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EDuke32 Add-ons and Mods

Reminder: All players MUST have the SAME EXACT Cons, Maps, Art and Sounds to keep the game in sync in multi-player.

Also: Some add-ons include an unmodified version of EDuke32 simply because the mod author doesn't want to take the chance that a newer version of EDuke32 will break something in there add-on. Some include a slightly modified EDuke32 specific to the add-on, other add-ons are standalone and do not require the duke3d.grp file.

Finally: Some add-ons where modified/patched (some fixed too) to work with EDuke32 from their DOS counterparts. Typically this entails Grouping the files and naming the Game.con the same name as the group file, and providing an EDuke32 batch file.

Features key:

EDuke32 Add-ons | Modified To Work | Newer EDuke32 Fixes


Filename and author Size (kb) Key Description
EDUKE32 Add-ons
Mark. , Team
205M   A dark and scary trip that starts at the side of the road near a cemetary and leads you to the very depths of hell itself. You know, just an average day.
Destination: Ghetto
fer , Team?
522M   ?
DN For3ver Mini Mod
Dennis Collins
OCD Demo 6/9/2014
11.1M   Project OCD, or Code Name:OCD, is a Sci-Fi themed adventure game, using the Build engines 3d sprites for models, but console style enemie and npc sprites for characters.

Simple 8-bit styled graphics, and large detail alien worlds to explore, defend and uncover various treasures, consperiacies and other secrets.

Play as one of several undetermined characters hired by planetery governments to route out hidden dangers to their homeworlds, later uncovering a devasting secret weapon capable of grinding down planets...
Duke Craft
Zykov Eddy
4.64M   a combination of DN3D mechanics and Minecraft-like level design. The story is simple - aliens stole Duke's hard earned diamonds and he has to get them back.

The map includes some features taken from Minecraft, like crafting or using of torches to light the areas. No additional code used, only new textures.
Operation Blitzkrieg & Polymer Edition
David Billing
3.82M   an additional episode to the Atomic Edition, this episode is designed to be old school in look and feel.

Polymer Edition-An HD remake of the original Operation Blitzkrieg.

The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face v 1.0.1
Zykov Eddy
13.2M   The Mask Reveals Disgusting Face is a horror game about a depressed person named Gary, who decided to spend some time in empty house outside the town. Bad idea. Some strange force locked him up here. Weird things started happening in the house, driving him crazy. Will he survive the nightmare?

The game is a basic horror adventure, with quest-like gameplay and some action parts. The soundtrack is mostly consist of exclusive tracks provided by my friends. The graphics are inspired by pixel-horror games.
Duke Theft Auto 1.0 beta 2
106M   based upon the classic DMA/Rockstar game, "Grand Theft Auto" Run, Shoot, Kill, Car Jack your way through many cities on your way of becoming the number one criminal! Instead of being limited to a top down view as you were in the classic game you will now be able to run and drive through the cities in a first person perspective as well as a third person.
Yume Nikki 3d v 0.02.1 / Yume Nikki 3d Isolated Version
Zykov Eddy
46.3M   a fan game based on Yume Nikki universe (if you haven't played the original Yume Nikki, I highly recommend it). The game is not a simple 3d remake, but rather a spin-off to the original, with lots of extra content. Instead of using RPG Maker, I used an old 3d engine from the 90's.

Your task is to find six effects and three keys, which are hidden in a dream world. The game starts in your room. You can use the bed to enter the dream world or desk to save your game. Most locations in Dream world are connected by series of portals and for the most part I tried to create my own locations instead of copying the ones from the original game. Only a few locations have references to the original Yume Nikki, such as Neon Tile Path or Poniko's house (yes, this game has a full recreation of Uboa event in 3d). Some of the effects are requied to progress in few areas. The most important effects, such as bicycle and the knife, are hidden in the locations connected to Nexus (the hub location).

The Isolated Version is a little side story. Only play this if you played the original Yume Nikki 3d.

Super Nukem Bros.v4 Jan 1 2014
9.67M   Based on Super Mario Bros. for NES, Super Nukem Bros. is an opportunity to blast alien maggots as Duke in the Mushroom Kingdom! Somehow, Duke crash lands in the Mushroom Kingdom and is greeted with even more pesky aliens. Is Duke dreaming all of this? Is he tripping on magic mushrooms? Who knows!
The Endless Stairwell
Zykov Eddy
22.7M   The Endless Stairwell is a little experimental horror game. This version is a remake of my old game The Stairwell, which was made in 2012. It's mostly based on a story of SCP 087 (SCP Foundation), but I decided to add some variety in it. The game has a prologue, some interactive elements and lots of scares. If you play the game again after finishing it, some events will change. Hope you'll enjoy it!
Duke Nukem XXX v1.0
4.55M   an Art replacement pack for those who want to see slightly less clothing on the Babes in Duke Nukem 3d. There is also a few changes such as the babes saved and babes left stats at the end of the screen,the hookers now make noises, and the ability to save the babes instead of killing them.
Radar's CO-OP Map Mods v1.2 - June 2013
Touched up by Radar
7.43M   36 common single-player Duke maps converted to CO-OP action. I, a Duker with the alias "Radar",have taken the role of leading a project with the aim of modifying these amazing maps with suitable gameplay for CO-OP action up to the maximum limit of 8 players...

Includes: EDuke32-OLDMP.Zip

THE SEVENTH SON v2004/2005
Juan Daniel "Papamonos" Alcobre
Episode/Total Conversion of 11 levels. You must save the land of old and new enemies, and travel to the planet of PAPAMONIA.


New York Nightmare Episode
445M   Before going to Las Vegas, an advance scouting mission by the Alien Bastards landed in Manhattan. When NYC seemed to disappear from the grid, Duke took the next train to Grand Central Station to investigate. He found NYC needed an exterminator... bad.

Duke chases the vermin through a nightclub, the subway, Brooklyn Bridge, a school, a superhero's mansion, a 5-star restaurant, the rooftops of Manhattan, and other locations before reaching Central Park for the final battle.
Castle Quest v2.0
447   7 Map Pack
32 secret rooms, 91 switches, 244 activators, 322 sector effectors, & 80 TOUCH PLATES later, it's finally done; Castle Quest, a single player / co-op adventure. Ok I'll admit, maybe I haven't worked on it much in the last 14 years lol, but I have recently thanks to my discovery of eduke32. I was just trying to hype up my level :) but still those numbers are no lie, and there is well over 100 hours in it, if not 100's, and it has never been released... until now.

These maps are full of non-stop surprises (hence all the touch plates and activators); whether you throw a switch or you're just walking down a hallway, lookout! Saving often might be a good idea, or play co-op so you can just respawn. I made lots of puzzles you have to solve, and with 32 secret rooms, explore every crevice. There is always some type of boss or big show down at the end of each level, so you'll love that.

Well I hope you have an awesome adventure, let me know what you thought.
4.66   This is the idea I got of using a CON mutator to fix bugs without getting anal on it, and without changing the default CON files.

Here is a list of what I got so far:

Fix using next / previous weapon with Pipebomb trigger
Let you switch to the trigger if there is a Pipebomb on the floor
Fix wrong subweapon displayed at status bar
Select Expander using next / previous weapon
Don't switch to Expander if you never had it
Reset subweapon when player dies
Player drop Expander when killed
Reload pistol at the proper time
Fix enemies total count
Enemies count to the totals before they spawn
Fix angle of spawning enemies
Fix attributes of enemies
Fix enemy recognition sounds
Apply skill settings to Egg
Fix spawn palette of Trooper
Fix palette of Player gibs
Fix palette of Trooper gibs
Fix spawn of Recon and Egg
Fix Shrinker not working with Boss1
Remove skill 4 enemies

Since you switch to the Pipebomb trigger if there is one laying on the floor and you are out of ammo, I don't really see a logical reason why you can't switch to it otherwise, except for the lack of a subweapon system prior to Atomic Edition version.

But I am not sure about counting all the spawning enemies (except the ones created by other enemies) the moment the map is loaded.
2.60   This is an alternative to Eduke hard-coding. I could have made it identical to the HUD in Eduke, but I didn't wanted to.

Unfortunately Eduke doesn't give you easy access to the inventory icon bar, so it is out of place. Also there is a glitch of the HUD flickering when changing...
Is This The Life? v0.6
Zykov Eddy
40.3M   You've been driving at night when a horrible car accident happened. You've survived, but now you're lost on the countryside, alone. The more you try to get out, the more you start to realise that the car accident was just the beginning of your nightmare.

Is This The Life is a short horror game which I've started developing two years ago. Since then I've lost enthusiasm to finish the project, so I decided to release it as an unfinished beta. The beta version has outdated graphics, bugs and some unfinished parts. Still, it's playable and you can even get to the ending.
The Chronic Episode
4.87M   5 Level episode.
Hide and seek multiplayer mod
Zykov Eddy
22.7   This is a small multiplayer mod for Eduke 32. Only two players can play it. Remember your childhood, how you played "hide and seek" game with your friends? (If you didn't, I feel bad for you.) This is the same stuff. One player goes to hiding mode, and he must hide somewhere. He only gets 30 seconds to do that. also, if you press use in this mode, you can watch another player.
Meenwhile, another player goes to seeking mode (press the open button in the menu to choose your position). Your objective here is to find player 1 and shoot him. You'll have to do it for 180 seconds, or you will fail.
Every player can use jetpack while seeking\hiding.
Have fun!

