloodbath, Co-operative and Team Mode Play. Difficulty levels are also implemented. Rage Against The Machine has the added bonus of including custom music that fully captures the essence of the original’s soundtrack. The Rage Against The Machine story is told through a series of gripping, live-action cinematics. These are played upon the opening...

*THIS IS THE LATEST AND MOST COMPATIBLE VERSION OF RATM, PLEASE USE ONLY THIS OR WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE SUPPORT. TO PLAY JUST LAUNCH "RATM.COM" UNDER DOSBOX, DOS OR ANY WIN9X SYSTEM* This is the re-release of the first episode of Rage Against the Machine. The episode is packed in a straight-forward self-extracting archive. You will have to manually edit the cutscene paths in the ratm.ini file. This version does not require you to insert the RATM disc in order to play. Forward your queries, questions and requests to The Postmortem forums. The multiplayer patch for the campaign should follow soon.


Bloody Pulp Fiction (re-scripted)
RedFanatic, Wangho, NoOne
scripting by BME
27.2M New installer, smaller package.

Bloody Pulp Fiction v1.3
RedFanatic, Wangho, NoOne
114M Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows
Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that
has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread
destruction and mayhem throughout.

Bloody Pulp Fiction v1.3 Unpacked
RedFanatic, Wangho, NoOne
37.9M Same as above but without an installer and no cut scenes.


Bloody Pulp Fiction v1.2
RedFanatic and Wangho
89M Bloody Pulp Fiction is a Blood 1 addon that follows
Caleb as he runs from the madness of the Cabal that
has swept the globe in a determined effort to spread
destruction and mayhem throughout.
Compiled by Frater Diatonica Dracona
1.4M For Blood Plasma Pack Version
- Ravenloft by Michael Shire
- Journey to Hell by Martin Brentnall
- Killing Time by Elmo (Marc Levesque)
- Gods by Joel and Kurt Blackwell
- Haunted Realms by Joël Dubé
Haunted Realms was assembled by myself from various sources tho I made no maps myself, I modified existing maps to create a flowing storyline.
Blood Lost Episodes COOP
Compiled by Frater Diatonica Dracona
Coop mod by KNUKE
955 Same as above but modified for COOP multiplay.

BloodLines TC - BETA & Sin Campaign (rescripted)
A Necrosoft Production
Scripted by BME
7.56M BloodLines was to be the most ambitious total conversion ever created for Blood. It still is, but it's far from what was intended. We have admitted that BloodLines will never be fully completed and have decided to release the TC "as is" with some retouching to make incomplete maps actually playable. I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. Be aware though, that not all maps are what you would expect from a Blood level, it's not all bloody mayhem. Don't be disappointed if the TC doesn't fit your ideas about how a 3d-shooter should be, much of it is about atmosphere rather than action, you will benefit from approaching BloodLines with an open mind.

This is the beta version of the first three episodes, including 13 maps, two new enemies and loads of new art and sound.
59 DeFrag consists of 5 episodes, each of which contains one map.

These maps:

DeFrag - huge space for jumps with napalm, blow barrels TNT and fly where you want, additional rooms for other tests and it is a lot of that another. More shortly, it is possible to make everything.

Blooders - originally reflected as a map for network game, but still in DeFrag, because requires completion.

nJUMPing - jumps with napalm through a trench. Simply for those who wants to try.

tJUMPing - jumps from dynamite. More similar on run with obstacles: look demo.

FireBall - similar I saw in Quake: fly on you rocket, but in Blood napalm. Fascinatingly.
46 There are 3 maps for HARDCORE players.

The most interesting map: Cultists.
Gods, the Epic Trilogy
Joel and Kurt Blackwell

Levels for Professional Blood players.

"You will make them pay, and then... you will die."

Welcome to a nice and hard bunch of levels.  If you are a professional Bloodite, and have conquered all but these levels, we hope you will find a difficult, yet well balanced challenge here.  All of these levels are ramped in difficulty, so that the last level is the hardest of them all.  This means that if you find the first level hard, you may find the last one to be beyond your skills. These levels have been finished by us, and contain what we believed to be some of the most challenging puzzles, toughest enemies and difficult tasks to master.  The amount of times you will die, is insane.  If the texts are read thoroughly, and your skills at puzzle solving are good, you may find the secret level, and with it more challenges.

Legends of Iconoclast 1 Remake
Dwayne Anderson
5.16M Ten years after being originally released, Dwayne Anderson, the creator of the largest mod ever created for Blood has announced remake of his epic trilogy as he once more takes you to the realm of Iconoclast.

Part 1 is entitled "Scourge of Humanity" and introduces Bloodlites to an improved storyline together with a brand new protagonist and antagonist.

