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Witchaven 1 and Witchaven II BUILD Game - Patches

Note: The WH1 patches are really just replacement exe's. What you need to know is Capstone seemed to have updated the exe's from different source code bases without adding previous fixes and without changing the version numbers. What this means is the version number on the patches are useless, there are variants of v1.0. Each patch was developed for a specific use and fix. You can only apply one patch at a time. The best one for WH1 is the Mouse patch indicated below.

WH1 | WH2


Filename and author Size (kb) Description
WH1 Patches
WH1 Demo patch v2   8/03/95
Capstone Software
253 This is the latest and final Witchaven demo upgrade. v1.0 This patch corrects SVGA keyboard problems while providing all the features of the prior patch.
WH1 Demo patch v1  7/29/95
Capstone Software
270 Fixes many problems. v1.0

WH1 Retail Cheat Patch
Oct 12, 1995
IntraCorp Entertainment
298 For the Retail Game.

1. Adds new cheats to Retail game.
[backspace] spinach = 200 health
[backspace] gothmog = teleport key
[backspace] darkness = godmode

Don't combine this exe with the patch listed below, it won't give you the features of that patch.

WH.EXE to WH.EXE 10-12-1995

WH1 Retail mouse / i-glasses Patch
Nov 08, 1995 (This patch the best)
Capstone Software
311 For the Retail Game.
1. CyberMaxx/i-glasses plus mouse/joystick support Type "WH CYBER" or "WH IGLASS"
2. 3 button mouse support Delete existing "SETUP.DAT" file then run the new SETUP.EXE
3. mouse turn speed increased
4. Does NOT provide new cheats (listed above)

WH.EXE to WH.EXE 11-08-1995
SETUP.EXE to 11-08-1995

*This patch does not include previous patches.

Witchaven VFX1 patch
Capstone, FORTE Technologies, Inc.
337 To use the Forte Technologies VFX1 Headgear with Witchaven
copy all of these files to the Witchaven directory on your
hard drive then type:


To configure the Cyberpuck buttons, see the VFX1.CFG file.

This patch is to be applied to the Retail CD version with no other official patches applied.

WH.EXE to WH.EXE 1-09-1996
SETUP.EXE to 8-31-1995

*This patch does not include previous patches.

Witchaven VFX1 Update patch
Capstone, FORTE Technologies, Inc.
256 This is an update to the WH VFX1 patch listed above. This came from the source archive.

*This patch only includes fixes from the VFX1 previous patch and multiplayer fixes. It ONLY works properly with the SETUP.EXE 8-31-1995 version from that patch.

Witchaven DeHacker v1.0 (src inc)
Corak the Avatar, -=CHE@TER=-
9.55KB DeHacker for the first Witchaven.

- The supported version of the game (file WH.EXE):
For where these versions can be downloaded - see. "WTCHDEHK.TXT" in the program archive.

# Name the size date
1 Witchaven from retail CD 1.0 675280 1995.09.04 00:34:18
2 Witchaven Cheat Patch 1.0 696011 1995.10.12 17:49:36
3 Witchaven Updates 1.1 621249 1995.11.08 15:21:00
4 Witchaven VFX1 Headgear 1.1 708021 1996.01.09 10:09:30
5 Witchaven for Dwango 1.1 775163 1996.01.12 11:25:10
6 Witchaven from sources 1.1 765149 1996.03.05 10:19:38

Description of the patches themselves:

-Disable MSCDEX check (nocd)

Disables driver MSCDEX - the game will be thrown out if the driver is loaded and no game disc.

-Revert [Mouselook] logic

Overview of the mouse will always be included - no need to keep all the time the key "F".

-Increase mouse vertical speed

Increasing the speed of review with the mouse vertically.

-Invert mouse on vertical axis

Overview of the mouse vertically turns (inverted).

-Revert [Run] logic

The player will always run, run until the key is not pressed (the logic of this key is reversed), ie, now do not need all the time to keep this key pressed.

-Increase horizontal turn speed

Increased speed turns horizontally (useful for viewing the mouse).

The patcher program is very simple: numbers from [1] to [X] choose the desired action. ENTER - save and quit, ESC - exit without saving changes. The sign [] means that the patch is disabled (the game runs as in the original), and the sign [!] - On the contrary, that the patch included.


Witchaven 1 Level 5 Patch
887B This is my unofficial IPS patch that repairs the defective pull chain on level 5 of Witchaven. Once patched, the key area can be accessed and the level completed without the use of an Open Doors scroll....

ANNOYED by the bug in Level 5 of Witchaven where you can't pull
the chain, and have to use "Open Doors" to clear the level?

Help has arrived. This little IPS patch will repair the tags
for the pull chain so that you can play the map as it was
(presumably) intended. Just apply the IPS patch to LEVEL5.MAP
and you'll be good to go.

Lunar IPS - IPS patch utility v1.02
FuSoYa's Niche
58.4 is intended as an easy to use, lightweight IPS patch
utility for windows to replace the SNESTool DOS program. It can both create and apply IPS patches.

This program is here because of the WH1-Level patch listed just above.

WH2 Patches
WH2.EXE v2.0g Update
436 Updates the exe from 2.0c -> 2.0g with internal DOS4GW Binding.
This came from the SRC archive.

Witchaven II V2.0d changes
* When playing a multiplayer game it now kills you when you quit

Witchaven II V2.0e changes
* Non-existent version

Witchaven II V2.0f changes
* VFX1 patch - cyberpuck config is read from CONTROLS.CFG file.

Witchaven II V2.0g changes
* Fixed strafe left/right key bug
* Fixed right CTRL/ALT key bug

Use the command line switch LOCAL
It lets you bypass the CD-ROM check skipping the SMK videos on the CD. (If you still want the SMK videos to play, Place the SMK video files directly in the games root folder.)



WH2 v2.0g Update Pack (Optional)
5.56M Updates the exe and game data from 2.0c -> 2.0g without DOS4GW Binding (external is used.)
This came from the SRC archive. Among this update, they updated some of the Game Data.

A List of changes is unknown for the game data. I just did a file compare (CRC32) and these where the differences. So some game data maybe older than what's on the game CD, and some maybe newer. I was aiming for newer data. If you find I am in error, please let me know.

Use the command line switch LOCAL
It lets you bypass the CD-ROM check skipping the SMK videos on the CD. (If you still want the SMK videos to play, Place the SMK video files directly in the games root folder.)



1.23 These are custom CONTROLS.CFG files already setup for use with WH2. Including one setup for WASD and the other uses Arrow Keys.


Version 2.0c of the WH2.EXE has several bugs, including the Strafe key control bug, Update to v2.0g listed above.
Recommend: Get the EGwhaven.exe source code modification, it plays SMK videos, requires no CD and fixes many bugs, including adding mouse look.


Q Studios
12.1 Allows you to run this small program and when you press a key it will display the scan code needed for WH2's CONTROLS.CFG file.
Requires DOS4GW.EXE

This program came from the Blood Alpha archive.