Altair mod 1.0
Zykov Eddy


3.05M   Just a small weapon\gameplay patch.
Countdown To Christmas
1.68M   Episode contains 3 independent levels
(Snow Battle, Christmas Tree, Christmas Carol),
united by small intros. Have new textures, sounds and effects.
Superweapon 3
Zykov Eddy, Various
Superweapon 2
Zykov Eddy, Various
Superweapon 1
Zykov Eddy, Various
3.32M   Just a bunch of my old weapon mods. I used a lot of textures from other Duke TCs, such as Terrorist Terror, Zero Hour etc.
Duke Nukem Forever 2013 v1.0
Gambini, Mikko Sandt, Team
29.2M   This is, more or less, our idea of what Duke Nukem Forever would have been like had it been built on the Build engine. Our reference material consists mostly of the 1998 and 2001 Duke Nukem Forever trailers. While the mod is heavily oldskool in style, it draws some inspiration from more recent games as well and would not exist without the modern capabilities of the EDuke32 engine.
Duke Nukem 3D Forever v1.0 Beta
247M   Duke Nukem, the politically incorrect celebrity and ultimate alien ass kicker, defends Earth and its babes from alien invasion. Take the fight to the aliens in Hollywood, Los Angeles, a moon base and alien spacecraft. Defeat the aliens, so Duke can get back to some R&R with a stogie, a warm belly and a bottle of Jack.

I've uploaded the Beta here so it can be downloaded easier. This is my Duke3D Forever Sprite mod for Eduke32 Duke Nukem 3D, It is unfinished and just a beta. To Install simply add your Duke3D.grp file and run Eduke32.exe
Duke Nukem IV Mod v1.2
12.4M   A direct sequel to Duke Nukem by me Duke Nukem IV Guy
(Aka Lakisoft) Now also known as Gingis Khan. Mod will
feature new enemies and levels. I made 10 short levels
in Mapster 32, yes they are shorter but they are harder
than orignal Duke3D. In storyline, Duke was sent to South
L.A. sector to clean up any remaining aliens after defeating
Alien Queen, but also to things be even worser, U.S. Marines
are sent to South L.A. to kill anything alive in order to take
a control of South L.A. They hate not only Aliens, but also
Duke! Later Duke figure out who sent Marines. His old nemesis
Chuck Norris did that. Norris and Duke start hate each other
somewhere between Duke Nukem 1 and Duke Nukem 2, after defeating
Proton and before Riglentains. Chuck Norris then order Marines
to Duke became primary target. Duke from Tranmissions radios
during game got messages from Chuck Norris, but also from
General Graves who know in which kind of trouble Duke are in,
and he are trying to help him giving instructions. The whole
mod are inspired by similarities between Doom 1 and Doom 2.
Like Doom 2 to Doom 1, DN4 to DN3D adds new monsters and removes
episode selection. In Doom 2 Super Shotgun are add, in DN4 Sparky
are add, the alien weapon by new upcomeing Race X aliens.


Metropolitan Mayhem
MetHy aka MetHunter, Aymeric "MRCK" Nocus, Mikko Sandt, Merlijn van Oostrum
Con Lights v1.0.4
4.14   Hard-coding is evil.

Because I don't like the Polymer lights built-in the executable, and also think they are ugly, I created my own friendly CON-based lights.

Because tsprite is unavaiable for Sector Effectors, certain features could not be implemented:
- Shrinker crystal ammo glowing;
- proper movement interpolation;
- disable lights at distance based on camera position;
Direct System Demo 2
Pappi_man aka MrGlasses
13.6M   Direct System Episode TC for Duke Nukem 3D

Update #6 Playable Demo Released!!!

That's right. After 7 years, I finally managed to release something playable and I'm super happy.
What's new since last update?
Minigunner has been removed for a while and got replaced by a Female Commando.
Commandos don't shoot Rockets anymore since they could be used for cheap tactics.
First playable level in Direct System Campaign.

In the campaign you'll find all sort of small secrets, fun story and tactical combat.
AMC The TC v1.32
James Stanfield, Zaxtor, Mikko Sandt / Team
204M   It's a first-person shooter with 8 different characters, all with their own different weapons, items, appearences and voice overs. Based on Duke Nukem 3D, the AMC TC takes you over many different environments fighting different groups of enemies from aliens and cultists to mercenaries and a dictatorship; some characters you play as use guns, others use magic weaponry or even swords and axes - you can also perform different melee attacks such as a spin-kick or uppercut as well if you're rather get close and personel. Alongside this is a research system allowing you to find and purchase upgrades, new items and home base improvements. Progress is permenantly saved so you can replay through the AMC TC again with different equipment each time, with different characters.
HyperCore Beta 3-16-2012
Trooper Dan
53.6   I have been working on a new mod that I call "Hypercore"... This mod contains only a single CON file. It has no art, no sounds, no models, no def files, just a GAME.CON and that's it. It's never going to be anything more than a single script file, because that's the challenge I set for myself and it fills a different niche from other, bigger mods and TCs.

What it does: The single biggest feature so far is that it makes the game run at twice the normal rate, but creates a partial illusion that the game is running normally. The advantage of this is a lot of things are faster while still remaining smooth. For example, enemies have faster reflexes, movement and shots, with some adjustments for balance so they aren't too hard. The player's movement and weapons...

...I'm hoping to get some feedback for this open beta...

Duke Nukem 2013
Artem "CK Games" Nevinchanny, Maxim "Lezing" Chinyakin, Zykov Eddy
15.9M   Duke Nukem is going to repel the alien invasion on a New Year's Eve.
Expander 2.0
62.4   I always tought the Expander weapon was a promising addition, but it has been poorly implement. So here I have fixed everything I didn't liked about it.

I have based the new Shrinker/Expander look on this picture of an early prototype of Duke Nukem 64.

This is a relatively simply modification. There may be some bugs regarding the full status bar, but that's beyond my intent for now.
Slender's Woods v1.1
Zykov Eddy, Team
101M   is a short horror game about a mythical creature Slender man and it takes place in the woods. Of course, the game is inspired by the famous Slender game by Parsec Productions, but it has a different type of gameplay.

The game has two modes with different gameplay:

1.Story mode, the main feature of the game, which plays like a quest with the enemy chasing you. You have to visit various locations, pick up/use items and solve the puzzles.
The story is about a man who decides to move into a house deep in the woods for a week. The man hears strange noises outside the house one night and decided to check it out. The story will have twists and sudden moments to make you more interested in solving the mystery.

2.Page collecting mode. You have to collect a certain amount of pages in the woods to survive (or maybe not). This mode is added just as a bonus for the fans of the original game.

You may unlock a small bonus if you beat both Story and Page Collecting modes.

Paul Monteray aka High Treason
5.87M   Silly small mod. Released around Halloween time, not really scary.

The game is simple, you are in a maze with no exit, somebody is coming to help you out, but they can't get there right away. That's not a major problem at first, but it seems the Daleks know you are here and are entering the maze to Exterminate! you.
You must survive for a set amount of time, this is set by the difficulty you select...Every few seconds another Dalek enters the maze, it gets cramped quickly, however, they will only try to attack if you get too close to them.

Duke On Hell v1.0
Doruk Aksoy aka XTHX2
45.2M   Duke on Hell is a DOOM based TC which allows many features to player such as environment changes, new art, new levels, new music and many more. ( such as doom palette )
DukePlus v2.35 (1-5-2013)
129M   DukePlus is a game-enhancer and customizer for the EDuke32 port of Duke Nukem 3D. The DukePlus mod provides optional enhancements to the original game as well as giving level-designers a vast selection of new options and effects to utilize in their maps.  Features include:  enemy customization, translucent water, functioning ladders, grabbable and pushable objects, optional weapon replacements (e.g. a gravity gun) and alternate fire modes, player ally AI, new Polymer lighting effects, an in-game options menu, and more.
WGR2 Siege Breaker v1.201 Patch1
56.6M   WG Realms 2:  Siege Breaker is a first person shooter made for EDuke32 (an enhanced port of Duke Nukem 3D).  WGR2 is a total conversion of Duke 3D with 95% or more of the original game content replaced.  It is being released as a “standalone” game and does not require the original Duke 3D to run.

Includes: WGR2GAME.1.ZIP

WGRealms Episode+WGRHRP
William Gee
23.2M   WGRealms is a 5 level adventure Episode for DukeNukem 3D. All new textures, 2 new weapons and all new soundtrack.

The High Resolution pack for WGRealms. Requires WGrealms episode. Simply extract the zip to the place WGRealms has been installed.


