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CONtrol FAQs - This page provides Editors / Builders Help with FAQs, documents and demonstrations from the past and present.

In order for you to obtain more understanding of the CONs and special effects, you need to examine the
CON Download pages. There you will find an endless supply of examples, some with faq like structure.

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Filename and author Size (kb) Dated Description
CON Editing Information v1.3
James Ferry
66 2-10-99 An Accurate Con FAQ! (covers duke 1.3d cons)

CON Editing FAQ v2.0
Joris B. Weimar
18 12-27-96

Con Editing FAQ Version 4.2
Jonah Bishop
42 12-14-99 Includes: .txt and .rtf  formats

CON language Tutor v1.0
Joris Weimar & Sidney Linkers / 4th Dimension
19 2-20-97


Ben Cantrick
13 ?-96

Michael Schwartzman
4 2-18-97 for Shareware 1.1
[1] What is Duke Nukem 3D?
[2] What can I do with the .CON files?
[3] .CON files patch list
[3-1] Gore-related changes
[3-1-1] Player bleeds at low health
[3-1-2] Player jibs at low health
[3-1-3] Player jibs when shot
[3-1-4] Aliens jib when shot
[3-1-5] Making more jibs fly
[3-1-6] Troopers jib before dying
[3-1-7] Player jibs when walking
[3-1-8] All gore is shrapnel
[3-1-9] All gore is money
[3-2] Weapon changes
[3-2-1] Changing weapon strengths
[3-2-2] Raising maximum ammo amount
[3-2-3] Altering blast radiuses
[3-3] Hit point changes
[3-3-1] Changing the players hit points
[3-3-2] Changing aliens' hit points
[3-3-3] Changing how much health drinking water adds
[3-4] Miscellaneous
[3-4-1] Player leaves behind explosions when walking

Unofficial Specs v1.1
Vincent Nguyen Quang Do
11 2-13-96

Guide To Hacking *.CON Files
13 ?-96

Editting Atomic Cons
Joost Palenstijn
3 - Examples and how-tos for varous con effects.

Greg Fox Map
Greg Fox
107 6-26-98 Map:...In a building,and it's strangely empty,apart from a really nasty room full of blood and guts, and a room where turds fall from the ceiling, as he enters....

Contents: Includes a Maps, Snd, Con Modifications. In order to actualy get full use out of this little addon, you must do a tad bit of editting with the cons.  The plus side is its totaly friendly and is a simple first step into editing the cons.

2 1-- I want to make a breakobject
2-- I want it to change in debris when shot
3-- I want to make a sprite that changes into another sprite when pressed space on:(You can do very cool things with this: I made that you can switch on/off the OJ tv)
CON File Hacker Guide
Ben Cantrick
36.2 96 Older versions of Ben's Con FAQ.

v0.02 , v0.21
Joris B. Weimar
58.8 96 Older versions of Joris's Con FAQ.

v0.1 , v0.2 , v0.3 , v0.7 , v0.8

Con - Advanced

Chris Traber
23 9-17-??2002 I could distinguish between our inter-department teams while playing Dukematch. I am elated that we can now have team colors for Duke Nuke’m 3D.
Boss con file hack 27.11.2002
26 11-27-2002 Have you ever wanted to put a boss character in your map, without starting the ending cinema after killing it? With this con file you don't have to see the ending cinemas anymore. This gives you a opportunity to increase your level difficulty dramatically.

Includes: Instructions for mappers and remarked cons.

Dynamic Lighting Effects
Cyborg / James Ferry
8 12-24-99 Dynamic RGBW Lights and Dynamic Solar Flare lighting  Includs: Cons and Map for 1.3d or 1.5
Some manual editing required.
Blocker CON v1.0
Joe Barta
29 2-15-99 How to keep an actor from walking off a ledge higher than X
without using stayput. Includes: Con/Map/Art
RealisticLadder and SimulatedLadder
James Ferry
421 ?-?-98 This file contains maps/faq/art/con so you can make either type of ladder in your maps!

DN3D Zoom View
James Ferry
102 9-10-99 Provides a method of allowing Duke3d v1.4/1.5 to have a Zoom Effect! Inlcudes Demo/Cons. Activate with spacebar.

Grappeling iron code
James Ferry
151 2-19-99 This package will demonstrate how to create a grappeling iron in D3D. Includes: Demo/Art/Cons

Build Messanger v1.0
Michael Clark
73 ?-?-97? Will allow you to place Quates in your maps(The quates display at the top of the screen), simliar to Quake.(Atomic version is 100% working).
CSTAT #num
1.53 ?
This command in the dukie type con files, is used to alter charateristics, like x or y flip, of a sprite. Their is a number of flags, for each attribute, digitally encoded. And this is how to access them.

Joe Barta
795 12-22-98 hitradius is how big the damage area is (usually during an explosion). In attempting to put real meaning to the first number, I've come up with the following...


The Perseus Documents
3 2002 The Perseus Document (1)
Text file explaining differences in LameDuke and Duke 3D CON and map info.

The Perseus Document (2)
Unused and Incomplete LameDuke-ready CON code.