duke3d-addons   Version 11-01-2014   Release 22  290F / 1.10G  (c) RTCM Corvin

Duke3D User made Add-ons and small Mods.

Reminder: All players MUST have the SAME EXACT Cons, Maps, Art and Sounds to keep the game in sync in multi-player.


Standard Compatibility Notes:

 - To play all these add-ons you basically would need both versions of duke (1.3d/1.5), or you'll have to modify the cons and/or maps yourself to get them to work correctly.

Maps: Maps made In Duke v1.3d are 90% foreword compatible with v1.4/1.5 of Duke. Maps made in v1.4/1.5 are 80% backwards compatible with 1.3d of Duke. There may be some problems when maps are used in "compatible" mode such as most noticeable would be some of the textures. In Duke 1.4/1.5 3DR moved some textures to new locations in the .ART Tiles and some new textures where added. There are other factors such as new features in the BUILD engine that are not present in the 1.3d version of Duke. This in turn, causes some Maps to be displayed incorrectly, or obscured. DukeTag Maps - Are only for v1.4/1.5 , EDuke User note - Maps are compatible.

CONs: Cons from v1.3d maybe compatible with v1.4/1.5 However 1.4/1.5 cons are not compatible with 1.3d , EDuke User note:  Duke1.5 Cons are compatible.


EDuke32 Compatibility Notes:

- To play all these add-ons with EDuke32 you basically would need both versions of duke (1.3d/1.5), or you'll have to modify the cons and/or maps yourself to get them to work correctly.

Maps: Maps are compatible with EDuke32.

CONs: EDuke32 has hardcoded workarounds for most of the issues that came up when testing faulty CON files that worked with the original DOS version.

.BAT Launchers: These add-ons may need fixes like changing a .bat file (if present) to call eduke32.exe instead of duke3d.exe.

Hacked duke3d.exe:  Some add-ons provide a hacked executable or provide a patch to hack the executable to add "features" or function for the add-on to work correctly. These type of add-ons require you to manual manipulate the enhanced features of EDuke32 to restore full compatibility, such as .cons and the game menu, etc...


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Features key:

Duke3D Add-on's

1.64M 3
* Levels in this pack *

Episode 1 - The Secret Island
1 - First Contact - CONTACT.MAP
2 - The Undiscovered Contry - COUNTRY.MAP
3 - The Search for Chicks - SEARCH.MAP
4 - The Wrath of Duke - WRATH.MAP
5 - The Final Frontier - FRONTIER.MAP
6 - The Voyage Home - VOYAGE.MAP

Episode 2 - Martian Base
1 - Life On Mars - LIFE.MAP
2 - Deeper and Deeper - DEEPER.MAP
3 - The Abandoned Mine - MINE.MAP
4 - The Ore Processor - ORE.MAP
5 - The Power Core - POWER.MAP
6 - The Confrontation - CONFRONT.MAP

Episode 3 - The Mothership
1 - The Docking Ring - DOCKING.MAP
2 - Engineering - ENGINE.MAP
3 - Crew Quarters - CREWQUAR.MAP
4 - Arboretum - ARBORE.MAP
5 - The Bridge - BRIDGE.MAP
6 - The Entertainment Deck - OBSERVA.MAP
KILLING 101: Circle Strafing
49.7   This map and corresponding hacks will help
you learn how to circle strafe, one of the
most important concepts in 3d deathmatching
with Duke or any other first-person game.

Fire TC
Cage, Xkill
9.90M C
Scienists build The Bio Lab in 2008 year.
Next year when The Bio Lab is builded they
make experiments with D.N.A.'s but something
complicated, some mistake and they create
mutants. One man can save Earth, but Spider
Mastermind implanted the us marines the
special brain controler , and our soldiers
only listen to his commands...
Red Series
Merlijn v. Oostrum
1.07M   5 maps were going to be made into an episode. The author says he is updating the first map, REDDUKE.MAP, and working on a sixth map that will be the final boss level.
Alien Versus Predator 2 TC (Base Pack)
Slawomir LAW Lawrynowicz
23.7M   A sequel to my AVP TC for Duke Nukem 3D where you will play as the great Yautja warrior named Xel'nduron and you have to complete three tasks to become an elder predator.
Aqua Pak
Ben Roffelsen
160KB   This is my first Duke level in a series of related
levels. In the end these will be a seamless episode
of at least six or more levels.

Find the Mini Aqua sub and get your ass out of there
as soon as possible.

Includes: Aqua 2 and 3 maps.

Anarchy City
Aymeric Nocus
903KB   Updated to Atomic Edition my old AC1 level. It's a good city map, it has a church, a bar, a library, a bank, a school, an apartment building, a building you can blow up and a sewer system. It's quite different from
the other city levels out there since it has a great atmosphere and some cool gameplay ;) It has some flaws like it has only average detail in one of the streets but it's really fun :) So you should check it out :P

Includes: Anarchy City 2 and 3 maps.
All Levels
Julian Smith (Juliano)
331KB   11 maps by Julian
195KB   So I took it upon myself to convert these maps to SINGLE PLAYER so that more people could enjoy these master-pieces. And guess what they are every bit as good as I first thought they would be.
eXTREME beta 2
7.04M   In this game most of the guns have been modified or changed.
The weapons are as follows:
-The Pistol is replaced by a M-16A2
-The Chaingun is now two MP5's
-The RPG has been modified so now it's a new type
-The Pipebomb is now a grenade
-The Shrinker is a Grenade Launcher
-The Devastator is now the Cycloid
-The Laser Tripbomb has no laser now (so watch out!)
-The Freezethrower is now the Flamethrower (figures)

Also, this game has a couple features I would like to mention.
When your health goes below 2000 you will start bleeding to death.
I think if you were 40% less healthy right now with wounds from
bullets, lasers etc... you'd be in pretty bad shape so you would
most likely be bleeding to death. Also when you're shot the screen
will jerk around. To pick things up you have to press space.

The other following things have been changed:
-Misc. art
-The slimer is now a fem slimer cuz I hate the real slimer
(I will probably change that later cuz it's kinda gay)
-There is way more blood
-The woman have been altered in a "revealing" way
-The movie in Hollywood Holocaust is now truly XXX rated
-The posters have also been altered in a "revealing" way
Duke is 007
Evolution of E
Daniel J. Epp
196KB   This is a collection of all my maps, 9 of them total. The reason I put this file together is because I
wanted to put all my maps up at once so, knowing the file factory, it wouldn't take a long time.

Description : Well this is a file full of all the maps I have ever worked on, even some still in their
experimental stage but I assure you all are playable with almost all forms of duking (dukematch, Co-op,
Single play).
Haunting Pak
Jorge Brea, Alex Harris
1.52M   Driving on an isolated mountain road, duke finds himself under =========== Alien attack, and is forced to seek refuge in an apparently Haunted House.

* Notes * : All the enemies in this level are Ghosts (i.e Transparent) and so ========= are hard to see, so keep your wits about you and use your NightVision wisely.
: Look out for my cool Build innovations, Such as sloping and crossing over pillars and beams (as in Quake).
Also look for my groovy settings such as the graveyard,
the Upside-Down room, the 'Bigger than you thought' room, the Forest, the 'Maze of Doom' and the UFO!.
: Don't forget to look for secrets, thats where the best
weapons are.
: Look for helpful arrows & messages on walls if you get stuck.
: The jetpack is essential to get through the level,
so dont waste it!
The Military Base
235KB   Well Headquarters (E1L1) is

supposed to be a suburban military installation that the aliens have taken over. It include some of explosions so be careful. I tried to make this level kind of hard and tricky so if you don't have a lot of experience with playing Duke3D, I wouldn't recommend this level.

The Mephestest Base(E1L2) is a lot different than Headquarters. It is supposed to be a secret goverment military base made for loading and unloading weapons. It doesn't have any many explosions but, I think it's pretty good

Reactor Core(E1l5) is a small last level. It is very hard. Nuf' said.

D.map(my first level)what can I say? It sucks.


nuk 'n stuff
Sean Stark
221KB   this patch will give you nuke pipebombs, the rpg is as powerful as the shadow warior nuke, cool music, lots of health, lots of armor, lots of ammo, and one hellof a kick.
Star Wars Map Pack
820KB   has some new textures and 2 new enemies...
Unleased Demo
David Graves, Craig Duckett (Control-Z)
1.24M   Welcome to Unleashed! A TC for Duke Nukem version 1.3D! This is just a sample...
Xmas-Duke 96
2.92M   Those pesky aliens are back at it again, this time they are trying to take over the world by replacing all of the toys Santa was suspose to deliver for Christmas with shrunken versions of them

Oh the humanity, Santa is being held prisoner in his own house. Can he escape... can he prevail. Can he remember where he put his shotgun.
Duke Nukem 3d Beta TC
3.08M   This was a project idea inspired by screens from D3D beta version inbetween
lameduke and the leaked 1.0 (or so) betas/demos. One episode/11 maps max.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, coding skill and ideas (levels/story/gameplay wise)
I've had to abandon this. I wasn't sure what to do with it

Since I was going nowhere with this I've decided to release what I've got.
Feel free the use any of the stuff included in your projects.