Age Of Evil v1.0 Fixed
Ben Croshaw aka Yahtzee
6.83M   Age of Evil is a total conversion. It requires Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, version 1.4 or 1.5. It features new baddies, new graphics, new sounds, new music, new levels, and one or two crappy new weapons. Currently only the first two episodes are available, with the rest to be released when they're done.
A* Pathfinding v7-12-2012
Michelle Sleeper aka Reaper_Man


24.7   This release is a fully self contained A* pathfinding system for use with virtually any actor in EDuke32. This code will attempt to build a shortest path from an actor to a specific target - currently it only targets the player. This code only builds the path, actual pathfinding will need to be done by actors themselves.
Imagination World Tc v2.1
Jblade35 (James Stanfield)
379M   This is Imagination world V2, a Stand-alone game created with Eduke32. It contains 6 new episodes full of high-quality levels, new weapons & lots more. It is worlds apart from V1, so even if you didn't like that I'm sure IW 2 will change your mind. This mod has been in development for just about a decade, and although it is functionally complete I'm releasing it as is. You can complete the game however it's quality isn't consistent.

Imagination World requires a graphics card to run, and needs to be run in the Polymost setting in Eduke32. Polymer has only rudimentry support, and most likely won't work as intended. To run, run the Eduke32.exe - the one included is an earlier version of the port, but if you have problems with it go to and download the latest snapshot and replace the included one with that.


DanM, Deeperthought & Muelesa
758M   7 Levels
1 New Monster
Lots of new Guns
Story Driven
Collectables and perma upgrades

New real lighting systems
True 3d geometry

Runs of HRP and Dukeplus


DanM, Deeperthought & Muelesa

Duke Nukem Eternity is a complete story driven 7 level episode

Duke Nukem : Eternity 2.0, PUBLIC BETA tons of fixes and new stuff UNZIP INTO A FRESH INSTALL OF DUKEPLUS WITH THE LATEST HRP

First public beta stand alone for DNE 2.0

- Most new Textures now enhanced for use with polymer with new height and spec maps.
- 64- bit support.
- Launcher with GFX settings and duke3d.grp locator.
- Tons of map fixes and tweaks.
- Difficulty settings now based of player damage vs monster damage.
- Runs much better now.
- tons of other shit i forgot.
- BETA not final


please use bash script if you have file name issues on non-windows operating systems.



Naferia's Reign: The Invasion/Revenge of the Dark Mistress v5.21.09262011
Jack "Lord Misfit" Walker / Team
261M   1 year after the initial alien invasion in Duke Nukem 3D and the death of the newborn Alien Queen in the Atomic Edition, the murderous aliens still persist despite Duke's efforts to destroy them, but after their recent invasion of Washington D.C. is ruined and the President of the United States is saved by Duke Nukem himself(the events of "Duke it out in D.C."), their true leader finally shows her real colors, in a cataclysmic show of hands that will rock the foundation of Duke Nukem's entire life and principles. Even the great alien ass-kicker himself soon finds he is outmatched on his own, and will against his pride need all the help he can get to defeat this Alien Super-Queen before not only Earth, but all life in the universe are left prey to her evil natures!
So Duke, Are You Ready to Fend off the Invasion of Naferia, the Dark Mistress?"

Includes: highresNR.7z v1.00.01012010 and eduke32.
Advanced Inventory System v11-23-2012
James Stanfield, DeeperThought, Renegado
93.1   Some time ago James posted a simple but unfinished inventory system here in the forums. After trying it out I liked the way it handled the items in a more dynamic way rather than using pre-defined slots as some other already released Duke mods do so I took it and started working on it and expanding its capabilities.
After some months of work it became something really big and was fully integrated on some of my projects (like Scream Busters 3D) but since the TC isn't going to be released anytime soon I've decided to share the code here for the Duke community as this system can easily be used as the main element for some adventure TC or project.
Feel free to use and or improve it as you wish.

Right now it features:

- Mouse-Based System
- Stackable Items
- External Actor Interactive Items (keys and keylocks)
- Recognizes different item palettes (different key colors)
- Customizable Quick Inventory
Fusion Redux TC
Roberto Diaz (AKA KillerHomer), James 'Jblade' Stanfield
103MB   Fusion is a Duke3D TC enhanced for EDuke32

Fusion Redux adds the original versions of many textures, sprites, models and music to the original Fusion. It also fixes certain bugs like the resizing enemies, and also adds a flashlight to make navigating dark maps easier (this key should be bound in the key menus) Enviromental effects like footstep sounds and bullet-hit effects on wood and metal have been added in. Co-op starts have been added to all levels.


Fusion Redux

Fakir 1 to 3
Geoffrey van Dijk
537   3 map pack
Sonic The Hedgehog 3D v0.3.1
Zykov Eddy , Team
118M   A standalone.
The Stairwell (SCP 087) v1.12
Zykov Eddy
16.1M   A little experimental horror standalone game/mod based on a story of SCP 087 (From SCP Foundation).
Danny's Weapon Mod
Danny Paez
3.63M   My 1rst weapon mod with all 10 weapons changed and sounds changed too.

* The Details *

I) Weapons

-Kick : Knife.

-Weapon 2 : Mini Uzi
12 Bullet Clip
Max ammo : 204

-Weapon 3 : M3 Shotgun
Max ammo : 50 shells

-Weapon 4 : B.A.R.
Max ammo : 400

-Weapon 5 : Alien Plasma Generator
Max ammo : 50

-Weapon 6 : Grenades
Max ammo : 50

-Weapon 7 : Shrinker Launcher
Max Ammo: 50

-Weapon 7 : Colt M1911 Pistol
Max ammo : 60

-Weapon 8 : Dual Berettas
Max ammo : 100

-Weapon 9 : C-4
Max ammo : 10

-Weapon 10 : Freezer
Max ammo : 100

II) Misc.
-Don't play in Polymost.
-Don't play with HRP.

Includes: eduke32.exe  3-20-2010

Weapons of Mass Destruction v1.51
Nuclear Showdown v1.1+
James Stanfield / Team
6.54M   ==========CURRENT FEATURE LIST================

-Different Hud types - press the button assigned to 'minimize HUD' to change between different ones.

-The Pistol has a visible magazine count, and you can reload when you wish now. Also reloading your pistol will send a magazine flying, to make reloading more entertaining. To reload, bind a key to 'Reload' (Oh wow)

-You can now pick up a second pistol and duel wield two.

-5 new weapons (not replacing any, on top of the originals) - the MP5K, the Desert Eagle, the M60, Proximity Dynamite, and the Leadgun. The MP5K shares the slot with the pistol, and like the pistol you can pick up another and duel wield them. The Desert Eagle also shares the slot with the pistol, however it uses it's own ammo source. The Lead Cannon is a 4 barrelled shotgun that shares a slot with the shotgun (funny that) The Proximity Dynamite is just as the label says - throw it down and if any enemies come near it they'll be blown to smithereens (Unfortunately do to the way the pipebomb is coded, you need at least one pipebomb before you can access your dynamite. I'll try and find a way around this in the future) All of them can be found by rescuing babes in non-NS maps.

-3 new items (not replacing any, on top of the originals) - The Toolbox, the Spacesuit, and the Jump boots. These can be viewed and accessed by binding a key to 'New inventory'

-The Shotgun now requires reloading. It can hold 8 shells - at the moment the transition between reloading and not is a bit too fast - this will be amended in future versions

-Keycards you have are visible in the corner of the screen (more hud changes in the future)

-Ammo system has been changed - no more wasting a whole box of shells because you needed just 2 shells. If you pick up a ammo box and you need just less than half of what it contains, than half of what it has is added to your ammo whilst the rest will remain behind for you to pick up later. I'm making it sound more complicated than it is - you'll know what it ingame.

-Air left whilst swimming is shown by a icon in the upper right corner

-New enemies; the Lizman with flamer, the Camera drone, The Pig Cop on Vacation, Pig Special Forces, and the old octabrain.

-Pig cops can now defend themselves better if you get too close to them.

-New Enemy types for the liztroop!

-Usable arcade machines! Currently there's only a simple virtua cop style game that's quite hard, but I'm going to add more games in.

-Slimed Babes can now be rescued. There's a chance you may be rewarded with a new weapon.

-Pig Cop and Liz Man can have their heads blown off. Note that headshots only do a tiny amount of damage more - being able to one shot the 2 mainstay enemies with the shotgun would makes things far too easy

-Footstep sounds (Mod makers, please feel free to use the defines I made for Duke's textures. I'm sure the idea of going through Duke's tiles and writing down lines for each texture is a job you didn't look forward to, so hopefully my file will save you all that bullshit and let you worry about just getting the code to work)

-Duke it out in DC support; if you have Duke it out DC, than extract the maps and the Tiles014 art file from the GRP file (I WOULD include the maps with NS, but 3DR wouldn't like that despite the fact you can't even BUY the fucking add-on anymore)

-A new episode called Fallout Tour, which comprises of several usermaps, with a diverging path in the middle.

-And more!



War of Attrition 1.50 b3

In the War of Attrition mod, all 12 of Duke’s weapons gain experience points and upgrade as he uses them. Duke’s max health, armor, and some of his inventory items can also be upgraded. As you progress through the game, you will encounter more powerful monsters to match your increased firepower. Based on the popular Duke Plus mod, Attrition incorporates many of the same features (including advanced monster AI, bot allies, mirrored levels, damage effects, and more). Attrition comes with a large number of high quality fan made levels that have been organized into several episodes. In some of those episodes, missions are selected at random, and you must complete a large number of them finish the game. Addictive with lots of replay value, Attrition showcases some of the best levels ever made for Duke 3D, adding new gameplay but keeping the essence of the original game intact.


