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User Made Maps - Maps presented here are gathered from across the WEB. Most are from a Top Ten list that duker's played frequently('96-'98) There may be a few maps made in later years. Other Maps where considered unique or special at the time they where released.

Notice -Please check version numbers and authors, since its easy to confuse what you have and what's here.
          -Every attempt has been made to find the newest version (Last version in some cases), of these files.

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Features key:

Filename and author Size (kb) Features Description


Arena: Rage v1.0
John N. Daily
8 3
Loosely based on a map in Turok: Rage Wars for the Nintendo 64.
This is the first in a new series of tight, frantic arena-style Dukematch maps.
Photon Man
3 3 An InterLinked array of rooms - a good dukematch :) This is another one of my maps. It is very simple, with lots of coridoors linking open spaces, with lots of weapons. The more players you have in this map, the more intense the gameplay will be. 5 Players max
Paint Ball Fort
Photon Man
9 3 A few weeks ago I went Paint Balling. This is one of the battlefields we played (although, I have modified it slightly). One team had to defend the fort, and the other had to capture the fort.
Deadlock, modified 2nd revision
Photon Man
4 3 This is the 2nd revision of one of my very first maps(the original 2nd revision was my 3rd map released. I designed this map for 2-4 players on a modem game, or over the 'net, and it is VERY small. Not one of my best maps, but still fun for 2 players. I modified it to remove some bugs, and even out the weapon/health balance.
Full Movie 33 SW
Duke3d level 1 untouched, but we added the newest weapons for Duke Registered. Use strategy with the trip bombs and enjoy all of the guns offered in full version.
Stephen Wadstein
31 - Small but fun dukematch lvl, no real theme, but I made it so that is definitely fun to play.
Ups & Downs
5 - In this DukeMatch-only map you'll have to be careful
not to fall...
City at War
Joce Charland
24 - A city level. You can go in and out of buildings, plenty of weapons and ammo, lots of sniper spots, and enough RPG's for a blood fest.
28 3
Some weapons have been moved and there is a new area to explore (A shaft room and generator room)
Future 1   v1.3
460 A
Set sometime / somewhere in the not so distant future.
A world where you need even monsters to help you stay alive.
This MAP was designed for Deathmatch with MONSTERS ON. You both have to race for the control room, and keep it for yourself. i.e. When you see your opponent through the glass .... push a few switches to release Monsters onto him (or her:)
Double Space
John Mooney
27 - Make sure you look out for lots of little hidey holes, and items in hard to see places. I'll even give you a hint... all the one-way walls are a little bit darker than the walls around it. There is also at least one of every item, except for the protective boots and jetpack. The tripmines are hidden in the sneakiest places I could think of. I tried to make it so that you have to do some extra work or place yourself in danger to get the more powerful weapons
Pyramide De Kulkulcan V2.0
79 - The ruins of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Featured is the Pyramid and Temple of Kulkulcan, also known as "El Castillo" (The Castle).
Steve Clamons
45 - Small shopping mall, complete with jewelry store, arcade, gun shop, restaurant, book store, etc. Good for two player duke match, fast and furious, with several good sniper spots and hiding places. Plenty of health and ammo.
Justin Mays
56 - You are a very tiny person in a big room. Fight the other Dukes, But don't forget to pass GO, because there is a huge
Monopoly board in the middle of the table!
Lab Rats
John N. Daily
18 - What happens when those Alien Bastards (tm) take you and your comrades, and stick you in a giant maze to study the effects of confined spaces on humans? You go stir crazy and start fragging each other...that's what! Before you break out the big guns, though, remember...those walls are mighty close. You'd better find a way to shoot down into the maze...
I guess that means you have to make it out alive, huh? Funny...that's just what the other seven Dukers are trying to do!! :)
Photon Man
7 - Well, it's a good dukematch map which was originally in LameDuke (episode 4 level 2). I have added a lot of stuff to this to make it complete (Coverted textures, added weapons, etc)