However I wouldn't call this TC totally dead. I think I'd get back to it if I'd found some people to help (mapping/code). If you're interested contact me...


-Pigcop edited to have black armour vests
-Human trooper sprites, based on Lameduke sprites
-Lameduke drone with missing animation (firing other turret)
-Beta clean freezethrower, no icicles etc. (To be used as flamethrower or laser chainsaw)
-Shoulder mounted RPG (Cleaned up Lameduke sprites)
-Beta chaingun cannon
-Beta hand holding access card
-Beta small medkits
-New textures (Lameduke/Duke edits and few Shadow Warrior ones which I found fitting)
-Lameduke RPG Rocket
-1.3D redfont and 3DRealms logo (Just for kicks ;))

-Minor changes, defined actors for new enemies, however no code.
Lameduke Drone needs to be coded from scratch, and Human Trooper is supposed to
be a modified liztroop

-Beta bar music (different EQ, richer sounding)

Maps (both unfinished):
-City1.map - city map, with two areas recreated from beta shots, bar entrance and
the starting garage/warehouse, bar inside copied from Lameduke (to be modified).
-Comdemned.map - This was supposed to be a large comdemned building/construction
yard map, based on O1/2 maps from Lameduke, I didn't have ideas to build something
more interesting out of the rectangular area, though.

-There's an optional beta palette, it sure makes everything look different, but
all stock Duke3d, and included new tiles are not designed for it and may look
simply bad :P Just an interesting bonus, I've ripped the pal out of a screenshots
and saved it into an format usable by the game.

Zik Apocalypse
2M 3
Zik Apocalypse is a new episode for Duke Nukem, since
I've made 7 maps I've decided to group them and distribute them as an episode, my firsts maps are not great, but my 4 latest one are reputated to be excelent, I hope that you'll like them.

Includes: zikpp.zip (atomic version)

Zik Apocalypse
5M C-U
Kenneth Finegan
4.22M 5 Weapons patch and overall game enhancement

This patch modifies the Duke Nukem 3D game quite extensively. You will need to adopt
some different strategies if you want to survive past the first level. For one thing, use all
available cover! Although your weapons are significantly stronger than those in the
original game, the same goes for the weapons that the enemies hold. A good, close-range
blast from a pig cops shotgun can bring you down instantly. The following is a
description of all the new weapons, and their best uses.

Dual Pistols: A dual version of the pistol featured in UWP v1.0. Quite powerful, can
make short work of the lesser enemies. Best used against Liz Troopers, sharks, and Green

Double Barreled Shotgun: Like Duke Nukem's original shotgun, only with another
barrel. Can take out most enemies with one well-placed blast. It's that powerful. Best
used against just about anything. This should be your workhorse. The downside: The pig
cop's gun is almost as powerful. You'll want to keep at a distance.

MG-94 Heavy Machine Gun: A heavy duty, chain fed machine gun. The bullets aren't
incredibly damaging, but the high rate of fire more than makes up for it. Tends to make
the target dance, so it can be useful against single pig cops and multiple Troopers.

RPG Version 3: Version 1, we saw in Lameduke, Version 2, in Duke Nukem 3D. This is
the next wave. Light and compact, it can be carried under the shoulder, just like any rifle.
It is very loud, though, and its bright flame trail makes it easy to trace back to the player
who fired it off.

Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW): Highly flexible assault rifle, ideal for
many situations. It has 3 modes of fire: regular bullets, explosive bullets, and grenades.
Press 7 to switch between the bullets and the grenade launcher. While using bullets, hold
space while firing to shoot an explosive bullet. This is ideal for when you don't have enough
time to switch modes. The grenade launcher, however, is better for situations where structural
damage is desired or required.

Dual RPG V3s: Pretty self-explanatory. The RPG V3's smaller size allows the player to
carry two at a time, the rest I think you can figure out.

H&K MP5: The weapon of choice for SWAT Teams and terrorists alike, this weapon is
guaranteed to become a favorite. It can mow down a roomful of aliens in a heartbeat. Try
it, you'll like it.

Other Miscellaneous info:

If your health goes below 10, you will be in such poor shape that you won't be able to
even hold your gun up. When this happens, the obvious thing to do is run and find your
nearest medkit.

Whenever one of your shots hits the mark on an enemy, you will hear the highly audible
sound of the bullet tearing through their flesh. Listen for this, because it's harder to see
into the distance since I've lowered the default visibility.

Sometimes, very rarely, you will get an extra surprise when you pick up steroids. Suffice
to say, it involves the mighty foot.

Enemies now light up the area when they fire their weapons. Look for this if you're
having trouble seeing in the dark. Just make sure you don't get shot.

When playing in Dukematch, only use the jetpack when you absolutely need to. It
creates a highly visible flame trail, making it oh-so-easy to shoot you out of the sky with
a well-placed shotgun blast.

Stargate SG-1 Beta 3
David G. Paul
4.35M 5 This is a Total Conversion which makes Duke Nukem entirely different with new
sounds, ART, enemies, weapons, levels, etc.
In this TC yuo play Col. Jack O'Neil of SG-1, with an array of weapons from the
Ghoa'uld Ceremonial Knife to the mighty Serpent staff. Sohkar, a Ghoa'uld System
Lord has created a clone of Ra and Apophis to serve him and his cause. Ra is
presumably going back to Abydos, there he will be working on machinary to help
Sohkar. There is no evidence of what the device is, but it is known to be
dangerous and highly volatile. Apophis has sided with his enemy, Heru-ur and
Hathor so that they may find the Asgarde and Nox, and use their technologies to
wipe out the people of the Tor'ai.

"...Invasion is iminent, destruction will follow, only one chance...One hope..."

Includes: base.zip (a level)

Quake Death Match Pack DEMO v1.0d
Frag Control Society
4.9M 3
The DEMO consits of the complete 1st Episode
of QuakeDMP. There are many new Graphics, new
Sounds and new Midis.

Includes: qdmpdemo.zip (v1.0 for atomic)

N.i.B. (Nuclear indestructable Biology
6M 3
The NIB-files can be used as modules, depending on your version of Duke 3D. The files in this archive replace some enemies, including the Octabrain, the Liztroopers and the slimer :)
4.4M 3 After DUKE is done "getting" those alien bastards that smashed up his ride (twice) he wants to go to his favorite place in the universe-- a deluxe PUSSYCAT porno theater that has the wildest strip joint inside!!!!!

Mob Weapons Patch v1.0
Kenneth Finegan
1.7M 5 Replaces Duke's weapons
with some you would see in various Mob movies,
namely the Untouchables, which gave me the
inspiration. Gives you:
1) Two Beretta pistols.
2) A shotgun that looks a lot like the ones
they used in The Untouchables
3) the obligatory Tommy Gun.
4) new sounds for the RPG
5) A double barreled shotgun- it replaces the
freezethrower, so I think that can be called
Duke City TC Demo
Jake Hanna
2M 3  
DOOM Death Match Pack v2.3a
WolfHead , Team
8M 5 The DoomDMP is a pure DeathMatch-Only TC for
DN3D v1.4. It consists of 41 brand new levels
(included one secret map) and of about 1400 new
textures, Sounds and Midis of Doom & Hexen.
If you like DeathMatches you will love this TC.

Includes: doomlk2.zip (level creation) ,
unf_dmpm.zip (unfinished levels)

Speed Trax Racing v0.6
8.6M 5 This patch is mainly a multiplayer racing game, but still
contains 2 singleplayer maps.

Includes: speed.zip (more levels)

Cool Gunz
1.8MB C
Cool Gunz 10-10-99:
The weapons are as follows:
1. Brown Pants
2. Minigun
3. Super Shotgun
4. Dual MP5's
5. New Rocket Launcher
6. Spiked Pipebomb
7(Shrinker). Shrink Ability
77(Expander). (If using V1.4/V1.5) Explosive Money
8. Super Devastator
9. Lazer Tripmine
0. New Freezer

Credits: Desert Storm TC for brown pants, minigun patch for minigun,
Duke Is 007 TC for the Dual MP5's, Total Chaos for the Rocket Launcher
and Spiked Pipebomb, WhiteHouse Strike for the Super Devastator, Duke NukemMeets Doom II TC for the tripmine, The Ionshrinker weapon patch for the Freezer, to whoever made the new shotgun sounds, American Assault TC for the shotgun and finally... Vixens for the new Rocket Launcher sound...
98.8 5 This is a shoot the clay pigeon style mod. There is a counter for how many you hit and how may shots have been fired
Includes: Uncompressed CONs
Funky Stuff beta 0.31
619 5 New pistol,and the shark is a chicken
Navy Seals Weapon Patch v1.1
2.8M 3
Weapons from the Quake Navy Seals TC with their permission! Only one, the C4-trip
bomb which was made by me.