1.        Extract the contents of to a folder that contains an Atomic Edition copy of DUKE3D.GRP.

2.        Use attrition.bat to start a game without the HRP.  If you have the HRP installed in the autoload folder, then using attrition_HRP.bat will start a game with the HRP.

3.        In the EDuke32 main menu, select OPTIONS->KEYBOARD SETUP or MOUSE SETUPand assign keys/buttons for "ALTFIRE"m "ATTRITION MENU", and "QUICK PIPEBOMB"


H266MOD Source Release
Hendricks266 / Team
25.7M   Here is a synopsis of the content in its final state:

Weapons don't make any sounds, shoot any projectiles, or decrement ammo. They do display to some degree, however. Slots that display blankly did not have their art in existence yet.

There are a couple new enemy varieties, including a red Protector Drone that shot expandsparks, and a blue one that shot freezeblasts, a sentry drone with a minigun, and an implementation of the scorpion tank (thanks for Chip for providing the machine gun firing frames).

Other random features included:
[list][*]Completely rewritten HUD and weapons systems
[*]New HUD settings between the mini-hud (just ammo, health, and inventory) and the full status bar, containing health, armor, ammo, "alt ammo", inventory, and keys. (Note: This was before TX's new upgraded HUD was added to EDuke32.)
[*]Some attempt at reactivating the spacesuit.
[*]Multiple weapons per slot, plus alt-fire modes for many:
[code]0 - ºMighty Foot - ¹Punch - ²Knife - ³Sword
1 - ºPistol† - ºFireLaser† - ³MP5K†
2 - ºShotgun - ºLaser Blaster - ³Pig Cop Shotgun - ºMilitary Shotgun
3 - ºChaingun - ºNailgun - ³Battlelord Minigun*
4 - ºRPG - ³Stakegun - ³Crossbow
5 - ¹Pipebomb - ¹Detonator - ºLaser Tripbomb** - ²Grenade
6 - ºShrinker† - ºExpander†
7 - ºDevastator† - ºFirework Launcher†
8 - ²Chainsaw† - ²Taser Stick (LameDuke)‡ - ³Shit Gun
9 - ºFreezer† - ºNitro Bubbler† - ²Flamethrower†

º art & code done
¹ art done, code not done\not working
² art done, but not added into game
³ art unstarted\unfinished

* Alternate Fire: Motion Sensor Bombs, just like a Battlelord
** Alternate Fire: Magnavolt Tripbombs
† Alternate Fire: sweeping motion
‡ automatically is bat after ammo is depleted, Alternate Fire: use as bat to save ammo[/code]
[*]I made numerous palette-edits of the shrinker: a blue one (for the liquid nitrogen launcher, and for in-game pal-swaps), a red/purple one, and a yellow one (cheese), all unused except for blue.
[*]Many of the items in Duke Burger are now edible/usable. For example, you can eat a ketchup dispenser for +10 health, or a Duke Burger for +35 health. If you are in proximity to and facing a paper towel dispenser and you press space, you will wipe your face for +5 health. If you are in proximity to and facing away from a paper towel dispenser and you press space, you will wipe your ass for +10 health.
[*]The mod has full compatibility with Duke D.C., NWinter, and Caribbean, but the method I used to accomplish it is really ugly and something I would rather not use in a future mod. It may not work with NW+ or Vaca+, since I have made more changes to them since then, including elegant and correct CON improvements, as well as converting them to a more proper mutator/wrapper style.
[*]The mod has a few voxels.
[*]I added a few things from the EDuke 2.0 example CONs, including the teleportation feature (Look Right - Delete).
[*]To set a nuke, press Look Left - Insert. This costs 10 nuke ammo.
[*]This mod was made before the advent of the tilefromtexture command and EVENT_ANIMATESPRITES, so it does some really ugly things with dynamicremap and actions to keep all the new art confined to TILES020.ART.
[*]There are some changes and additions to gore and swearing.
[*]A rotation of quotes is displayed when dead, and most of them are insulting the player.
[*]Do check out the quotes in HUser.con. They're hilarious!
[*]Unmentionable things have been done to actor FECES.
[*]I tried to make fire and related effects damage enemies and not just Duke, but I never got it quite right.
[*]Crosshairs are somewhat customizable, but they follow an old method of adjusting the size EDuke32 had.
[*]Babes can be saved for nuke ammo.
[*]New Duke quotes have been added for most situations. Try picking up weapons, blowing up enemies (eggs actually work), and getting killed (quick kick, see below).
[*]I had bullet holes applied to floors and ceilings, but they bugged out so I removed them.
[*]I had some neat projectile-based explosion effects for the pipebomb, tripbomb, and nuke, but for some reason they don't even start.[/list]

DoomTC v2.0
5.11M   as I started on the project BloodTC I needed to score a little more experience, so I decided to do a remake of the game Doom, which will include all levels of the 4 parts of Doom (Doom Ultimate, Doom2, Doom2 Plutonia and Doom2 Tnt) The project I have called just DoomTC. The project was born in April 10, 2008 and is slowly evolving as The main priority is BloodTC, but somehow DoomTC already has a fully functional weapon as in the original, and all item is Level 2 - 1st level of Doom, and level 1 of Doom2. At the moment my plan is to make the first map of Plutonia and TNT, a little animation, and convert the logic of arms, after which the first release

Includes: EDuke32 12-30-2008

17.7M   This is the first full-length (...well, mostly full-length, at least) mod I've ever released...

Getting started is fairly cut-and-dry. Just unpack the zipped folder to a CLEAN installation of DN3D. I'm including the synthesis build of eDuke that the mod was developed with, so be sure to unzip that as well. After that, just run the .bat file called "CrackDown".

The only significant difference in gameplay worth mentioning is that automatic weaponswitch has been disabled (for both pickups and when the weapon's empty). It broke the code I'd written for weapon scrolling, so I had to do away with it. I might try a workaround for it later, but it's just as likely that I won't bother with it.

Includes: EDUKE32 7-28-2011 (1948)

Jetpack Mod 1.0
Riccardo Capogna
1.65M   This jetpack modification comes directly from my main project Duke Nukem again.

The new jetpack has new sounds for the engine at startup, idle and shutoff, and some nice visual effects as the fire trail of the jet engine and the smoke on ground caused by thrust, depending on distance from ground itself. For the movements, jetpack has an acceleration effect for upward/downward movements, but the very nice feature is the afterurner/boost: while jetpack is on, hold USE (E, Space or whatever key you use) and it will transform Duke into a rocket-man, flying at high speed in the direction you look with flaming trail and loud noise. I know this function can be useless in classic levels, but think to big or specific maps and multiplayer. This boost consumes two times fast the fuel and doesn't allow to shoot; i have also included an alarm that warns you when you reach 30% jetpack energy and when you are below 15%, stopping afterburner for safety landing, if you were using it. Use 3rd person view (F7) to see some new effects.

This is only the first version, future versions can have some HUD information, damage when hitting an obstacle, other movements control modifications, screen rolling/pitching while moving, better smoke on ground and some better sfx/gfx stuff.
Explosion Pack
27.7M   03 October 2011

This is a little mod that replace duke's originals explosions, free to use.

he is rather heavy (27.72 MB) because he uses a lot of pics, the code is very basic and can be improved, polymer lights not works during explosions. I not intend to work more on this. These explosions are to be used smaller, bigger, or faster. They are not supposed to stick with the game, what you see here is only an example. I think we can do many things with these pics.

Works without any mod, the cachesize need to be increased for that, use the .bat.
EDuke32 Fake MP r1551
Compiled by Drek
2.34M   I put together a collection of Dukematch maps with an older version of Eduke32, that still had working Fake MP. The dukebots still suck terribly, but there are some good maps here. Run Dukematch.bat it will load E1L1. Then feel free to pick from some cool user maps. Most came from YANG, some I found online.


111M   The Imperium is an 8 level adventure with level design and music by the Oostrum brothers (a.k.a Maarten and Mrline), additional level design by William Gee, Numan and Kaiser (who also made some models for this), with CON coding and some other odds and ends by DeepThought. It uses DukePlus, including Muelsa's Supertrooper. Everything you need to play is included in the download, except of course for DUKE3D.GRP. The Imperium does work with the Polymer HRP -- there are a few glitches but it looks great that way overall. Just to be clear, though: The levels were not designed for Polymer and the HRP is completely optional. Some people will like it better without the HRP. Instructions and credits are included with the download.
Quake TC demo
Zykov Eddy
13.5M   A Standalone Mod

A little demo of my standalone TC. I don't think I will ever work on this again, so here's a little demo for you. It contains two levels + some test maps (see user map section). Rememeber, you don't need Duke 3D to run this.

Note: Uses a Modified version of EDuke32 Included.