28 - A tree canopy covered forest clearing with eight elevator-accessible treeforts stretching up into the sky above the canopy.
The Upside
9 - This is a DukeMatch level for under 3 players. It probably works best with two though. It's set in an outside area with trenches and a waterfall. It also  has good sniper points and other cool stuff.
Night Jungle
Karl "Kutlass" Flores
35 - This level takes place in a spooky jungle, with a night-time setting. Many obstacles to jump over, duck under, hide behind, ect. Add those features with strategically-placed sniper holes and you get the ultimate Duke Match level. Players *earn* their heavy art-illery, unlike many previous DukeMatch
325 S
6th installment in the Agony series, this is the bloodiest goddamn level I have ever seen (not a bad thing). In this level, everyone will apear blue while not in the vents or while they are in the blood. This is a good thingbecause you never
know who is about to kill ya till its too late.
Includes: The song Dirge and Defeat off the album Black Aria by Glenn Danzig.-voc
Works off the Bug; "The Jesus Syndrome", this is a bug that allows you to actually walk on blood.
6 - Dark opening with lots of trees and nice moving “train”.
You should check for secret teleports and deeeeeeeeep.....
The Cavern
Steven Doornbos
21 - Large cavern with many unique things to do and places to go. Underwater system, mountain ledges, temples, hovercraft, many secrets, dukematch galore!
David Whitman
14 3
Duke goes to the carnival. The level has a Freak show, a House of Horrors, a Shooting Gallery and a Funhouse. Swim through the air. Partake from the Duke Blood fountain.
See Sharkman! See Monster GUY! The FAT LADY! Lady Kay, the picture that cries real tears! Choose your weapon and step right up.
Duke Towers
Maciej Kurc
3 3
Four towers in the city
Gene Kirby
5 - A very diffrent dukematch level
10 3 A 2player map that has lots of sniper points. This map mainly consist of a map divided in half by a river and each side has a small base and cover.
Twister v1.0
Craig &
Brian Sparks
11 - The level is effectively a small rotating pit of death and destruction. If you are the lucky fool who gets the only jetpack you can fly out, land on an upper ledge, and begin tossing pipe bombs back into the crowd. It is called Twister because the resulting debris cloud of assorted eyeballs and rib cadges twists in the air as if it was being sucked up in a tornado. You have to see it too truly appreciate its absurdity.
Authors of over 50 DOOM levels.
ShadoW's DM
5 - A fast death err. dukematch that is meant to be played like old school DooM deathmatches. (ie. NO SPAWN)
Clock Tower (FIXED)v10-2-97
221 - Clock Tower was inspired by and is loosely based upon the infamous sniper killing spree of Charles Whitman at the University of Texas clock tower.
Includes "Jump-Zones" and files: cloktowr.zip and ctfixed.zip
Agony 3--Suffering in Ecstasy
245 S-W
-Includes a nice little song that probaly reflects the authors mind?!
Ya got me lad
The Rattler
5 - This is my first DukeMatch level that I made. The idea was from my old marathon II map which I made for the MAC.
The War Zone v1.0
B1ister /
Dan McElrea
19 S-M
Good dukematch level. Nice, small level with lots of open space and cover. A lot of neat explosions:). Check out the car & truck! And watch out for the plane! :)
Music from Terminator 2
14 S-M
Some sort of weird building in space. The building
consists of 2 floors.
Dharga-X v1.2
Tamas Kovacs
112 - Dharga-X is the Dukematch version of Dharga. It was built with the idea of providing something new to all you Dukematchers out there: a map where the main thing is not only shooting, but thinking too. As the weapons are a little bit hidden, you have to find them, during which you might bump into your opponents.
  The map should be ok for a two-person Dukematch too, as there are big open spaces where you can see the other one from a distance. I also tried to add variety by providing various types of terrain.
Rodeo Shootout
Charlie Wiederhold
37 - This is a large level set in a military prison like area. It is specifically designed for 8 player Dukematching... and is not much fun for 2 players unless you like big levels. It focuses on the skill of a player... rather than the blind luck of shooting someone. This was the official level used in the Duke Nukem 3D Rodeo Shootout Tournament held on July 13th,1996 and September 7, 1996.
Rodeo Shootout 2
Charlie Wiederhold
95.4   Improvement upon the original. You just need to play it networked, and you will have fun... trust me.