These are the new weapons:

new weapon / old weapon
foot with metal caps / foot
Heckler & Koch Mk. 23 / pistol
Mossberg 590 tactical shotgun / shotgun
M 60 / chaingun
flame thrower / rpg
handgrenades / pipe bombs
Colt M 16/with grenade launcher adapter / shrinker
C-4 trip plastic-bomb / laser trip bomb
/ devistator
PSG-1 / freezer
Includes: Installer
2.8M 3
Ok, basicly visitors came to south park and
captured everyone except for Cartman. They gained
knowledge from Mafesto on genetic clones and made
identical copys of everyone. Then the visitors
dropped them back off in South with one purpose:
To take all the Cheesy Poofs from the planet at
all costs. When Cartman finds out that all his
friends are aliens after his Poofs he starts off
to get his revenge on the visitors. But the only
way to stop them is to go off to thier alien planet
and destroy the Queen Alien
Good Luck!
The Star Trek Weapons Patch Beta 1.5
James Keen
1.7M 5 This is a weapons patch witch will add a hypospray , phaser
type 2, phaser type 3, anti matter mine and jemhada phasers
to Duke 3D
List of changes:
New phaser type 2
New Colour for Phaser Type3
New phaser type 3 ammo
New Jamhada phasers
LCARS lazer trip mine
antimatter mine
and a few more things
The Silver Weapons Patch Demo
2.3M 5 The Sliver Weapons Patch Demo replaces the pistol, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher and tripemines with new art and sounds. Also health has been increased to 200 and some ammo amounts have been changed.
Redrum: The Shining II

Bryant Arnett
4.5M C
This is it! The sequel to the greatest horror movie of all time, and YOU get to play the lead character! REDRUM: The Shining II is a user designed Duke Nukem 3D add-on level that picks up where Stanley Kubrick's The Shining left off. It's time for Duke to infiltrate the Overlook Hotel and "take care" of the Caretaker. New textures, new sounds, new monsters, and a meticulous attention to detail make this a level unlike any you have seen before.
Neil's Zone
Neil Edelman
1.25M A
This level has no theme, no purpose, no storyline, it's simply the best looking map I've ever seen. If only I finished it a year ago. . . Anyway, it's really good for multiplayer and works for single play as well, not to mention CO-OP play too.

Special Note: I didn't make the art. I converted it from the game "TekWar" which also uses the Build engine

Y2k Nuklear Meltdown demo v1.2
Jon Coulter, Steve Berg
510 C
The date is January 1, 2000. The time is midnight. Duke is sitting in a sleazy bar drowning his troubles in whiskey as the ball drops. Suddenly, all the power shuts off! "Damn, those scientest bastards are gonna pay for messin' up my computer-guided power plants!" Duke mumbled. Yes, he realized that the Y2K bug had hit, shutting down the entire world in a matter of seconds.

Duke looked out the window and saw a bunch of people mutating into aliens! His fellow bar patrons were mutating too! Obviously the power shutdown had caused massive meltdowns at the nuclear power stations. Only he remained untouched--but why? "Holy shit, I was in the can!"

"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum!" Duke growled as he pulled out his pistol and began mowing down mutant aliens...


Wredheat v1.1
Adrian Gilbert
160 C
This is level one of an episode called WredHeat.
Wredheat contains some cool effects including Tank
Commanders that shoot Rocket Propelled Grenades and
Mortars, extra gore when baddies get "blown up real good", and a few other tweaks. Please Note that the modified GAME.CON file MUST be present in the Duke3d directory for this level to run properly.
A COOL game launcher for WredHeat called "GO.EXE" is
included in the zip file. Just make sure that along
with the WredHeat.map and Game.con files it is in your
Duke3d directory. Go.exe is for Windows. A batch file
named "WredHeat.bat" is included for Dos.


World War 2 - No Return Demo
6M C
- One new map, barely even close to being finished
- A few new weapons
- Some new sounds
- Some new artwork


Undead 3D Demo
Rage Production Team
13M C
The Undead Demo is one of a kind! It features a different storyline seperate from the original one on the Undead page. You are Brando Venske trying to save a small community from the same zombie infestation. Your only armed with a MP5 and some run and gun skills! The Demo has new voice overs, character art, and kick ass action!


Urban Assault Beta Demo V1.0
Curtis Eng
652 A
A street block with Dukeburger, 3d Realms building, construction site, swimming pool, apartments, and more! The exit is in a crashed plane.


Toon Nukem Demo
nitro glycerine,
Jacek Gordinier
2.4M A
- Two new, unfinished levels (no ending)
- All new weapons (some unfinished)
- New sounds


Dark Flame Conversions
1.9M C
Demo contains "Despair", level one, also "Factory" the first
Deathmatch Level.

As well as with new enemies and weapons, we'll leave them for you to discover.... just watch out for the Shrinker Trooper ok...? :) Weapons, well you now have at your disposal a big arsonry.. :P The new "Home Made Machine Gun" is included as is the "Rocket Launcher". The only other new weapons are the new pipebomb and the new tripmine. You won't see much of the new weapons unless you play XaosMatch or Cheat :P
Nuclear Creations
1.5M C
Star Wars 3D is a new total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D Version 1.3d ONLY. You are a part of the Rebel Alliance, and you are Hans Solo's friend. You will follow the path of a Jedi Knight, wherever it might lead you. Through the sands of Luke Skywalker's homeworld, to the frozen wastelands of Hoth, you will battle the evil Empire, and eventually destroy the Emperor and his minions to free your friends from the Empire's oppressive nature.


* All new weapons.
* All new enemies.
* New inventory.
* All new episodes.
* Cool new cheat codes!
* Tons of new sounds and graphics.
* Lots of new Star Wars stuff as well.
Escape from the Empire
1.4M C
Sonic-Duke Nukem Demo
Good mush, Matt Russell
2.2M A
Aliens 2.0
Jonathan Cacy aka LizardKing
857 S
This map is a very close representation of the final rescue scene in "Aliens" where Ripley goes into the atmosphere processer to save Newt. Includes: aliens10.zip for single play as well.
The Alien Remains Demo v0.1
Michael Jones
216 C-U
Duke finds a city with the black
hole where the aliens come to
earth with, so off he goes to
destroy the Alien plans for the
last time.


Lameduke Forever

1.7M 3
This stuff is an attempt to make Lameduke
playable with the power of the commercial
build engine. You need a full version of Duke Nukem 3d
Project X demo
9.7M C
Has one level, and most weapons.

Note: CONs are Compressed.


Jonah Bishop
275   3 Map Pak

Ultimate space prison V 2.1
Guillaume Manders
83 C-U
A prison in space. I made some neat effects like
a monster with a freezeray-proof armor!


Duke Nukem gets captured by friendly monsters that own a huge satelite. They bring him to a huge prison orbiting earth. They plan to execute him without a trial. What has gotten into them? They throw him in jail and he has to
escape soon or else he has a choice of execution in three days: Get crushed by a ceiling, melt in radioactive waste, or get blown into and airlock! But he grabs a gun hidden under his bed and is ready to kick butt and find out why
the leader of the prison turned against humans! To finish the level, you need to destroy two boss spawns,

Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace DEMO
951 C
The demo you have downloaded contains the following new features:

1 NEW level: The sewers of Theed

1 NEW enemy: The battle droid

1 NEW weapon: The Battle Droid blaster

1 NEW Force Power: Force Push

MUCH new artwork: New sprites, textures, animations, and new loading and debriefing screens.

The Phantom Menace Total conversion is a modification that is based on the latest STAR WARS
film of the same name. In the DEMO level, you will play the role of Jedi Apprentice OBI-WAN KENOBI, escorting the Queen of Naboo, Amidala, and her bodyguards to the city of Theed. Realising that the main entrances to the city have been blocked by the forces of the Trade Federation, the small Naboo force has decided to use the Theed sewer systems to enter the city. Meanwhile, QUI-GON-JIN, Obi-Wan's master, has ordered his apprentice to scout the sewersand destroy all federation forces before the Queen is ecorted to the City. The beginning ofthis level will find Obi-Wan Kenobi at the entrance of the Theed Sewer System...

Payback Time Demo v2.8a
Tepesoft Interactive Games
3M C
Includes more swearing, hard violence,
nudity and hardcore than the original Duke3D,
or any TC ever released. This game have been
roughly rated of PG-18. Sorry kids!

Has now totally a new style! This game is now
more adventure-action, than a frustratingsearching!
Gameplay is from Unreal, KingPin, Tomb Raider and Blood games. Its quite easy, full of a detail, exciting and surprising.