City Crackdown Fragments
Mike Vonskellington

These maps are not in any way finished, and not supposed to be played thru from start til end. In fact none of them have neither a start or an end and there is hardly any gameplay in between those non existing starts and ends This is basically just geometry for you to use if you feel like it.

this project was to make an alternate version of the original “Duke Nukem 3d, Episode 1” levels.


Black Shadow RESOURCES
52.1M   This is what was completed of a planned TC for duke3d, that got cut short because of lack of time and impending limits on the engine due to high usage of detailed voxel models.

Black Shadow is complete conversion of Duke3d, making it a melee combat, fantasy based adventure game. It contains two massive completed maps and an unfinished castle zone after that. There are various enemies to find and fight, from monsters to soldiers.
Blood Weapon addon v1.10
2.5M   little addon for eDuke32 which change all original weapons and Duke HUD to Blood HUD and weapons
Duke64 Mod Beta
Nukey and ilovefoxes
19M   A conversion of the N64 game to EDuke32.

Includes: Duke64_updated_maps.rar

Also included: eduke32.exe and mapster32.exe 3-13-2009

William JCM's Pak V3 Rev10
William JCM
3.35M   A pack with all 10 weapons changed
* The Details *

I) Weapons

-Kick : Blaster.
-Weapon 2 : MP5
24 rounds clip
A fast machine gun.
Max ammo : 240 rounds
-Weapon 3 : Benneli M3
CS' shotgun.
Max ammo : 64 shells
-Weapon 4 : M16
A fast assault rifle.
Max ammo : 600 bullets
-Weapon 5 : Alien Plasma Generator
A very powerful plasma nuke
Max ammo : 40 plasma charges
-Weapon 6 : High-Explosive Grenades
CS' grenades
Explode on timer.
Max ammo : 20 grenades
-Weapon 7 : Voodoo Ring
Same as shrinker.
-Weapon 7' : M4A1
Max ammo : 180 bullets
-Weapon 8 : Dual Beretta
CS' Elites
Max ammo : 120 bullets
-Weapon 9 : C-4 Wall Charges
A strategic weapon : don't miss or ya're screwed
Same as HEs
Max ammo : 5 C-4
-Weapon 10 : M60 Heavy MG
A powerful weapon of mass killing
Max ammo : 500

II) Items
-Medkits : Add 15 HP for the small one and 45 HP for the big one.
-Kevlar Vest : Do the same as the old armor.

III) Misc.
-Don't play in Polymost.
-You can swim like in modern fps.
-Don't play with HRP.
-The LIZARD shoots rapid-fire lasers.
-Duke can eat food in The Birth episode (especially in Duke Burger).
-You have a real clock in the top right corner.
-The miniboss version of BOSS4 is fixed (you can't be stomped any more).

Includes: eduke32.exe 10/17/2009

Flashlight Mod
7.86   When pressing the 'Flashlight' key, you can activate/desactivate it and illuminate dark areas. The effect does not come from center of the screen, but comes rather
from the right shoulder, so you can better see the real-time shadows. Work only with Polymer mode.

There are two versions included...

Flash Light Mod 1.0
The Commander
Fake Flashlight
Frode 'Puritan' Waksvik
1.5M   This level is a tribute to the first movie "ALIEN".
In the movie capt Ripley activates the self-destruction system and then escapes in a pod.
In my map the self-destruction system failes and Duke has to board Nostromo to finish off what Ripley started...
I've tried to keep my building closely to the real ship.
Of course, I've taken a few liberties here and there but...

The level might appear as a long journey through corridors and doors for some.
But hey, if you've seen the movie you'll know why...

This is not a level brimmed with aliens. It's more like an adventure/puzzle styled map.
Zykov Eddy
457   This is just mini game for DN3D. Duration: 3 minutes. You mast kill monsters and earn bonus scores.
Sometimes minigame spawn yellow bonus ball. Shoot him.
When game over, see the score bourd. Red number is BAD scores, grey nambers is GOOD scores.
Good luck!
Map Mirroring Mod v1.2
Plagman, DeepThought
2.7   This is a modification to Duke 3D which causes all maps loaded to become mirrored in game. It does not alter the map files.
Lameduke X  v. 0.04
9.1M   This is my version of LameDuke Forever.
My verison is standalone and acts more like the beta.
Also uses eduke for better con support.
Crazy Gameplay Mod
Zykov Eddy
1.18M   List of new features:

1.New sounds, art files and music;
2.Pipebombs changed to gas bombs;
3.Shrinker now transform enemies to poop;
4.Expander now transform enemies to chickens;
5.Freezer now shoots Laser;
6.When troopers dies, a small taxi is spawned;
7.When pigcops dies, a small pig tank is spawned;
8.Steroids make you immortal;
9.Health is now 200;
10.Atomic health is now 400;
11.You can save babes;
12.Duke can eat shit and meat;
13.Duke's voice changed;
14.Floor bullet holes;
15.New meat and blood effects;
16.New torch feature (duck and press "Use");
17.New effects for weapons;
18.Some troopers now have special attacsk;
A.dream Trilogy
Zykov Eddy
29.6M   Horror mini mod.

Game story take place in Duke's dream (while he fall asleep after some sensitive dose of boose, or maybe after saving the world one more time).
In his dream his shuttle was rammed by enemies helicopter. Duke managed to jump safely on the ground and found himself on the streets of the unknown city....

It's a sequel of first A.Dream. Remember last part of first A.Dream, where duke make off on the car? In first part do A.dream 2 this car crash in to forest... Action starts, when you come into cellar of Haunted house. This map full of strange moments, scary sounds and ghosts, so PLEASE play this map in dark room, without music! And please do not EDIT brightness of your game! USE FLASHLIGHT (flashlight replace night vision goggles)! This map include new CON effects, so, it make map VARY scary. Afraid of ghosts, and be careful with that axe , he he he... :)
Also you can read notes on the map (just press use key )

A.Dream 3 is a complete new map.

Doom Weapon Mod v1.1
228   So, I updated Doom weapons pack for eDuke32. It comfortable with latest versions of eDuke32 now. Also I fixed some bugs.

The my Doom Weapon Mod replaces the pistol, shotgun, machinegun, rocket launcher, pipe bombs and shrinker in Duke with the Doom pistol, shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma gun and BFG-9000. The HUD weapons and the weapon sprites have been changed, so they have the right weapon sounds, effects and projectiles. Also the HUD itself has been replaced with the one from Doom.
Aliens TC Demo
Zykov Eddy
4.93M   Description:
Please read this before playing

1.You can use turrels, just press "use"
2.Save your ammo and health, it's important
3.You can use ladders, just "use" to rise and duck to come down.
4.Use robot suit in last part of this demo!
5.This demo include "Locator" mode. To activate locator mode find locator device first!
6.You can talk thith civilians. Press "Use" on them, and then they stop taking, they give access card to you.
7.Be careful with alien eggs...
8.This demo is only for Atomic edition
9.Turn off 32 bit textures and models
Aliens TC: Demo 1.0
Rusty Nails
Quake 3 Weapon Patch v1.2
Zykov Eddy
2.70M   Patch include new Eduke 32 code, new weapons, new effects, new sounds and musics.
All new weapons - from "Quake 3"
KaiseR Land
15M C
KaiseR Land 01

Anyway, this level takes place in a sort of...
weird, half-underwater facility. Ya know, the
sort of thing which can only get out of a sick

KaiseR Land 02 : It's an endless world

The action takes place after Duke pushed the
Nukebutton in KaiseR Land 01 : a big explosion
an a newbeast rushes out of the wall...
"Gonna rip'em a new one !" says Duke.
Hey, the following is up to you, man...

KaiseR Land 03 : Time to get medievil !

You just passed the big wooden door in KaiseR
Land 02.
"I'm gonna get medieval on your asses" grunted

SD_DUKE Mod v1.2.4 (Apr 01, 2008)
8M C
1) What is the SD_Duke mod?

It's a special effects-packed addon for EDuke32 with High Resolution Pack, which will feed your eyes with a lot of stuff never seen before in build games.

2) What are those effects?

A lot of them. I couldn't even count'em all ;) Enhanced gore system, staying shells, "new shooting experiences", fire, smoke, mess and total destruction! Everything as realistic as it could be, without influence on gameplay (only visuals).
Outpost X
5.6M C
Briefing: At the end of the previous map (Space Map Number DUNNO) you boarded a teleporter that has now taken you downto the planet below. You have teleported to a valley near a small city where you should find answers and discover your goal.
In the way however is Outpost X, a hi-tech base employed by the aliens. Nobody is sure what exactly is being done there but it is not your mission to find out: You must enter Outpost X through the valley and exit it at the other side.

Description: Map 1, titled "A Warm Welcome" is a short and mostly linear map. It starts off with a small nature bit, after
which you end up in a base in a cave. In the valley you will be able to take 2 paths but only one of those is one you need to access, the other area is just there for the sake of exploration (and you will find some weapons and all there).

