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Powerslave Demo BUILD Game - Shareware


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Powerslave Beta:
Lobotomy Software, Playmates Interactive
3.7M US Release Shareware Beta (freeware demo)

In this demo you will experience six of the weapons and five of the enemies in simplified demo levels. The final release will include 20 levels of increasing difficulty with a total of 12 different enemies.

The F1 key will show what the control keys are. Unfortunately mouse support is not in the demo, but is a feature intended to be in the final release.


Powerslave Beta Demo:
Lobotomy Software, Playmates Interactive
3.75M US Release Shareware Beta Demo

This is a revised and updated version of the Powerslave freeware demo. (listed above) Many bugs have been fixed and we are putting finishing touches on the product, but bugs are inevitably going to show up at this stage of development.

Quite a few of you responded with comments about the last version which was very helpful. We are especially interested in feedback on the difficulty of Powerslave in all aspects of play (fighting monsters, solving levels, finding secrets, etc).

In this version of the demo you will experience the first two levels of the game essentially as they will be in the final release. Ultimately there are 20 levels of increasing difficulty with 7 weapons and 12 different enemies.

This demo version of PS came from:
German CD SharePlay 02/97:/Fair2/Top60/Pslave

Other files(PSFREE.ZIP) of PS came from:
Shareware Extravaganza 8 (DISK8) 1997
Files from PC-Ohio


Powerslave Magazine CD Demo
Lobotomy Software, Playmates Interactive
11.2MB A demo version which seems to have been an exclusive magazine cover disk release can be found on the PC Gamer #2.13 CD and also on the NEXT Generation Nov 1996 CD.
Lobotomy Software, Playmates Interactive
11.7M US Release Shareware Demo

Exhumed Demo
Lobotomy Software, BMG Interactive
5.96M Europe Release Demo

Powerslave User Manual
1.03M A PDF
Exhumed User Manual
9.34M A Multi Language PDF. More detailed than the Powerslave manual.
Development and Screen Shots
Early Screenshots and Concept Art
2.36M A Collection: v5-12-2015
Powerslave Lobotomy Interviews
Powerslave Newsgroup Chatter