Majestic 12: Survive The Horror v1.5a
4M C
Demo features:

+4 new weapons
+2 new leves (for demo version)
+4 new enemies
+2 new tunes
+lots o' new art
Mission Impossible
Silicon Software
792 C
The Mission DEMO
Juha Laaksonen
214 C-U
Evil Incarnate (Demo)
Kevin Scroggins (nitro glycerine) / Tristan Graham (Tridrake)
7M C
+ The setting in the mod is based around a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting where the player
must fight to survive in a harsh wasteland.
+ This is only the demo version and it only consists of two fully playable, but only partially
completed levels. Many of the weapons still require a lot of touching up and have not been
finished either, but all in all, it's not overly noticable.

Level 1 Summary
+ Created by Tristan Graham
+ Description: You begin in an underground bunker that has been under attack and taken over.
Fighting your way out, you realize that the entrance has been bombed and has
caved in. Time to find an alternate exit and get outside!

Level 2 Summary
+ Created by Kevin Scroggins
+ Description: Once outside, you must now find your way to the armory to gear up and take back
the other bunker.

New Weapons
+ (2) Pistol = MP5
+ (3) Shotgun = New Shotgun (New artwork only)
+ (4) Chaingun = M60
+ (6) Pipebomb = Satchel Charge
+ (7) Shrinker/Expander = Pulserifle (Shrinker = Grenade Launcher / Expander = Rifle Rounds)
+ (8) Devastator = Dual Scorpions (New artwork only, incomplete - still fires rockets)

New Enemies
+ Predator = Artic Assault Soldier
+ Pig Cop = Elite Officer
Escape From Outhere Space Demo
675 C
You wake up in your beutiful house and then you notice that everone is gone !!!
What the (...) is going on here ?
And then, you're beamed up by an UFO !!!
When you're in the UFO, you kill every (...) alien there.

There is also an extra level to demonstrate the new enemie, the Langolier.
Earthbound Preview: 'Beta Station'
Kevin Slater
216 5 This is a preview map from 'Earthbound',
It is a space station in the style of e2l4, 'Fusion
Station' and e2l9, 'Overlord', so there are a lot of
'alien' textures.
Duke Trek 3D Beta 1.5
Jacob M Goldman
3M C
Levels --
USS PENTAGON (level 1) - complete except for minor bugs
USS ENTERPRISE (level 3) - still in major production
Weapons --
Phaser (weapon 2)
Phaser Rifle (weapon 3)
Plasma Cannon (weapon 4)
Plasma Launcher (weapon 5)
Sounds --
lots of new sounds based around the theme of the 1st and 3rd levels.
Music --
First Contact music played in level 1
Star Trek IV music played in level 3
Art --
lots of new art needed for level 1 and 3
Animation -- new opening animation
Fallout TC (2nd beta)
Arthur Nugmanov
2M C
 Level One: Raiders - Aradesh can't find his daughter Tandi. When he finds out that Khans kidnapped her, he
asks for Max' help. Your mission is to free Tandi.
She and other women are held in the small pre-War
building in the middle of the Khans' camp. Don't get
too distracted by the raiders, remember, you have
to get to Tandi ALIVE!

Level Two: Vault 13 - Max found a car in the ruins of Necropolis and anxious to tell Overseer about his new toy.
Unfortunatelly Master found Valut 13 and exposed
all population to FEV. There's nothing you can do, so
just get in the library, download all information into
your PIP-Boy and activate the self-destruct sequence.
Kiss my @ss, Overseer! I knew you were up to no good.
Daniel Kurstak (Skynet)
3M C-U
Includes: predmanual.zip
Dark Hunt 10/31/1998
Daniel Kurstak (Skynet)

5M A
Includes: props.zip and predpack.zip (Predator)

you can combine Dark Hunt and Predpack by unzipping both into the Duke3D directory at the same time.

Bounty Killers Demo v1
4M C
Brute Force: Alaskian Dawn Demo
James Tan
10M C

* Sneak and hide by crawling and crouching because the enemies now have a cone vision, and they can't see you behind their backs.

* Crack their necks by pressing your action key/button*
*(default key is space bar)

* Use your night/heat vision goggles by pressing "N". Default key

* There is a new door in place now, press space bar or hit it with any weapon to open it.

* Don't cheat, because then lots of errors can happen! (I purposely did that)
Black Bag Ops: Demo
Groovy Software
1.5M C
The Black Bag Ops are transporting VX-51 nerve gas through an old part of the city of New York. This gas has just been produced and is planned for being used on innocent civilians to see what the effect of the gas is. Your mission is to locate the transport and disable the threat. You're being dropped on a building not too far away from the transport. Beware, our resources tell us the
area is infested with Black Bag Ops members, so watch your back!

Weapon descriptions

Here is a list with details of the new weapons in this demo. The number
between the braces is the actual weapon code in Duke Nukem 3D:

3.1 NightOps Boot (1)
Max Ammo : N/A
Feed : N/A
Power : Low
Accuracy : Good

3.2 Glock .17 (2)
Max Ammo : 180
Feed : 12 bullets per clip
Power : Low
Accuracy : Good

3.3 M4/M203 (7)
M4 M203
--------------------- ---------------------
Max Ammo : 180 Max Ammo : 5
Feed : 30 bullets per clip Feed : 1 40mm Grenade
Power : Medium Power : Extreme
Accuracy : Good Accuracy : Good
--------------------- ---------------------

4. Enemy description

Here is a short description of the new enemy in this demo...

Rifle Trooper
Weapons : M4 with attached M203
Threat : Medium

These troopers are the ones you see the most when you meet the Black Bag
Ops, they are sometimes alone, but they mostly hunt in groups. So when
you see one, there are probably some others nearby. Sometimes they are
being guided by a Squad Commander who can be identified by his red hat.

23M C
 Youve got a distress call from Marines trapped at the lower level of the Base on LV426. Your mission is to get there and find if theres someone still alive, then escape trough the Storage Room to Dropship.


Arctic Wolf
Slawomir Lawrynowicz
aka LAW
2.3M C
Duke Nukem is a skilled agent of Office Of Strategic Services. Mission takes place in fjord filled northern Norway. Area is quite strongly defended. Arctic guards or Kriegsmarine officers shouldn't make any problems. However you can meet few Wehrmacht soldiers, armed with heavy machine guns (mighty STG44) and they won't tell jokes. This area contain many important places: railway station, few shipyards, power station, dam, landing ground and repair docks for German submarines (U-Boats). Allied command has to know what is going on there...
Zykov Eddy's Aliens TC Demo
Zykov Eddy (Piterplus EZ jr)
5.2M C
You are Mike Blower, your mission to enter in old base. But your ship crash... time to kill aliens!

1.You can use turrels, just press "use"
2.Save your ammo and health, it's important
3.You can use ladders, just "use" to rise and duck to come down.
4.Use robot suit in last part of this demo!
5.This demo include "Locator" mode. To activate locator mode find locator device first!
6.You can talk thith civilians. Press "Use" on them, and then they stop taking, they give access card to you.
7.Be careful with alien eggs...
8.This demo only for Atomic edition!


9. Turn off 32 bit textures and models!!!
00 Duke
The Codemasta
2.3M C
Duke just lays on the beach in L.A. and is called up for an urgent job. "Damn! Why can't anybody get as cool as me to kick ass? I'm allways the one....Hello?" at the other end was what sounded like a military officer. "Duke we got a problem here.... a secret terrorist oganization is starting to act very suspicouisly around one sector in N.Y. Our agents say they think it is an illegal arms importion." he says "Maybe there will be some beaches there..." "What was that, Duke?" "Uh, nothing. I'll be there in a few hours." And so our adventure begins...
Critical Mass
Bocao (Vitor de Paulo)
2M C
Critical Mass is a 3 level episode with 4 new weapons
and new (or modified) enemies, including boss.

Storyline : A secret nuclear research facility is under control of the aliens. The only way in is by a special teleport located at a EDF weponary research building. After killing the aliens the only way out is by a escape
turboplane at the hangar.

New Weapons : 5 - RailGun (Replaces RPG)-kills most of the enemies with a single slug.
7 - BFG 9000 (Replaces Shrinker)-this weapon redefines
the term wallpaper.Use it on a room filled with
aliens and see the new red painting on the walls.
/7 - Double pistols (Replaces Expander)-nothing very
new about these. Only a small "matrix style" use
at the begining of the first level.
0 - Detonator (Replaces Freezerthrower)-neatly sending
small fission bombs over the air....
Note: as the RPG was modified the Devastator needed
to be disabled since it is only a high-speed RPG
and would become a meaningless weapon.
New Monsters : The aliens seems to have assimilated the goodies they found at the EDF weaponary labs. Here are some examples:
Super Trooper - stronger trooper armed with a rail gun
and grenade launcher. Uses blue vest.
New Assault Commander - Rail gun instead of RPG.
Storm Tank - another strange-looking Pigcop vehicle
with rail guns and lots of grenades. A few have BFG
NME - A automated sentry with a scaning laser guide
system. Shoots Detonator Spheres.
The Boss - He may seem tough at first (and invisible
half of the time) but with sharp eyes and a little of
brain you can avoid his attacks.
Although not being "enemies" the laser barriers should
be mencioned. Some are static, some moving. Remember
only that the blue ones will sting you, the red ones
will slice you instantaneously.

