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WWII GI Add-ons
PLATOON Leader  v1.0 (5-1-99)
Tuco, Heikki / TNT Team
13.7M This is an Official Free Add-on / Update from the WWII GI development team (TNT.)

Platoon Leader is an add-on for GT Interactive game WWII GI.
This add-on features three single-player-only levels: one WWII Pacific and two Vietnam War scenarios. Includes many new effects and features not seen in the game WWII GI.

There are two types of missions in Platoon Leader: assault and defend.

In assault missions (Hill 41, Cochise Raiders) you must capture
five geographical objectives to win the battle. Objective locations
are marked with a nationality flag on the ground. When you capture an objective, the enemy flag turns into an US flag. There's a time limit in the assault missions so don't get pinned down.

In the defend mission (Firebase Delta) you must stop the enemy assault. If the enemy forces get too close to the firebase, you lose the battle.

NOTE: If you have installed Platoon Leader, the WWII GI standalone game works normally as well .

Jason Bailey
155 A new epasode for ww2gi. It has 8 maps,

omaha beach: your mission is too make it off the beach safly wiht your men.

underfire: you mission is to make it throuhgh a rough war up a hill were thereare lots of enemys stationed adn then to the were there is a building of lots of men!! GOOD LOCK!!!

1942 bridge: This a bridge were there are 3 germans you have to make it past the bridge then past a grman base tehn to the end were there is a bunker be hind trees!

The forest: There are many trees where enemys are hidding then go down the patch toa buildind wit enemys then through tunnels then to 2 sniper towers ten to the end where lots and lots of enemys are!! GOOD LOCK!!!

Assassinate: you mission is to kill teh presadent

The last day: your mission is to get through tunnels and a german base!

MUSIC: I have added new music from the cd platoon it is a spund track of it very good!!

GUNS: I have added new sounds to the sniper rifle m2machine gun and colt911's very good sounds!!

enemys sounds: I have added new sounds the enemy mahine gunner.

writing: i have also added some new writings.
Pacific War TC Beta1.4
5.33M The game features 3 episodes with 14 complete new levels. Most of the textures, sounds and enemies where replaced and new weapons added. It also contains 2 new multi player maps and new weapons like the m1 Garand and the Springfield '03 rifle.

Fight your way through many missions on the islands Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Experience new features which where never seen before in WW2GI.

In WW2GIs: Pacific War TC, the attempt is to create a highly realistic game environment. This means, it is often difficult. It also means that you don't approach everything guns up, however, it is wise to always keep an extra clip or two nearby.