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Duke Nukem Army 2.0 v3.14



Duke Nukem Army 2.0 v3.14 has 22 levels, is for version 1.4/1.5 and needs the EDuke32 port. The file is 146MB in size. The file name is dukearmy3_14.zip. It was released on May 22, 2009. Note just extract the files to an empty folder and add the Duke3d.GRP file. The EDuke32 port is included with this mod.

Duke Nukem Army 2.0 v3.14 is the final version of this mod. It has new textures, enemies, weapons, maps and sounds. There are three episodes, Campaign, Arcade Maps and Strategics Maps. This mod is hard. I kept getting killed on the first two levels of the single player Campaign episode and had to turn on god mode to finish the levels. Some of the weapons were not very effective with the shotgun replacement being my favorite weapon. Also the muzzle flash on the number four weapon is so large it blocks your view which makes it hard to see when the enemy you are shooting at is dead. This mod is a lot like the WWII: GI game as far as gameplay is concerned. Which means hard. A lot of work went into this mod though and is definitely worth checking out.

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