City Terror Gold Edition
Rob "Highwire" Wijkstra / E.E.M. Production
18M C
City Terror is a standalone game created with the engine from 3D Realms' Duke Nukem 3D.
It was at first a expansion for Duke Nukem 3D, but after a few changes to the engine was made, we've
decided that it would be better to release it as a whole standalone game.

City Terror is actually a multiplayer game, to play over LAN or modem, but with the new changes to the
engine we made, it can be very enjoyable in single player as well.

The game is set in a city, with hardworking citizens. But the silence will be soon disrupted by
idiot maniacs trying to track down eachother and kill. Indeed, when playing it in multiplayer, all players must kill eachother to score points.

But there is one thing to make it even more exciting, Police officers, they will try to take players out to preserve peace in the city.

City Terror uses four kinds of weapons:
Kick foot, (When you're out of ammo or something)
Glock17, (The first weapon you will have at start of each level)
Spas12, (Shotgun weapon, easily to find around the levels)
M16, (This is a rare weapon, you will have to search in some levels to find it because it's hidden somewhere, if a level hides a M16, it will be announced at the beginning of that level)

Includes: City Terror 'Fugutive' add on pack.

Uses a source Modified DOS Duke3D engine included.
Some EXE where Hacked.

Registered files included:

Capture The Flag !EXTREME! v0.9
Mike C., Teemu P.
112 C
Original DukeCTF converted to DN3D v.1.4(this version)

This adddon includes:

-3 modified con's
-1 new con
-4 new levels
-1 new art file
-2 sound files
-EXTBUILD.TXT -help file

+2 BAT -files
+2 messages for BATs

6.5M A
A Multiplayer level.

This level is a monster load of data, but
it will be well worth it once you see what
you got. In a nutshell this is a movie
complex that blows all past attempts away.
(With all due respect to my fellow level builders).
In this complex you can see and hear actual
hollywood movie clips.

Alien Infiltration
Adrian Messecar
16 3 An alien spacecraft is in earth orbit and has sent down troops to infiltrate an old complex and convert it into a
base to prepare for invasion. Duke's mission is to wipe out the aliens on the ground, then find the alien transporter to get on the alien spacecraft and put an end to their infiltration.
The Asteroid
Ray Tracer
283 C-U
This episode takes place on an asteroid, where
the aliens have settled a secret base...
Aliens Revenge
Ben 'Magic' Brown
193 5 4 level campaign for Duke Nukem, plus a Dukematch level.

Duke is interupted after his period of "R&R" to find a second alien force has plans for invading Earth.

This is a single player 'campaign' But Death In The City (Level 1) suits death match and street.map is designed for deathmatch.

Parts of the campaign are pretty hard, but I think it's for all the Duke veterans out there. :)

Various levels were ones I found from a Duke!Zone CD. I tinkered them up, they were nameless after all, and here's the product.
Maarten's Crucial Conflict
Maarten Pinxten
538 C
Maarten's Crucial Conflict is a trilogy about
an alien attack on Europe. But there's more to
the story than just shooting baddies! Explore
detailed bases, solve puzzles kick butt in this
mini three-map episode!
124 C-U
Megabyte Zone
375 C-U
Duke has been called in by the military because
            the Aliens have taken over their new low orbit
            Skybase. The Aliens are so pissed off that duke
            keeps on beating them that they construct two
            laboratory worlds- KOVEGAN and PARADYNE to test his inteligence and formulate a plan to finally defeat him for good. While Duke is busy destroying
            these places and kicking some serious ass, the
            aliens steal Skybase to prevent Earth using it
            against them. When Duke returns to our solar
            system he finds that the aliens have created a
            new advanced and replicated Skybase which is now heading to Earth from around the dark side of the
            moon <On a mission of total annihilation>. The
            Aliens are now set to unleash their diabolical
            plan -Win by attrition- they now have OVER 100
            frozen warriors to defrost if needed. The only
            thing between them and our destruction is Duke
            himself, lets pray we wake up tomorrow.
Grunge v1.2
Cam Guest aka STELTH
128 C-U
This is the last (maybe) installment of my ever so popular
Dualogy series... It takes place, in a very detailed and seedy post halocaust L.A. Duke has finally found the E.D.F where the mother alien has been held! Now Duke must travel through this area, destined to stay alive!
Features- Earthqukes, post halocuast L.A., Underwater areas, Under ground caverns, explosions, sleezy bars, mind tingling puzzles, and high levels of challenge!
From The Wing Of A Plane
Matt Harris aka MattCake
95 C-U
Fermion (aka EMRadiation)
1.9M A
There has been some terrible developments uncovered by our operatives. The alien scum have established a base on Mercury, and one in Thebes, Egypt -- at the Valley of the Gods, site of the great pyramids. Our operatives tell me that the aliens have discovered the secret of the pyramids -- they serve as focus points of the sun's electromagnetic radiation. There is an energy focusing reactor inside one of the pyramids that is focusing, collecting, and redirecting the energy directly to the Mercury base, where it is being stored in batteries. When these batteries have become sufficiently full, they will direct a blast aimed at earth, that will be sufficiently powerful to submerge the Earth's mantle in magma.
    This is the alien's ultimate goal -- to resurface earth, and colonize it, and allow our solar system to become a stronghold.

Note: Uses art from Powerslave.

The freebrief team
191 3 Duke Nukem 3D Episode
Adrian Gilbert
245 C
Axtion contains some new cool effects including Tank
Commanders that shoot Rocket Propelled Grenades and
Mortars, extra gore when baddies get "blown up real good",
and a few other tweaks.
666 v1.8
Jason & LOBO
254 C-U
        The last letter of your bro had worried you.
        Within the monastery in which he's studying as a novice, it seems strange things are happening. You read again the the end of his last letter:
        "I fear... There's something...something that hides in the darkness. The others have changed, the Worm has eaten into their faith. Their souls are rotten. I'd like to escape, I oughta save my mental health as long as I can... but I can't, you can't understand, we're not allowed to leave, evil's everywhere... even within myself."
        You put apart the letter, you wear your boots, you take your gun out from your drawer and while thinking: "My bro's always the same sucker" you decide to investigate on that f---ing monastery.
        When you arrive you enter the monastery, but as soon as you had entered a dark corridoir, the door behind you shuts misteriously.
Jaap Menist
524 C-U
This episode contains 5 levels. Play them on
Let's Rock for the maximum load of fun !!

As Duke wakes up one morning he finds that his
place has changed somewhat ..... It's alien-
infested ;) Try and make it to the railwaystation
where your ride to the city begins.

Level 2. ROCKIN
Now that you've made it outside, not only your
place, but the whole town is swarming with
them bastards! Kick some more ass as your search
for the big boss bad ass continues.

Nope, he was not in town. The only place left for
him are the mountains ..... or .....

Level 4. ORBITAL1
Finally you know for sure where the @#$%^ is.
Orbiting earth from a safe distance while the
breed are down on earth. Whipe out all the
scum on this station and make your way to the
mother of all breed ;)

Level 5. ORBITAL2
The heart of the station, that's your goal.
You know what to do ..... It's up to you!
Industrial Complex
2.2M C-U
Michel Dorange
221 S
La Sante
This is a prisson where Duke, must investigate. (An other, I know, but this one is SMALL) As I like bloodbaths and dead bodies I put a lot of monsters.

Training Center
In e1l1 you (may) have discovered that the prison was a " rendez-vous " for dinner of some earth bad guys. And now, you find that it is also a training center for aliens preparing themselves for combat...So good Luck !

Back in Town
Here, you have to find the entrance of the power plant that supplies the trainig center before they try to build a new center. So good Luck !

Alien Trilogy v0.90
Carl Ray
205 C-U
4 levels of the "ALIENS" episode and thats it. There is no new weapons or aliens in this release as i'm not sure if i can get away with including these at the moment.YES there is baddies in the maps just not the real thing. Now these levels are very graphic intensive. On some maps i let my imagination go ape e.g. the underwater monorail,the APC smasthing through a wall. YES these maps have better graphics than some of the 3drealms stuff.   
Tour Of Bases
Van Ostaeyen Patrik
164 C-U
This is a new 5 level mini-episode
WGRealms Episode
4M C-U
5 Level episode. All new textures.