This is a large level set in a military prison like area. It is specifically designed for 8 player Dukematching... and is not much fun for 2 players unless you like big levels. It focuses on the skill of a player... rather than the blind luck of shooting someone. This was the official level used in the Duke Nukem 3D Rodeo Shootout Tournament held on July 13th,1996 and September 7, 1996.

Paint Ball
Charlie Wiederhold
20 - A regular sized level for Multiplayer gaming. Based on a paint ball building that I have been to. But, with LOTS of really cool features. Ideal for any number of players. Very dark and thought provoking level.
Paint Ball II - The Return!
Charlie Wiederhold
20.9   A cleaned up version of pntball.zip. It was what I submitted into the TEN level design contest, and it made the semifinals. Some new tricks added in this one, and I improved the framerate greatly.

A regular sized level for Multiplayer gaming. Based on a paint ball building that I have been to. But, with LOTS of really cool features. Ideal for any number of players. No single player playing supported. Very dark and thought provoking level. This version has been modified for the TEN level design contest. Thus, Much care was put into the details, and playability of it.

Charlie Wiederhold
48.8   Brand new concept in Deathmatch play. This level actually started out as an experiement, and I really hated it the whole time I was designing it. But, I played it, and completely changed my opinion. It has a rather high learning curve, but once you learn where everything is, let the fragging begin. The location is based on two space stations, almost identical in design. Four floors per station, with a cross design for the floor makes for lots of area to cover. The plus side to it, is the mode of transport, teleporters connecting each floor to all the other 7. Thus making tons of escape and chasing routes. When you enter the level, you may say "Is this really all there is?", but play it, and I promise you will be addicted.
45 C
This is a pretty big DM only level with a castle, an old "temple", and lots of caves all centered around a large pirate ship. I put in plenty of explosions, so go blow up
cliffs, crates, and castle walls!
MIDI: Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
-Turn the monsters ON.
This activates the rats, sharks and cannons!
Preston Wills
34 C
The level is designed to take full advantage of a real castle area, with cannons, indian burial mounds "The small hills you see when you play," and earthquakes. The map can be played with the regular or Atomic edition versions of duke3d. I also included a dungeon that can lock people in and kill with a "smooshing" crushing ceiling, if you know where to hide, what weapon to use, and which button to push. The cannons are good when activated, but be careful because they will sometimes backfire and hit you instead, so when you activate them run or duck behind somthing until it locks on to your enemy and then you are safe for the meantime.
Big PC 2
21 - Inside a 200mhz desktop PC. That one dude from "Honey I shrunk the kids!" was messing with the shrink ray again. This time he got you and seven friends and you're all stuck on his computer desk. Oh well, might as well make the best of it and thrash eachother and his PC in a Dukematch frenzy. Oops... there goes his VGA card... Oh darn, there goes an RPG into his hard drive...
49 - A dark abandon city of death!
(uses simulated MULTI-Floors)
Jeff Hanna
12 Cam I tried to make this map as skill/strategy orientated as I could.Trench network,many dark guardtowers,large rocks, ramps, a shaded area, and a central refuge room,with a WALKABLE  glass roof, for waiting out flying foes.
Dr. Duke
8 - You are a miniture duke fight on a pool table. You can even go inside the table!! Look for secret places. The are very hard to see, but they are there.
Rob Whitney
9 - This level is a Room over a room over a room (ROROR).
I kept it very small so you can find the other players very fast - Excellent for 2 players. This level has Elevators and ramps interconnecting all levels and is Seemless!

Simulated CTF - Team

58 ? ?
Duke SpeedBall
Adam Schumacher/
36 C-U
A game played on a relatively small court, with plenty of tactical cover. This kind of close-quarters combat requires stealth, timing, observation, and nerves of steel. Unlike in normal Dukematch, you can't wander through hoping to react fast enough if spotted; instead, you know roughly
the enemy is, and he knows roughly where you are. You must get yourself in a position of tactical superiority, move in, and take the shot. Don't stick your head up, cuz it'll get shot off.
785 C-U
Capture the flag in Hollywood Holocaust. Some modifications to the  Hollywood level so capture the flag can be played in it. ADDED 2 BASES, RED BASE AND BLUE BASE.  RED FLAG IS BASICALLY THE STEROIDS, BLUE FLAG IS A MODIFIED JETPACK.
Includes a readme file that explains how to install uninstall
and play capture the flag in Hollywood.
Red and Blue v1.0
Kirk Fyfe
122 C-U
Red and Blue v1.0 - There are two teams: RED and BLUE. Before you begin you should work out who's on whos side. The goal for each team is to get to the exit in their foe's base. To do this you must turn all the switchs in the center of
the enermy teams base on (green). Then a door will open and you can then get to the end. These levels is best with 4-8 players.
cnctf1.zip* 52 ? ?
Chris Allcock
12 3
All players start off unarmed in a waiting room. This is where they can decide which colour they wish to play as (red, green, blue, yellow) and, if there are more than four players, their teams. Going through their coloured teleporter will take them to their base. Includes:  Rules
Tombs of the Aztec (V.1.1)
Edward Duke-Cox
783 - These sacred tombs of two Aztec Gods were discovered in the heart of an active volcano. Shortly after, the Liandri Corporation had them partially rebuilt for Capture the Flag tournament purposes. Competitors say that sometimes you can still hear the Aztec Death Prayers, deep in the tombs.
Sluggo's Festival I Toxic Terror*
Christopher Roode
32 3
Sluggo's Festival -How to play capture the flag: The key, red or blue, you start next to is the color of the team that you are on. Take note of who is on your team.
Your job is to get the other key and find the key terminal that will take you directly to an exit. The team who exits first wins. You can make up any other rules as usual.