Take on the role of Logan, a Romanian gunsmith as he embarks on an epic quest of revenge and redemption as he journeys into an unknown dimension and wages war on the most powerful army to have ever existed: the Scourge, founded by the evil Garibaldi, a power-mad misanthropist hell-bent on the extermination of mankind. Logan must prevent the Scourge from resuming its war on Earth to save humanity and to avenge the deaths of everyone involved, including his own true love. During his quest, he'll uncover the shocking truth about Garibaldi and the plight of this unknown dimension. He must fight his way through Garibaldi's castle and ultimately confront Garibaldi in a battle to determine the fate of both humanity and the realm of Iconoclast.

Features of the mod include:

-Twenty eight incredible levels, fourteen of which are brand new and never before seen! Explore new locations such as the Sewage System, Iconoclast Forest, Halls of
Lazarus, Ramparts of Fortitude, and the spinechilling
Phantom Wood!
-Level design quality is improved, with depth cueing and better lighting!
-Twenty nine new music tracks!
-Dozens of new sounds!
-Due to complaints of long text cutscene times in the original, readable text files are included to chronicle the story and plot. Finishing certain levels displays a message telling you which file to read.
-Extended replayability! Difficulty settings determine number of enemies, locations of keys, special effects, and number of items.
-Features of the Plasma Pak enabled: New enemies, new weapon modes, and new art!
-An estimated five hours of gameplay from start to finish! (for each difficulty)


Legends of Iconoclast Part 1, 2, 3
Dwayne Anderson


11.4M Legend has it, in the mystic land of Iconoclast, hidden to mortals, 5 gods created the realm and gave life to all who dwelled in it. Vulcan, the god of fire cultivated the land to create the realm. Shiva, the goddess of Ice, gave the spirit of life to the realm. Hades, the god of darkness created the day and darkness of night. Agni, the god of earth, carved the land to create
the mountains, rivers, valleys, plateau's, and volcanoes. Indra, the god of storm made all lifeforms that would uphold the spirit of life.....

...These five gods, their tasks complete, returned to the heavens leaving behind 5 magic swords they crafted from the finest crystal. With blades carved from crystal and blessed with mytical powers, these 5 magic weapons, when their powers were combined, would create the Sword of Iconoclast. It's power would someday destroy evil and return light to the world. Only those chosen by its light could use it....

In the year 772 a.d, when the realm was young, and knights were brave and bold, King Iconoclast I was ruling the realm. He was well known and well liked by his people. His wife, the queen had died years earlier after the birth of his daughter Eliza. Lazurus, his soothsayer, was a kind man who served his king faithfully. Erdrick, the captain of the king's knights was a brave young man who carried the sword of Ice. He and Eliza were in love and were planning to marry. Eliza had recently turned 17 and was one of the most beautiful girls in the realm.....

Shortly after Eliza's birthday, the first sign of trouble started one night.
As the realm slept under a full moon, an evil power in the sword of Darkness awakened. Sensing freedom in his grasp, Raven Dark beckoned Lazurus from his chambers, leading him to the stone where the sword slept in the castle's courtyard. His will broken, he pulled the sword from the stone and drove it into his heart. The evil powers in the sword channeled into his body and transformed him into a dragon.....


The Trials of Destiny Demo
Dwayne Anderson


69.6 Take on the role of Vincent Valiant Orbison, Caleb's
only remaining descendant and fufill your ultimate
destiny as leader of the forces of Light! Contains
the first two levels of the add-on.


Eye of the Blood
Christian Green
79 These three maps are like an episode (where the first ends,
the second starts and so on). It took me quite a long time to make these maps!!
The Realm of Circe
Dwayne Anderson
388 The story of when Caleb and Circe first met is chronicled in "Realms of Circe".

It's been 10 years since Caleb infilitrated the Hall of the Epiphany and befelled Tchenobog. One night Caleb has a dream where Tchernobog has put a curse on a beautiful damsel named Circe. Caleb vows to free her. Of course along the way through 11 levels, he must battle Tchernobog and his five brothers. It won't be easy, it won't be safe, but it will be fun and exciting.

Next in the story line comes "Tchernobog in Time" then "The Perils of Daniel" These addons can be downloaded seperatly in there full versions.

Tchernobog in Time
Dwayne Anderson
316 The exciting sequel to Realms of Circe.

Caleb has recently returned to his home,after
he traveled to the Realm of Circe,defeated Tchernobog
again, and freed a beautiful damsel from her prison
in a monster's body.

But now, Tchernobog is back and has found a way to travel
in time in an attempt to destroy Caleb's future.

This episode is probably more fun and exciting than my other episode
probably because of the level design. Most of the levels in this sequel
are based on famous time events such as World War I,
The Civil War, The Boston Tea Party, The sinking of the Titanic,
and the French Revolution. In the final level, you'll discover the
legendary Temple of Time that Tchernobog is using to control time.