Level1 :AWAKENING: : Dark scary walkthrough Level based inside a house.
Level2 :MEDIEVIL CRESS: : Dark Scary Level based in a castle in the hills.
Level3 :OPEN SEASON: : Giant Nature Level massive frag fest hundreds of enimies.
Level4 :CRYSTAL MINES: : Cave system level.
Level5 :TEMPLE CRESS: : Huge Egyptian Boss level.
Vixens 2: Resurrection v2.04
Troy Studios
12M C
1. Machete
(press "1" to select)
More powerfull than Duke's Mighty Foot. Don't be discouraged if you've run out of ammo, just draw out your deadly machete and charge!!! You'll be suprised how powerfull this simple blade could be!
Ammo: Unlimited

2. Assault Rifle
(press "2" to select)
Basic weapon for Duke. Not to be underestimated; with improved ammo, fast firing rate, and accurate long-range targeting; this is the weapon for hitting them from the distance and also for &quot;up-close-and- personal encounters.
Ammo: Maximum of 200 rounds

3. Riot Gun
(press "3" to select)
Improved Shotgun with deadly rounds. Move up close and fire for maximum effect! Able to take out one Vixens for every shot.<br>
Ammo: Maximum of 50 shells

4. Mini-Gun
(press "4" to select)
Duke's favorite weapon. Ever get trapped in a tight spot? Just load up your mini-gun and let it rip!! Watch as a hail of lead sends tons of Vixens bursting apart!
Ammo: Maximum of 150 rounds

5. FRG Cannon
(press "5" to select)
Launches Fusion-Rocket Grenades that explodes with deadly force once it hits its target. Significantly more powerfull than a simple RPG, so don't stand too close to the blast!
Ammo: Maximum of 50 grenades

6. Grenades
(press "6" to select)
Remotely detonated grenades. Lob a couple around a corner to set up a deadly trap or drop a few down at unseen Vixens and your headaches are gone!! The longer the FIRE button is pressed, the farther the grenade will travel
Ammo: Maximum of 50 grenades

7. Flame Thrower
(press "7" to select)
Wait till those Vixens get close and fire away! Liquid gel fuel causes high flame temperature - causing those Vixens to burst apart on contact!!

Ammo: Maximum of 50 shots

8. FRG Devastator
(press "8" to select)
Fires a hail of FRG grenades at it's target. Usefull against mech. units, turrets and bosses as maximum damage is delivered with each round.
Ammo: Maximum of 99 grenades

9. Antimatter Tripbomb
(press "9" to select)
The usual trip-bomb but fitted with anti-matter cannisters. Once set up, any Vixens crossing it's trip beam would set off an explosion that would rupture the anti-matter cannisters causing a MAJOR explosion!! Be VERY far when they go off!!!
Ammo: Maximum of 10 units

10. Plasma Thrower
(press "0" to select)
Fires pure super-heated plasma at it's target. On contact, the Vixens would be stopped cold in their tracks, but watch, they'll start to burn and explode in spontaneous combustion!! Probably the coolest weapon ever to be held by Duke!
Ammo: Maximum of 99 shots


1. Pod Females
- female volunteers from Earth who have been implanted with the alien larvae. They are normally sealed in a coccoon for two weeks untill the larvae fuses with their bodies, turning them into Vixens. - Duke arrives practically on the 14th day so most of those pods are ready to hatch a VIXEN babe! Don't stand too close to them!!!

2. Vixen Suicide Bombers
- they're beautiful, they're seductive, they're DANGEROUS and IN YOUR WAY! - approach them and they say "hi!" to you! Approach closer
and you could give'em the ol' "shakit baby!" Approach closer and err... - female volunteers from Earth with an extreme hatred of men! After they convert themselves into VIXENS, they go around the country-side, seducing a bunch of men at a time. By the time those dumb-ass guys get into the motel with her, they discover she's carrying a little
more than lip-gloss and parachutes in her purse...

3. Vixen Trooper
- female volunteers from Earth. They, as other female
volunteers from Earth are placed in a two-week coccoon, during which an alien larvae is placed into their body. At the end of the two week period, the alien larvae would achieve complete symbiosis with it's
host turning them into Vixens with super-human strength. They wear
the standard Vixen latex battle-dress and are equipped with a low-powered personal shield, a standard jetpack and an improved pulse laser. They also carry several anti-matter morter rounds each which are launched at targets from midair.

4. Vixen Captain
- female volunteers from Earth. VIXENS who are chosen as Captains usually have the gift of organization and leadership in them. Wears red uniform. Able to teleport from one location to another easily; trapping the unsuspecting enemy in dangerous cross-fire. Master at urban warfare and leadership due to her training. Medium powered personal shield takes more damage compared to the basic Vixen trooper. Fires similar pulse laser as trooper and wears standard jetpack.

5. Babe Trooper
- female officers of the Earth Defence Force who have defected to the Vixens. They carry a high-powered plasma-gun which is extremely deadly at close range and wear heavy army-issue armor. The alien larvae implanted into their body gives them extra-ordinary tolerance to heavy injury and blood-loss.

6. Babe Cops
- avoid at all cost. Female police officers from Earth who have defected to the Vixens. Due to their police background, they are usually expert marks-me ...err marks-persons. After their conversion to VIXENS, they are trained to handle the rapid-fire particle gun. The only thing you get to see when you're in front of them is a spray of particle blasts flying at your face! and if you're still stuck staring at their tight dress,...adios! They carry a medium-to-light personal shield however, so if you're quick on the gun, you could take them out with mucho damage to your err...person.

7. Scorpio-Cyborg
- specially bred Vixens who possess incredible psychic powers and are successfully able to use it as a weapon. As an extra, most of them chose to incorporate machines into their body to become incredible cyborgs. Usually serves as ship-board security/marines on Vixen vessels. They have built-in jetpacks and heavy personal shield.

8. Recon Droids
- Small-sized robotic recon droids. These buggers engage their anti-grav engines and roam the countryside, scouting for the Vixens. Once they spot any enemy within firing range, they'll start launching FRG rounds. Although they have low hit points, their small size makes it a challenging target.

9. Mech Warrior
- The ultimate in Vixens robotic technology; carrying automatic twin FRG grenade launchers, they are a sight to behold. The Vixens normally prefer to fight their own battles themselves, but once they get pushed around too much, they'll bring in the hardware. These units have low hit-points though, so you'll be able to take these down with a full clip or a single well-placed FRG shot

10. Vixens Drop-ship
- Shuttle used to transport units of the Vixens from orbit to the ground. A multi-role shuttle, capable of engaging EDF fighters as well as acting as gunships and light bombers. It's main weapon is the pulse laser.

11. Marine POWs
- The Vixens share an extreme hatred against the EDF's 5th Army and they would go to the extreme to make any prisoners from the 5th severly suffer for their crimes. These POWs have been tortured beyond rescue and would appreciate a quick end to their sufferings. Don't approach too close though! These guys have been booby-trapped with explosives by the Vixens.

12. Lara Croft
- Escaping the tragic fall of London, Lara arrives in New York City and joins the resistance movement there. She was instrumental in the rescue of Princess Karla after her capture by the EDF. Currently acts as Princess Karla's aide and leader of the Vixens in New York. Carries an automatic FRG machine-pistol and wears a medium powered personal shield. Able to teleport out once she takes a certain amout of damage and reappear again fully healed. Watch out though, everytime she teleports out, a babe trooper would teleport in to replace her.

13. Clones of Princess Karla
- The Princess believes in sharing herself with others and what beter way than to clone several copies of herself. Besides that, this will confuse potential assassins as to which is the REAL Princess Karla and keep everyone guessing. Move up close to one and you'll get to "make it out" with her. Duke gets his health points increased to the max every time he "does it" with her, so try and protect these clones! In some missions, THE ONLY WAY for the poor injured Duke to increase his health is to "make it" with them! <br>

14. Princess Karla
- leader of the women's resistance on Earth and the highest representative of the VIXENS to arrive on the planet. A warrior-priestess and a shrewd politician who successfully sparks off the first &quot;sex-war&quot; in Earth's history. She wears a high-powered personal shield and a jet pack. An experienced warrior, she carries a multi-fire gun; capable of firing anti-matter mortar rounds for long range duels, FRG grenades for medium range and pulse lasers for closer range duels. If you get really close, she'll blast you with a shrink ray and squish your tiny ass.

Includes: vixens2.exe and vixens2pat.exe

Vixens v1.09
Charley Raj (Troy Studios)
5.8M C
1. M16
Basic weapon for Duke. Not to be underestimated; with improved
ammo, fast firing rate, and accurate long-range targeting; this is
the weapon for hitting them from the distance and also for "up-close-and-
personal encounters.

*. Various other weapons found in VIXENS have the same standard specs and ammo
as in the original DN3D.

1. Pod Females
- female volunteers from Earth who have been implanted with the alien
larvae. They are normally sealed in a coccoon for two weeks untill
the larvae fuses with their bodies, turning them into Vixens.
- Duke arrives practically on the 14th day so most of those pods are
ready to hatch a VIXEN babe! Don't stand too close to them!!!

2. Vixen Suicide Bomber
- they're beautiful, they're seductive, they're DANGEROUS and IN YOUR WAY!
- approach them and they say "hi!" to you! Approach closer and you could
give'em the ol' "shakit baby!" Approach closer and err...
- female volunteers from Earth with an extreme hatred of men! After they
convert themselves into VIXENS, they go around the country side, seducing
a bunch of men at a time. By the time those dumb-ass guys get into the
motel with her, they discover she's carrying a little more than lip-gloss
and parachutes in her purse...