Map 2, Outpost X, isn't that long either but it has a more unlinear structure and - again - some areas that you don't have to visit, but can if you just want to explore or find some additional goodies. I was also trying to create the impression of it being a real location by creating such areas.
Shark's Cove
N.E.Voigt aka HangNail
144 C-U This Map requires Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach

Duke takes another Caribbean Vacation at a new
Island resort. Guess who's blocking his sun?
Hard G Final
James Stanfield, Geoffrey van Dijk
1.8M C
You must find and save the hostages. Once you find one, press space to rescue him. There are 4 hostages in each level. Find them!

Hi-res art is not supported. For best results, play in Classic mode.

Vacation Cove
N.E.Voigt aka HangNail
7M C
Duke takes another Caribbean Vacation at a new
Island resort. Guess who's blocking his sun?
The AWOL Project source v1.0
Realer Than Reality Productions
7.5M C
Additional Notes :

There is a basic "Command Syntax" to giving your Friendly Bots orders.
To give a bot orders:
* Walk up to him and press USE. He now enters COMMAND MODE.
* To toggle FOLLOW MODE / STATIONARY MODE, hold down USE while STANDING.
* To have the bot use his special ability, hold down USE while DUCKING.
* Medic bots can heal you and other bots near you.
* Radio Operator bots can call in a massive airstrike.

Controls for the Apache (see VARS.CON for more):
* Look Up: Climb
* Look Down: Descend
* Look Left: Bank Left
* Look Right: Bank Right
* Jump: Fire Hellfire Missiles
* Holster Weapon: Fire Air-to-Air Missiles
* Crouch: Toggle Hover mode, Exit when on ground
* Center View: Toggle High Speed / Low Speed, Bail Out when damaged

Controls for the Jeep (see VARS.CON for more):
* Look Up: Gear shift up
* Look Down: Gear shift down
* Use: Fire Mounted M60

Controls for the Tank (see VARS.CON for more):
* Look Up: Gear shift up
* Look Down: Gear shift down
* Use: Fire Mounted M60
* Jump: Fire 120mm Cannon
* Holster Weapon: Fire Surface-to-Air Missle
* Turn Left: Turn the Tank's body left
* Turn Right: Turn the Tank's body right
* Center View: Toggle Cannon/Body Lock

Final Word :

Working on The AWOL Project was an amazing amount of fun, and I really am glad that I had the opportunity to work on something so grand and huge, that the entire Duke community looked forward to it. I only regret that we, the AWOL team, could not put aside our differences, and deliver to everyone what they wanted.

The main reason I am releasing the source files for the TC is so that other Duke modders after us can take what we could not finish, and maybe make it into something even bigger. While we did fall short of what we wanted, it would be a terrible waste to simply throw away all of the content we created and never let it see the light of day.

The files here represent a snapshot of almost 2 years ago at the time of this release. I hope everyone enjoys playing what we did manage to finish, as much as we enjoyed making it.

Check back to my website often, as I plan on releasing even more content, including some of the completed maps.

Again, have fun!

Included: awol_map_pack.rar, awol_patch_10.rar


DUKECRAFT 09/06/2006
8M C
This was originally conceived in 2003 as an updated
version of StarCraft, basically StarCraft with semi-3D
level constructs, and the ability to "jump" into the
body of a unit and take command. This was developed to
the point of a proof-of-concept Alpha and then abandoned.

Included: eduke32.exe 8/29/2006, mapster32.exe 8/29/2006

Command & Conquer TC Beta source
The Commander, Geoffrey, Hudson
8M C

Included: eduke32.exe 3/8/2008 , mapster32 3/8/2008

Moonbase Accident TC v1.2.2
Zykov Eddy, Team
31M C
7 Levels episode, including 2 secret levels + new weapon, new effects & new monsters.HRP and eduke32 recommended

about new monsters:
* Scorpion tank. Move slowly, shoot laser. Then exploded can spawn Pigcop. Have 300 HP
* Organtic. Please don't kill them immediately because they're practically harmless, but if you kill them, he spawn tons of Slimers. Have 20 HP.
* Blue slimer. He practically harmless too, but he can blind you. Have 5 HP.
* Small blue egg. Spawn Blue slimer. Have 10 HP.
* Dream shadow. Shoot Octabrain"s blast. Have 60 HP.

Survival v2
James Stanfield / Team
60M C
Survival is a more adventurous game inspired by the likes of Unreal - you must traverse a strange alien planet with no backup and gradually see if there's a way off. Fighting will be difficult - most creatues here aren't too happy to see you and there won't exactly be stock rooms full of ammo. Survival will be a full game with around 20 - 30 'levels' (Although transition between each will be rather seamless) using Duke Nukem 3D with Eduke32 and using OpenGL only.

Survival is an action/adventure game and the sequal to Imagination World, another project being made with Eduke32. Continuing on the storyline, the main character James is stranded on a bizarre alien planet with many strange and dangerous lifeforms. James traverses the planet aimlessly until he learns of a Temple deep underground which could hold the solution to his current situation. You as the player take control as James as he battles his way across the planet, making new friends and enemies along the way whilst trying to Survive on this strange planet.


Duke Nukem Army 2.0 v3.15
154M C
First of all I should start with the history of the TC.
I startet making it in 1999 (yeh that was the very first beginning) after I advanced my skills with build.exe to the possible limits of the engine and I felt ready to do something bigger than just releasing single maps which all had the same annoying standard textures. So I started making a new funny multiplayer map (with new textures) and changed some things in the con files (at this time there was only a wack screen effect when you get hit and foot steps).

That map was played 100 of hours by a friend of mine and me over lan, and somehow we really got addicted to it. So I decided to expand the "TC", coded a "hill defend" mode and made the first hill defend map. The new gore and particle effects and the simpleness (maybe "stupidness") of hill defend mode was also quite addicting so I went further.

Before releasing the TC in 2001 I coded capture the flag and helping AI Players. I spent about 1 week of mapping for the D-Day map as a contribute for my beloved film "Saving Private Ryan" (the first scene). The TC was downloaded about 1500 times, many people played the D-Day map (but never multiplayer mode), I think you all missed 70% of the TC. But nevertheless response to it was like "funniest TC since long", "helping AI Players are so stupid, as stupid as I when Im running berserker". I was quite proud of it, so today I feel quite ashamed that I let it rest for 6 years now.
I stopped advancing the TC and quitted duke3d community because community was dying and the con-coding possibilities at that time were too limited and I was bored :(

In the meantime I made some maps for Half-Life and did some 3ds-max modeling, finished school, going to university and learned some C++ and stuff.

So, what is Duke Army now about?

The main aspect is about gore and stupid enraging. (I just remember now the feeling I had when I played the first versions of the mod in 1999). I will include many splatter effects, so it will not be realism based or something. Though the weapons and the effects will be realism based, but... No soldier could carry 20 different weapons, has 400 litres of blood in his veins etc...

You will be able to shoot of arms and legs, splitting other players in two parts and the torso crawling on the floor calling for medical attention :>

When you get hit there will be "omg he really hits me now, that hurts so much" - effects and on the other side "yehahahaha, bleed you son of a b..." when you shooting somebody. Thats what I mean when talking about: Not realistic but realism based. Like in a real bad splatter movie (like Kill Bill, though it was a nice film).

I would feel successfully when a guy from amnesty international plays the TC and still gets a smile on his face :)
ok I hope you got a clue what about Duke Army is (and version 2.x will be).
Infestation in Time: Revisited
Zykov Eddy
53.5M   6 Brand New Episodes (+ demonstration map). + some test maps in IITTC.ZIP Mod is fully build for eduke32. May be played without HRP.
Oblivion 3D final v.4
Cedric Lutes "zaxtor znort"
83M C
The Fossa will defend his world...

It all started in a peaceful beautiful world that hardly have any attacks and wars until the aliens and strange objects started to invade earth. These alien were collecting minerals, trees and other natural resource. They start to cut down forests, Burn forest and other areas Many peoples and anthro-creatures start to own guns and weapons, most of them are not trained to be a warrior.. So a young Anthro-Fossa "Cryptoprocta Ferox" Named Zaxtor Znort decided to protect earth.

Note that this Total Conversion is a standalone mod; duke3d.grp is not needed.

This is an huge TC with 50+ levels + 5 secret and others.

Includes: eduke32.exe 1/31/2009


Modified to work with EDUKE32
New World IV Alpha v0.01
James Ferry aka Veldrik
2.64M   A Mod Designed for Duke3D v1.5 modified for EDuke32 use by zykov eddy who had to rewrite the con file.

Note: There is a DOS Duke3D v1.5 counterpart/version available.

Night Strike v1.5.0.2
Manson, Team
6.54M   This is an Open WIP Source Project.

Note: Originally for DOS EDuke 2.1.1 , Patched to work with EDuke32. (by Hendricks)

Platoon Remake v1.1+
TNT Team , Ben Smit
27.1M   Remake of the classic Duke3D Platoon TC with HighResPack
Borg Nukem
CoolSoftware / Kevin "Kef_Nukem" Cools / Borg Team
16.5M   A Mod Designed for Duke3D v1.5 modified for EDuke32 use.
Starship Troopers TC
Bgame Productions
17.8M   Note: Designed for Duke3D, Modified for EDuke32.