Duke Tag - Team (For use with v1.4 and v1.5 Only)

Christopher Moore
23 M
A duke tag level map for 4-8 players. This is the tryme.map with new stuff. In this map even number players (2,4,6,8) are the red team and odd number players are the blue team. The blue team must flip all five swithes in the cave, while the red team must flip the five switches in the castle to win. The winner will be the first team to have 5 X's displayed on the scoreboard.
38 M
51 M
The object is To score 5 points for your team by maneuvering your Duke into your team's scoring zone. In order to score, the Runner will be required to fined the switch that opens the gate to there scoring teleporter. Open door then then run through the front door of to the enemy fort,and down the hallway to your teleporter to score a point.
Glenn Storm
17 1P
A DukeTag map. Get a jetpak and find a tall chute in the basement, go
up to a switchroom, open your field (and close your opponent's), flip the big switch to open your scoring zone, and run like #*@%! to the zone. Five points wins game. Attackers/Defenders/etc encouraged, but not neccessary.


Quick Help: Running User made levels:

  1. The Registored Version is required. Shareware will not run 'external' user made maps.
    Shareware requires the files to be in the duke.grp file and run them as the episode levels. But then you would have to rename each map you get and want to play. The result would be alot of unknown maps since they where renamed.
  2. Download the .zip file and unpack it into its own directory.
  3. Read all the text files that it came with. Special attention to installing.
  4. Follow the directions in the map text file. Special attention to unusual instructions.
  5. Place the map in the directory that your game is installed.
    (v1.5 allows you to place maps in the Game directory or anywhere else you may have your own maps folder)
  6. Enter the Setup.exe Program.
  7. In the Setup screen, go down to "Select User Level." Hit Enter.
    (v1.5 Pick "User Level Selection." Hit Enter, Then if you havn't already "Changer User Path" to point to your own map directory. Hit Enter. Now goto "Select User Level."
  8. Select the map you want to play. Hit Enter.
  9. Select "Save and launch.". The game will start with the map you picked.


Compatibility - You basically would need both versions of duke, or you'll have to modify the cons and/or maps yourself to get them to work correctly.

All players MUST have the SAME EXACT Cons, Maps, Art and Sounds to keep the game in sync during multi-player.

Maps made In Duke v1.3d are 90% foreword compatible with v1.4/1.5 of Duke. Maps made in v1.4/1.5 are 80% backwards compatible with 1.3d of Duke.

There May be some problems when maps are used in "compatible" mode. The most noticeable would be some of the textures. In duke 1.4/1.5 some textures where moved to new locations in the .art Tiles and some new textures where added. There are other factors such as new features in the BUILD engine that are not present in the 1.3d version of Duke. This in turn, causes some Maps to be presented incorrectly, or obscured.

DukeTag Maps - Are only for v1.4/1.5

Eduke User note - Maps are compatible

Cons from v1.3d maybe compatible with v1.4/1.5 However 1.4/1.5 cons are not compatible with 1.3d

Eduke User note:  Duke1.5 Cons are compatible.


3D Realms encourages you to experiment freely with the parameters contained in the con files, and to share your discoveries with the rest of the world. However, BE ADVISED that 3D Realms does NOT offer any technical support on how to use these files or other user-modifiable features of this game. Do NOT contact 3D Realms or Apogee Software for advice or help with this subject. You make modifications to .cons and other files at your own risk. It is recommended that you first make a backup copy of any .CON files before making any changes.(RTCM Note: The original cons are stored in your .grp file)

"New Levels" are data that modify or substitute for Game data, thus modifying or replacing one or more Game levels. Creating or distributing a New Level or a software tool that has no substantial purpose other than to contribute to the creation of a New Level infringes rights of 3D Realms and is prohibited by law except as permitted by 3D Realms. 3D REALMS PERMITS NEW LEVELS ONLY THAT MEET ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

[A] The Level must only work with a RETAIL episode of the Game. It must NOT work with Episode One.(Shareware)

[B] The level must not contain modifications to any COM, EXE, or DLL, or to other executable file.

[C] The level must not contain any illegal material, or (without appropriate irrevocable licenses) any trademarks, copyright protected work, or other property of third parties.

[D] The level must prominently identify at least in every online description and with reasonable duration on an opening screen
(1) the name and email address of the level's creators, and

[E] The level and any use of it must be offered solely for free (other than any incidental online charges).

[F] By distributing or permitting the distribution of any New Level, all owners of any trademark, copyright or other right, title or interest therein (to the extent different from the Game as originally distributed by 3D Realms) grant back to 3D Realms an irrevocable royalty free right to distribute the level.

[G] The distributor of any New Level or Level Editor must be authorized to distribute the Game itself (either in writing, or by being within a category where no writing is needed under these LICENSE.DOC that comes on the Duke CD's).