3. Vixen Trooper
- female volunteers from Earth. They, as other female
volunteers from Earth are placed in a two-week coccoon, during which
an alien larvae is placed into their body. At the end of the two week
period, the alien larvae would achieve complete symbiosis with it's
host, turning them into Vixens with super-human strength. They wear
the standard Vixen latex battle-dress and are equipped with a low-powered
personal shield, a standard jetpack and a basic medium-powered laser.
They also carry several morter rounds each which are launched at targets
from midair.

4. Vixen Captain
- female volunteers from Earth. VIXENS who are chosen as Captains usually
have the gift of organization and leadership in them. Wears red uniform.
Able to teleport from one location to another easily;
trapping the unsuspecting enemy in dangerous cross-fire. Master at
urban warfare and leadership due to her training.
Medium powered personal shield takes more damage compared to the basic
Vixen trooper. Fires similar high-powered laser as trooper and wears
standard jetpack.

5. Babe Trooper
- female officers of the Earth Defence Force who have defected to the
Vixens. They carry a high-powered plasma-gun which is extremely deadly
at close range and wear heavy army-issue armor. The alien larvae
implanted into their body gives them extra-ordinary tolerance to heavy
injury and blood-loss.

6. Babe Cops
- avoid at all cost. Female police officers from Earth who have defected
to the Vixens. Due to their police background, they are usually expert
marks-me ...err marks-persons. After their conversion to VIXENS, they
are trained to handle the rapid-fire particle gun. The only thing you
get to see when you're in front of them is a spray of particle blasts
flying at your face! and if you're still stuck staring at their tight
dress,...adios! They carry a medium-to-light personal shield however,
so if you're quick on the gun, you could take them out with mucho damage
to your err...person.

7. Scorpio-Cyborg
- specially bred Vixens who possess incredible psychic powers and are
successfully able to use it as a weapon. As an extra, most of them
chose to incorporate machines into their body to become incredible
cyborgs. Usually serves as ship-board security/marines on Vixen
vessels. They have built-in jetpacks and heavy personal shield.

8. Royal Guards
- members of Princess Karla's expedition party whom also serve
as the princess' bodyguards. They carry a ripper machine-gun with
attached morter launcher. Wears medium-powered personal shield.

9. Princess Karla
- leader of the rebel females on Earth and the highest representative
of the VIXENS to arrive on the planet. A warrior-priestess and a shrewd
politician who successfully sparks off the first "sex-war" in Earth's
history. She carries a similar ripper machine-gun as her bodyguards
and is an expert warrior. Wears a high-powered personal shield.

Includes: vixens.exe and vixensatomic.exe

TIME v 1.1
Forklift Productions
2.6M C
Level Info:

1: Bad Apple, tim0.map, (orig. = death.map)
Apple Computer building in LA, where time machine is
being developed.

2: EDF Incompetency, tim1.map, (orig. = otter_space.map)
EDF space station, overrun by aliens.

3: Bomb Scare, tim2.map, (orig. = bomb_shelter.map)
Small city with lots of explosions, a bomb shelter and
will have falling bombs from sky in next version.

4: Dawn of Time, tim3.map, (orig. = 0house.map)
Forklift's house, where TIME's developement started.

Computers in levels can be useful.
Pay attention to details.
Try anything that could be a button.
Complete your mission objectives, or ELSE!

MultiPlayer (Dukematch) Games:
We have done a lot of work to create the multiplayer
components in TIME. This will take some explaination...
Have you ever noticed that sometimes a level is too big
for multiplayer games of 2 or 3 people? We have. The
levels in TIME are very large (almost 1024 sectors each,
the origional game levels only have about 400 each) so
we invented a way to shrink the levels for multiplayer
games from inside the level. Each level has a Level
Control room where in single player or co-op you pass
through and begin the level... but in multiplayer, this
room can be very helpful. In the room there are: a
Shutdown panel, Viewscreens and Drop Holes. To make a
level smaller, shutdown part of it by shooting a
numbered button on the shutdown panel. The number
corresponds to the section being closed off, which you
can view through the corresponding viewscreens. You're
going to have to try it out to understand it. When
you're done shutting down sections (don't close all 4!),
shoot the Confirm button. Now, to play, everyone can jump
into a Drop Hole (you can see where these lead through
the Viewscreens) and continue as usual.
Forklift Productions
279 C
Penthouse Paradise
Intersphere Communications, Ltd. and Tyler Matthews
2M C
The Duke Nukem 3D Penthouse Paradise level chronicles the
            little talked about R&R period for Duke Nukem between the
            original Duke Nukem 3D Game and the Duke Nukem 3D:
            Plutonium Pak, the expansion addition.
Scott McCabe
4M C
Ok, there's a chunk of new stuff in these levels. New keys, locks,ammo, interface, fonts...etc... so you're going to have to search around for most of it. There are a few additions that are not in the original game like :

Health Orb

The health orb is perched on the walls and can be activated by the space bar. It will restore 30 health points (which is defined in the user.con file as HEALTH_ORB_AMOUNT). Then once it's used, it disappears.

Magic Orb

This does a couple of things. If you're health is below 30 it will give you a Med kit. Otherwise it will randomly grant you either a Shotgun, Shrinkray gun, Chaingun. Should you already have one of these weapons, it will give you the ammo instead. These can be modified in the LGAME.CON

 NOTE: DO NOT SHOOT THE ORB! If you do, you will be punished.


These new bread of monster has been hacked apart and pieced together using miscellaneous body parts. You'll notice them as they wear steel plates over their mouth and right eye.

Digger Ammo

The RPG ammo has been replaced by these bombs. The radius of it's damage is smaller than it's predecessor however they contain spikes which spin and dig their way through it's target (which makes them a bit more powerfull too) This also makes it easier to dodge when being shot at from them.

Misc. Stuff

These levels contain all new locks, keys, gut explosions and some more new surprises. Not to mention that there are a little over 300 new textures which you can re-use and re-distribute with your levels.

Jeremy Wilson (Forklift)
286 C-U
COMPLEX is made of four maps.
Another alien attack on Earth... this time the aliens took
over a small moon base and are sending troops via tele-
porters to Los Angeles. The teleporters are being run from
a U.S. military establishment on a small, rocky island in
the Pacific. Duke is sent there alone (his preference), to
find the teleporters and get to the moon base. The trouble
is, the moon base is probably locked up. The commander of
the base has the only key card - he was murdered in his
Embassy Suites hotel room in L.A.. Duke will probably have to
reteieve it. If and when he reaches the self destruct center
at the base, he will have only a few moments to escape.
There is an escape route already defined (leading to the
docking bay). It will be opened after the base's self
destruct mode has been initiated. Good luck...
Army Of Death
Geoffrey van Dijk ( Fakir )
James Stanfield ( JBlade )
2.7M C
Castle Camelot is under attack by the army of
            death, and the number one alien ass kicker has
            just been promoted to the number one skeleton
            ass kicker. Guess what your new mission is ^-^

            In a nutshell; 3 medieval maps, alot of
            skeletons, and guns to shoot them with.
            This MiniMod features two new enemies,
            complete with sounds and proper coding, and
            without resize issues. These new enemies are
            the skeleton warrior, and the skeleton duke.

            The skeleton warriors usually come in huge
            groups, and will, thanks to their speed,
            knock your lights out in a matter of seconds.
            Luckily they're not very strong, so a couple
            of well-aimed shots should be enough to send
            them back to where they came from.
            When you're using your ripper against a herde
            of warriors, fire in small bursts to save ammo.

            The skeleton dukes are the the masterminds
            behind the skel attacks. They usually don't
            like to be where the action is, but have been
            known to get their bones dirty when things get
            out of hand.
            Even though Dukes are not as fast as the
            skeleton warriors, they are alot stronger and
            will take a bigger amount of hits before they
            finally go down.
i-duke3d   v2
Ivan Petrosevic
114 C
Its a patch that brings new life to your Duke Nukem game.
It gives the game more blood, sounds, difficulty, new twists,
alien deaths, text, multiplayer diversity, and just plain fun.

Note: Turn on your messages ( F8 ) if you want to read the lame new text.
( It tells you what's going on alot of times )

In Multi-Player: It's random chance that each time you start, you might get
a bonus "suit" that can drastically help you kick ass.
There is the "Stealth Suit" - for stalking and hiding,
the "Power Suit" - for taking dammage and the "Commando Pack"
- for making dammage.

1. The spacebar has a couple more functions now.

2. When alien troopers are suffering, maybe it would be a good time to
buy an item off them, you know they'll be dead in a second anyway.