This is the latest with Multiplayer patch already installed.
Starship Troopers 2 Alpha May-11-2004
Mblackwell, Moloch, Team
1.9M C
This test was completed over 3 days (including BUILD time), beginning with what was previously planned to be a Starship Troopers usermap. It is an example of what can be done with computer AI, even in the currently limited Eduke environment. It is not particularly refined, mostly functional for the purposes of this test (but easily expandable and adaptable). Units ignore the "player", and focus entirely on other computer AI's. Three different scenario's of the same map are included, but everything can be changed on the fly with this simple control setup:

Note: originally designed for EDuke v2.1 but made compatible for EDuke32

Included: EDuke.exe 2/18/2000 , Editart.exe 8/25/1997 , Makemap.exe 4/7/1997 , Dos4gw.exe 2/29/1996

Armageddon 2 : Strength Beyond Strength [ Beta ]
BullGames Production
14M C
This version will allow you to test the game in many circumstances - either in a local network, modem-2-modem, serial or Internet play

Note: There is a DOS Duke3D v1.5 counterpart/version available.

The Christmas Project Patched v1.01 4/29/2006
Rusty Nails & Mblackwell
8.1M C
Filthy oomans have captured you, you must escape - Return to Xen!

Note: Original designed for EDuke v2.1, now patched for EDuke32

Included: EDuke.exe 2/18/2000 , Editart.exe 8/25/1997 , Makemap.exe 4/7/1997

Project X: Elite Forces Demo
TerminX, Team
13M C
For EDuke32

 CONs are compressed. Open CONs available in the DOS EDuke version.

Note: Originally designed for EDuke 2.0.23

12M C
Note: This mod was originally designed for DOS EDuke v2.0 but now includes a patch to run on EDuke32.


Suburbs TC adds some features that weren't in the original Duke Nukem 3D. To learn how to make use of them, read this paragraph.

-Talking with people: To talk with a person, stay in front of it and press the USE key. Take note of what most people will say, it is often very important.

-Holstering your weapon: Most people will fuck ya up if they see you with your weapon. To holster your weapon, DO NOT press the HOLSTER key. Use the key to select weapon #1 (knife) instead.

-Buying stuff: To buy things, first enter a shop :-). Stand in front of the shoopkeeper and press the DUCK+USE keys to cycle through all the items that the current shopkeeper can sell to you. When the thing you want to buy is being displayed, just press the USE key. If you have enough money, you'll buy the displayed item.

-Getting health from cola cans: You will find cola machines in some of the levels of the game. If you shoot at them, they will explode (because of the gas pressure in the cans), and lots of cans will fly over your head. If you duck and hit the USE key in front of a can, you will drink from it, gainig 4 health points inmediately. You should shoot at the machines from a distance if you don't want to die young...

-Climbing ladders: To climb a ladder, stay in front of it, then press and hold the USE key until you climb all the ladder. To descend a ladder, press and hold the CROUCH key. Note that you can not use any weapons while climbing ladders, and you cannot climb or descend them with your back.

-Examinating corpses: Some enemies will drop their weapons when killed, but if you register their corpses after they're dead, you can get their money. Use it to buy things at the shops. You may also find a key or an important item in
their clothes, so examine every corpse quickly. To register a corpse, duck in front of it and press the USE key.

-Making your gang partners follow you: In the first level of this demo, there are some fellows that can follow you and kill some enemies for you. They are in the warehouse which Pancho is taking care of. When you are near them, hit
the USE key and they will follow you. If you want them to stop where they are, just press the USE key in front of them again.


The enemies you will find in Suburbs TC are really bad-asses. Though you can kill them with a few shots, they can do the same with you. So you'll have to be more intelligent than them. Use the environment to protect yourself, make
traps with your grenades... use your noggin or you will die in a few seconds.

-GANG MEMBERS: They are not the hardest enemies on the game, but they use to attack in groups. If they catch you, they won't let you get out alive. They can use a whole plethora of weapons to fry yer ass.

-POLICEMEN: The standard Government forces, used to retain people on the suburbs. Their shotgun can kill you with only one shot if you get too close, so better kill them from a distance.

-MARINES: The elite Government forces. If a person from the suburbs gets close to them, he will die instantly. They are equipped with heavy, ripper machine guns. Be careful if you get close to them - they don't care if they
finish with their own lives trying to kill you. You'll se what I mean once you get close to one. If you don't use strategies to kill them, you'll have nothing to do.

-SNIPERS: If you are getting shoot at and you don't know who is shooting at you, it is sure a sniper. They wear special goggles to see trough a person's clothes, so if you are using a costume or something similar, they will know who you are and will start shooting at you with their lethal silenced pistol. (Note: Throwing a grenade into a sniper's hole and seeing the blood and guts flying is one of my favorite parts of the game.)

Undead Special Edition v4.0
Undead Team
12.5M C
Note: This addon was originally built for EDuke v2.0 but has since been modified to work with EDuke32.
A.B.T. / Partizan Software / Akella Company
28M   This is one of the first 3D action games produced in Russia. This game has Duke Nukem 3D type of graphics.
requirements: PENTIUM 100/RAM 16/sound blaster/HDD of 100 MB

It uses a hacked Duke3D.exe 1.5 and other hacked exe's.
But in this form it can be used with any windows port of Duke3D,
however this archive has been designed to work with EDuke32.

There is also a secound patch included:
This patch is used also with EDuke32 but is for users
that are having problems getting the mod to run correctly.

The /extras folder is just files there where on the CD that
are present for completeness sake.
Cursed Lands v1.4
7.29M   A Standalone Mod. With Installer.

Uses a Modified JonoF Duke3D Port included.

-The File Cursed Lands\data\C-LANDS.EXE has a Trojan in it.
Once you install the game, delete that file before running the game.

-Then dump the contents of CL_Fonts_fix_.rar into the \data folder. This will updated some of the artwork and
provide a working EDuk32.exe modified for Cursed Lands v1.4

Cursed Lands II Alpha Fix2
26.3M   Fixed to work for EDuke32
Cursed Lands v1.1
6.62M   Edited to work with EDuke32. No Installer.
Vermin Clearance
Frode 'Puritan' Waksvik
2.34M   This is a full episode with 10 levels+1 secret.

This was modified to work with EDuke32.
There is a DOS Duke3D version available.

MERC: Fatal Reality AND MERC 2
Ryan Conner / TCM
19M C

With the recent release of Duke3d on and the renewed interest from mods such as EDuke32 and the HRP, I decided to re-release both of the Duke3d mods I created back in the late 90's. MERC: Fatal Reality was originally released in 1997, and the sequel, MERC 2, was released in late 1998 with a bug/content patch released the next year in early 99.

This zip file contains both TC's (Total Conversions) along with launchers for EDuke32.

Note: Originally designed for Duke3D v1.5

MERC:Fatal Reality replaces most of the old aliens from Duke with compleately
new human enemies. You may be asking youself "Why did they get rid of the
aliens?" Well the answer is simple, I just got sick of them! I thought it
was time that a Total Conversion changed the enemies instead of just weapons
and textures. So read on to find out a little more info about the new enemies
and weapons in MERC.


You will encounter four new enemies while playing MERC. The first is the
Robot Guy. He is not too strong and carries the shotgun. But he can be
dangerous if you get too close to him.

The second new enemy is the Army Guy. He is probably the most difficult.
He carries the rpg and is deadly at close and far range. Your best be with
this guy, is to stay as far back as you can get from him, and get out of the
way quickly if he decides to shoot an rpg at you. And if you meet him in a
tight space, well, good luck!

The third ne enemy is the Suit Guy. This is the only brand new enemy in MERC.
Meaning we didn't obtain his graphics from somewhere else. He carries the sub
machine gun, and is quite hard. Don't get too close to him if possible.

The fourth new enemy is a tank that carries the Army Guy. It is the same tank
from the Plutonium add-on, but this time the Army Guy is driving it.

There is also an new boss who you will fight at the end of episode two, but
I am going to keep him a secret. But I can tell you one thing. He is pretty
hard! But then again, did you expect him to be easy?


There are a total of four new weapons in MERC. They are as follows.

*The Sub Machine Gun: (weapon # 2 on keyboard) It packs a little more damage
than the original pistol, but still lacks a lot of firepower.

*The Minigun: (weapon # 4 on keyboard) The minigun is a good all around weapon.
It dosn't take off extreme amounts of damage, but it hold more ammo than the
original ripper weapon.

*The Electricity Gun: (weapon # 7 on keyboard) This is really cool weapon. It
shoots bursts of electricity at an enemy, and is quite powerful.

*The Radiation Gun: (press 7 twice on keyboard) This weapon disenegrades enemies
with a blast of pure radiation.

*The Flame Thrower: (weapon # 0 on keyboard) Just what you might think it is.
The flame thrower shoots balls of fire toward an enemy, setting him on fire
when he dies.


Pray Your Prayers 2000

2.1 THE EPISODE --------------------------------------------------------

The Pray Your Prayers total conversion features a 11 level mission based
episode. Divided these levels are in total 5 missions, 5 briefing maps and
one top secret level.

2.2 THE WEAPONS --------------------------------------------------------

The weapons are the highlight of the Pray Your Prayers total conversion.
With 9 totally new, original(as they are hand drawn) weapons, PYP has the
most unique arsenal available.

