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Just copy the level into your Huntin' directory. Select the appropriate level from the selection list.

Level Size Description
Atchafalaya Basin
Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz
530 Yet another medium sized map for Redneck Deer Huntin'. This time you visit
famous Atchafalaya Basin - plain filled with bayous, bays, baldcypress swamps,
and marshes located in the state of Louisiana. The weather is getting worse,
the storm is incoming, but you decided to take a trip. You may bag a deer or boar, but
Hickston Woods
Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz
50.4 Another medium sized map for Redneck Deer Huntin'. Map takes place at night, in the forest near Hickston. You should be very careful, because animals are very cautious and they can spot you much earlier, while your vision is worse.
Possible animals are deers and boars.
Senta Fe
Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz
15.3 Medium sized map for Redneck Deer Huntin', nice valley located between Senta Fe and El Peso. Great place for bagging a deer or wild, fat turkey. Featuring forest, desert, meadow, lake and two roads.
Return To Campy Crystal Lake
Bruce Hamilton
4 While vacationing with his cousin at Campy Crystal Lake along Route 66,
Leonard happened to notice that the back side of the lake was a rather
popular location for ducks and other wild game. "Hmmm...", thought Leonard,
"Reckon I'm gonna have to dig out my my shotgun and ditch this asshole who
refers to himself as my cousin. Can't have him scaring away our dinner!"
Duck Lake
Jon Hunt
25 2 lakes loaded with ducks. If you are real quiet, you may see a deer or two.