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Billy Boy's Maps Pak




Billy Boy's Map Pak is a collection of 7 maps made by Billy Boy foe version 1.4/1.5. The file is 7.3MB in size. The file name is billyboymaps.zip. The maps were released between November 21, 1998 and October 22, 2002.

Billy Boy's maps have good to very good level design and very good gameplay with a nice level of detail. Included in this pak are Bedrone, Clearwater, Deadfall, Dukem Memorial Hospital, Lighthouse, Oranges, and Valves. Some of the maps, like Deadfall are not run and gun maps. You need to take your time and take a good look around when you have the chance. Remember where the doors, ladders, items on ledges and rooftops are because you will most likely need to make you way to them to continue with the level. Even though it's often the usual push a switch then find out what happened, many times the switch is labeled or there is a window you can look out or a monitor that will show you where to go next. Gameplay can be hard at times but there is usually enough health and ammo to be found if you are careful. Enemy and pickup placement are well thought out also. If you want a challenge give these maps a try. I rate this pak very good with 4 out of 5 stars.

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