Nothing has changed with this. Duke still has the ability to kick alien ass.

The new handgun is still Duke's favorite, the .45 SOCOM FD (Future Design).
The new version of the handgun is a bit more powerful than the old one.
Max ammo: 200 rounds. Ammo clip: 12 rounds.

Used by the mutated L.A. police squad, this shotgun is heavy and powerful.
However, ammo is more limited.
Max ammo: 24 shells. Ammo box: 6 shells.

Fast and powerful, this is the weapon preferred by most. The MP5 rips all
foes to pieces quick. Effective against all enemies.
Max ammo: 200 rounds. Ammo clip: 50 rounds.

Developed by the aliens, this big and heavy weapon fires plasma charges at
your enemies with the same brutal power of the RPG but with less explosive
Max ammo: 40 charges. Ammo pack: 5 charges.

The duck is the only species unknown to the aliens, and EDF's weapon
scientists used this to Duke's benefit. A rubberduck with C-4 strapped
around its neck? Bounce one against your enemies and watch them fly. FEAR
Max ammo: 20 ducks. Ammo box: 6 ducks.

The ultimate in combat strategy. This weapon makes one target disappear for
a short while, allowing Duke to set up traps, collect items, change weapons
or whatever he please. The downside about this weapon is that it blinds Duke
for a couple of seconds when it's used, making him open to attacks.
Max ammo: 10 charges. Ammo crystal: 1 charge.

This multiple-fire compact plasma generator is a piece of modern technology
at its finest. This weapon will annihalate every resistance within seconds,
leaving nothing behind but a bloody mess.
Max ammo: 100 charges. Ammo box: 15 charges.

The ideal trap. Place one on a wall, and when anyone passes it, the motion
detector will trigger a concentrated explosion, destroying the creature
passing it. Including you, of course.

Who knows why and how someone managed to amputate the hand of a Shambler, but
who cares anyway as long as you get the benefit. Use the hand's electrical
powers to...Well, you have to see it for yourself. Be careful though...It may
have surprising results.

Note: This was designed for DOS Duke3d v1.3/1.5 and has been modified to work with EDuke32.

Includes: user map and eduke32.exe 12-5-2007

The Brave New World
Mikko Sandt
1.81M   This is a five-level mini-mod. Four of the levels are new - one of them is "O'Boy" which was released in spring 2003 (the one in this release is an updated version with new locations). There are also other minor changes such as two new weapon models, some new art (some cool stuff), some sounds, con changes & a snowfall effect

Note: Modified to work with EDuke32.

Wolfenstein Grosse TC v1.1.1
M4kk4r4, Daedolon, Various
27.2M   Was originally going to be made for WWIIGI, then DOS EDuke, not its here for EDuke32.
2000 Total Conversion Demo (Full 1999 and demo 2000)
Curtis Tuckfield
14.9M   Duke was going to see Primus in concert, but first he had to save the world. Get to the concert or you suck!

Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.
The Gangster aka King6
15.6M   this is a new multiplayer game based upon Duke3d this game rules so play it!

Original a Duke3D hacked game. Modified to work with EDuke32.

The Realms of GRUNE
WOLF / Dark Flame Conversions
5.08M   Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.
Duke Meets Doom v3.2
5.74M   Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.
Mikko Sandt / Team
2.74M   Add-on TC which includes five single player levels and eight
dukematch levels.

Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.

Gabriele R. Giaminardi aka saarek
1.95M   Earth Defence Forces leader has been killed just when a strange artifact has been uncovered. Therefore Duke goes to investigate this at the EDF center. In the meantime, experiments on the artifact reveals its ability to teleport in space and time.

Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.

New York Rebellion
Fernando Márquez
1.27M   Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.
3D Vision
982   7 brand new exciting 1P/MP levels
1 brand new DM only level
2 brand new MIDI tracks (level 1 and 6)
New ending

Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.

WG 2009 Pack 3-14-2009
William Gee
7.10M   All the Duke3d stuff made by William Gee

Some Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.

-Discarded Stronghold
-Operation: Get Bike Back
-WGDM-old1 and wgdm-old2
-WGRealms Episode
-WGSpace Episode

ADG Episode V. 1.0
Alejandro Glavic
591   Duke was working for the EDF and received a call because the aliens are planning to build a HUGE weapon on earth and use it to destroy another planets and then, the same Earth. So there is no time to sleep, duke runs out to find them and stop these f*cking aliens!

Originally for DOS Duke3D. Modified to work with EDuke32.

Duke Espana Pack  v12-11-2014
Compiled and Fixes by Renegado and Malone3D, additions by ArrovF
1.24G   -What is the "Duke Spain Pack"?

It is a huge compilation of old DOS mods and Total Conversions for Duke3D, specially prepared to work with EDuke32.
Currently the "Duke Spain Pack" contains 1000 maps, 177 mods, episodes, and total conversions of different age and quality.  We wish to include more as we find new ones to include, and also to update the DELauncher accordingly.


-What is the "Duke Spain Launcher" (DELauncher)?

It is a small Java application that is responsible for executing mods and total conversions of duke with a single click, allowing many to live together in a single installation of EDuke32, making everything as clean and organized as possible.
We have created it to avoid the hassle that is every time we want to install any mod, play it, or identify it among piles of folders loose in different hard disks or CDs.


-What is special about these mods from the others that I downloaded from the various websites of of old?

Normally the mods and old Duke3D TCs required installations using MS-DOS-based programs or older versions of Windows, Overwrite original game files, use executable hacks...
The mods that are included in the Pack are already installed and ready to be played without any maintenance and preserving its original features.
Most of the files/mods included were not compatible with EDuke32. We were in charge of arranging them so they are playable again.
Saved games are individual for each mod, so you can save and load games without fear of overwriting the other mod.
We have also tried to pick up the latest versions of each mod, usermaps, and extra episodes that have emerged for each. For example: The Platoon TC comes with the add-on "Tour of Duty III" included, DukeVR comes with 2 packs of extra levels and Last Reaction & Water Bases comes with the add-on "Chimera" installed.


- How do I install the "Duke Spain Pack"?

Just extract the compressed files to a new folder and add the file DUKE3D.GRP from your Duke Nukem 3D installation. It is recommended to have the GRP of 1.3d and versions 1.5 (ATOMIC EDITION) since some mods do not work with the ATOMIC EDITION.


-A mod gives me error...

Some mods are native to 1.3d Duke3D and not the Atomic Edition version as the DELauncher will tell you. To play them you need to also have the GRP file version 1.3d and select it in EDuke32 before pressing the Start key.


-Why do I not see most of the modern mods?

The majority of modern mods come with their own version of EDuke32 or are "standalone" meaning that they do not require a GRP of the original Duke3D to play. Some work poorly with the new versions of EDuke32 and some work well with which the authors included and also most change the setting from keyboard with special keys (R to reload weapon, etc...)
On the other hand, it is possible to be included in a future update of the Pack and the DELauncher to run them separately. You can find the program at Duke Espana Sourceforge page.


-Can add other mods to the DELauncher?

Of course, DELauncher uses a simple XML language which is located in the folder data. The original pack mods are in the mods.xml file and you can use it as a base to add your own in the custom.xml file.
In fact, if it is a mod that is missing in the collection and if you get it to work with DELauncher we encourage you to post it at Duke Espana so it can be integrated into the official pack.

Newer EDUKE32 Fixes - These fixes are so the specific add-on works with newer EDuke32.
fixes by Robin Reisinger aka NightFright
119   This patch file removes a few problems you may encounter while playing the "Duke!Zone II" addon from WizardWorks for "Duke Nukem 3D" while also providing minor polishing.
Duke Xtreme Reloaded
Modifications by NUKEMDAVE
CONs mods by Hendricks266
3.73M   Revamped Campaign Maps for Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
This map pack includes all 25 single player campaign maps from Duke Xtreme that have been optimized for multiplayer, along with visual and gameplay improvements.

EDuke32 Installation:

Create a folder in your EDuke32 root directory. Name it "Duke Xtreme" or whatever you prefer. Again, you'll need a copy of the Duke Xtreme GRP file...

Megaton Expansion Map Fixes v12-08-2014
Modifications by NUKEMDAVE
1.46M   In this package, you will find the latest, revamped versions of all of the maps from Duke it Out in D.C., Duke: Nuclear Winter and Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach. These maps were officially added to Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition and they all support full multiplayer functionality, along with some visual improvements.

These maps play fine in other source ports when it comes to Single Player and Dukematch, but you may run into trouble on some maps if you try playing them in Coop...

Bedrone_fix 144    
BLWEAP_fix 460    
dnwmd_cons_fix 402    
dukearmy2_fix 41.5    
dukezone2_fix 43.4    
FUNMODE_fix 165    
HellDuke_fix 187    
NRIotM_fix 2.05M    
Nuclear_Showdown_fix 339    
oblivion3d_fix 622    
PLATOON_fix 37.9    
PLATOON_Remake_fix 122    
Platoon+T3_Fix 60.5    
pyp2000_fix 100    
ultimatum-patch_fix 478