The Perils of Daniel
Dwayne Anderson


429 The third and final chapter in the exciting trilogy. Play after Tchernobog in Time.

Daniel, the son of Caleb and Circe is given a chance to prove himself worthy of his father's title when a mysterious damsel pleads for help.
Cryptic Passage Teaser+
Sunstorm Interactive
2.55M This is a commercial demo, it contains a single level( some new artwork(
There also is
-6 screenshots.
-pre-release banner
-pre-release box cover (small)
-pre-release box cover (large)
-E397 press release doc

The Full version contains 9 new levels and 4 Bloodbath levels!

The levels are huge. They take place in areas like the:
Boat Docks, Old Opera House, Gothic Library,
Monastery, Steamboat, Haunted Graveyard,
Mountain Pass, Mine Shaft, Ancient Castle,
and a Haunted House!


Cryptic Passage-Deadly Inspirations
Charlie Wiederhold
33.5 I also kept my hands dirty in the editor and made a simple deathmatch level called Deadly Inspirations. I don’t have Blood installed so I’m unable to verify that the map even works, but I’m providing it for download for the time being in case anyone’s curiosity is piqued.


Jeff Morris


230 Bloodbath/CTF for Blood Version 1.11 and later versions

We return to a strange and even more dangerous RIP Building (the notorious Centre For Funereal Excellence and the headquarters of Rest In Pieces Incorporated). RIP Inc are big players in the funeral business. They also have a neat sideline in stolen body parts which they'd rather no-one knew about.

It's another weekend, and again somebody forgot to lock the place up. What a fine venue for some kick-ass fun with your friends...

*** The RIP arena is now supplied in three parts. Parts 1 and 2 are self-contained sub-sets of the main environment (part 3). Deathmongers will find it beneficial to become familiar with the smaller arenas before taking on 'RIP II' in its entirity. ***
Zippy's Blood Meltdown v4
Jeff Morris


455 Episode 1:    A conversion to Blood of 'Hollywood Holocaust', 'Red Light District' and Death Row', Allen Blum's excellent openers for Duke Nukem 3D

Episode 2 (BB/CTF):    Pac-Manic Depression, Gambit, Canal Madness, RIP HQ, Rest In Pieces II.
The Hall of the Epiphany
Dwayne Anderson


108 This is a mini episode with two levels that chronicle the final battle in the Hall of the Epiphany.
Hostile Takeover v1.1
723 The town’s pretty much deserted now. Yes, thanks to Rein and his "project," everything’s moving along like clockwork- but those people. I mean, they’re human beings for God’s sake…

"A ghost town? An underwater base? A carnival? A whole island, seeping with the undead?

Ooo! This promises to be fun!"

Inherit The Earth

When Tchernobog was defeated in the Hall of Epiphany, He was forced to return to His own realm. The power and rage released by Caleb while fighting the Dreaming god was partly absorbed, and had allowed Tchernobog to lay dormant gathering energy to follow on with His plan to open the Gateway- the connection between the realms of the living and the damned. Would Caleb be able to stop the revived Daemon Tchernobog?

Contains a total of 3 episodes.

Speed Shotgun v1.0
534 This weapon have not alt. fire mode (designed for fast and hard killing). You shot always with 2 ammo (4 with akimbo guns bonus). It shoots faster than original sawed-off and have new sounds. Enjoy!

1. Just unzip to Blood folder.
2. Start SAWED2.BAT
3. Play.

Includes: PCX Template files
VULCAN GUN Weapon mod
NoOne , BME
533 Weapon replacement : Tommy gun
Changed characteristics: Yes

WARNING!: This weapon is not compatible with
any other Weapon(s) mod versions for Blood
It does NOT have an Akimbo mode nor a Voxel
model for the weapon and ammo!


- Better damage
- Average accuracy
- High ammo consumption

- Faster fire rate
- Improved damage
- Better accuracy
- Extreme ammo consumption
Modern Weapons Mod
5.92M This is big modern weapon mod for Blood from creator of SectWar.

Voxel Pack v1.0
1.41M it voxel pack from 89 high-quality models which can be installed on any user addition.

- All sprites corresponding to models are in file TILES018.ART and it also should be delivered together with your addition.

- Visual samples of models you can consider in mapfile VOXEL.MAP, and ID - in script MODELS.RFS

Chaingun Mod
494 Replaces the tommy gun's art, sound and voxels.


Akimbo Shotgun from Alpha
944 Here akimbo for the shotgun from Alpha, a bit buggy.


Weapon Mod v1.3
Weapon type:
  • Melee
  • Thrown
  • Ranged
  • Projectile
  • This small mod allows to install 8 new weapons for any user addon and original game which doesn't use file TILES015.ART and different resource archives. This weapons build on QAV animation, so this means they have changed characteristics.


    -Napalm Launcher from Alpha.
    -Sawed-off from Alpha (changed characteristics).
    -Beast Claws from Alpha (changed characteristics).
    -Riot Shotgun from Shadow Warrior (changed characteristics).
    -Aerosol from Alpha.
    -Dynamite (Bundle, Proximity and Remote) from Alpha.
    -Revolver from Power Slave (changed characteristics).
    -Life Leech (changed characteristics).