3. Pigcops are dirty mercinaries. If you're not packin enough ammo,
maybe some cash in their face could do the trick.

4. You'd be surprised what you can find when wading and searching
in the water long enough.

5. If you're frozen, it's not necessarily over yet. If you're tough
enough and persistent, maybe you can bust out and get some last
shots off before you die.

6. If dead aliens seem to be getting in the way, don't whine, just
stomp them flat.

7. Some stupid people throw their best guns in the rubbish.

8. Careful with that freeze gun, if you get nailed by the icy cold
blast, you might catch a nasty cold.

9. A chaingun can make a great firestarter.

10. Meat is very nutritious.

Included is DMZ.MAP, a deathmatch level for your killing enjoyment.
ADG Episode V. 1.0
Alejandro Glavic
423 C
Duke was working for the EDF and received a call because the aliens are planning to build a HUGE weapon on earth and use it to destroy another planets and then, the same Earth. So there is no time to sleep, duke runs out to find them and stop these f*cking aliens!
DUKE COP v2.5c*
Keith Nixon
436 C
Replaces Duke character and sounds with Pig Cop by replacing
the files game.con tiles005.art, tiles006.art, tiles007.art.
When you fly or go underwater, DukeCop quicklychanges to his all purpose vehicle! I also changed some weapon strengths, like the RPG is not as strong now.
Includes: INVISIPIG a chiming sound and emit an occasional flash of light-Cloak. napalm launcher,proximity mines, more.
Orion Prime
Bob Masters
1M A
Some serious alien scum have massacred a small military base on the
planet Orion Prime. They've stolen a dangerous and powerful technology
that could be doomsday for Earth. Duke's got to stop the aliens before
they can deliver the potent space fuel to the alien space fleet.

Orion Prime has:

New Custom artwork
A riddle to solve
Variety: lots of different kinds of rooms
Not just aliens: In level 2, there are whole space ships for you to attack and destroy
A story plot, with a good start and a climactic final scene
Lots of detail
A firing range (a kind of shooting gallery to test your skills)
A nice commissary (grocery store)
Some humor
A good mix of action-packed scenes and exploration
A very dangerous holodeck
An HTML help file, with hints, answers, and locations of secret rooms
MP's Crucial Conflict
Maarten Pinxten
735 A
Three map Trilogy
Black Plaque Foods
Allen Fivehouse
408 A
Did you ever want to run around work with a shotgun? well I wondered what it was like, so I created this Map to do it! Its based on where I work (although
I wish we had the stripper bar.) I recomend that you have a pentium to run this map as it is A Huge one.
!BTW in case your wondering about that annoying voice coming through the speakers, thats one of our bosses Charlie. to quote Duke "Damn, that was annoying."

Includes: bpffix.zip

Resident Evil Conversion
Erik Eriksen/Team
2.7M C-U
Resident Evil 1 Demo v .7
Timothy Wells
aka DukeMaster25
893 C-U
this is a Demo of this Map
Duke is Ten
727 C-U
========================================= Map 1
Name: Keep on surviving
Author: Geoffrey van Dijk

"Giving the short amount of time we all had I just went ahead and jumped into a big barrel of clichs, including the infamous crates and pipes to fill up empty rooms. Thank God you don't mind, otherwise I'd have to start over.

Take note of the fact that the map is a tad hard. But if that's a problem for you.. then you really haven't been paying much attention in the last ten years have you?"

========================================= Map 2
Name: Attack!
Author: Maarten van Oostrum

"Small map made in 2 days. It's a kind of city, with lotsa aliens asses to kick!
Some quite basic/rushed things, but they don't bother me at all :P
And of course the map has the shape of big 10. The "0" looks sloppy though
if you type "DNSHOWMAP" ;)


========================================= Map 3
Name: The Lair of the Witch
Author: Iggy

"Map contains some simple temple-like constructions. Even monsters."

========================================= Map 4
Name: JSDuke10th
Author: James Stanfield

"I made this level in 1 day which must be a record for me, and I'm pretty proud of it. It contains a small spaceship in the shape of a 10, but that's not really the highlight of the level (Even though it should be - sorry!) I made something to make up for that which should be significant enough for Duke's birthday near the end. Anyways, it's good to see people still playing Duke 10 years after he's done and his sequal nowhere to be found, so let's hope the next few are really productive ones!"

========================================= Map 5
Name: Lucky 13
Author: Iggy

"First two parts of the map are the numbers 1 and 0 in 2d-mode. Second part is a big island with several smaller ones around surrounded by an occean. Map contains temple/nature-stuff. Even monsters so once in a while. Map is nt to my usual modern standard so the quality won't be jawdropping. Just the "dropping" part. lol"

========================================= Map 6
Name: WG10
Author: William Gee

"nature level made out of a huge 10 made in 2 days."

========================================= Map 7
Name: Work on the shop! (werk aan de winkel! :D )
Author: Merlijn van Oostrum

"Small map in the shape of a "10" (shouldn't come as a surprise).
The "1" is a little city part with a shop for you to demolish, the "0" is the big
alien mothership where you get to kick some Overlord ass! This map has
been made within 2 days, so the style is quite basic, like the
original game. Gameplay might be pretty hard for some.
Now go kick ass!"
WildLife Test Mod
1.01 C
A Test for a Wild Life type mod. Hold space to drink water (any water). Then switch to what was formerly the Freezer if it doesn't automagically do so.
DukeMatch 1.0
1.3M C
a compilation of "MAPS" for Duke Nukem 1.3D especially ones for the DUKE-MATCHES!
Duke's Snowy Adventure II, Stolen Weapons v2.0
Curtis Eng
1.8M C-U
Duke Nukem Atomic Edition or Plutonium Pak Required and Nuclear Winter Commercial Addon.

A TC of two episodes. Episode one has six levels (Level 6 is DM only.). Episode two has six. You must find the hidden storage in Los Angeles where the aliens and elves are hiding the three weapons you MUST retrieve to complete the level or you will not be able to proceed to the rest of the levels. The final boss is Santa. There are new cut scenes too.

Incubation - Alien Apocalypse
James Hollidge aka Cyborg
1.2M C
After the killing of the alien queen in "The Birth" Duke rents an apartment in LA so that he can get some rest before he falls apart. However he didn't kill all the aliens in the first campaign and now those remaining have started to regroup. Find the remaining stronghold of the aliens and kick their asses off the planet; for good.
PARK: The Episode DEMO
THE PARK Team / Yves Bresson
Lo Wang 3D - Atomic Edition (v1.64)
Paul J. Smith
3M A
This changes Duke3D into Wang3D! This is normal Duke except that all the Duke Talk has been replaced by Wang Speak!

+Bonus Health: a beating heart that increases health above
+Bonus Armor: an atomic shield that minutely increases your
+Expander Sprite! Now you can pick one up without having to
get the shrinker (Hint: blimp)
+Blimp is now hitscanned when respawned
+Increased SWEARFREQUENCY to 250
+Grey Troopers (pal 12 & 18) may become invisible. They
can also shoot a variety of different weapons and they're
tougher too.
+Grey Pigs (pal 12 & 18) will shoot Expander instead of
+Monsters with pal 3, 4 or 18 will respawn as partially
+A fake nuke button (tile 116) can be used instead of a
boss to end the episode
+New "little" versions of all ammos (except FIRSTGUN AMMO)
+Random Power-up gives random ammo, health, or shield
+Jibbed actor sounds now apply to robots
+Max stretch now 255
+Tripbomb mode is 1: transluscence
+Tipped Dancers now have S.B.E. mode
+Atomic Health tells you your fortune!
+You are the shadow warrior when on steroids! You're black
and 75% translucent. Your vision is a bit clouded by the
smoke bomb, but night vision goggles make up for this ;)
+And a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now...
Installing Wang3D will copy the Shadow Warrior RTS file off
of the CD. Custom RTS files can be downloaded from my
website, including Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem, Redneck
Rampage, and Blood.

Also, I've gone through the whole game and modified the
levels, just in the way of giving the Shadow Warrior some
compitition (except for most of Episode 4--I can't get
around to that yet). In episode 1, I've added the newer
weapons, and in episodes 2 & 3 I've added the Expander or
ammo for it. They're well hidden, and keep an eye out for
some new secrets (some of which may be multi-player only).
Geoffrey van Dijk
93 C-U
DukeVR is a MGS-based set of training maps for Duke3d. It has 3 episodes; blue, green and red, where blue is the easiest and red the hardest. Every episode has 6 maps, where the last map is always a mix of earlier maps from the same episode.
Duke It Out In D.C. - Waffle Edition v1.20
Paul Smith
786 C
This modifies Duke It Out D.C. for the Atomic Edition of Duke3D. DukeDC is pretty cool in some aspects, but I took upon myself the liberty to write AI for the new objects so that you can interact with them. I had to edit Map 9 because it had some really bad factors for Multi-Mode (one way doors without multi-only swiches and such). You will need to install the regular DukeDC before installing the modified version.
Duke City v5.4
Yves Bresson
432 C-U
Big city story in FIVE parts. You'll visit over 32 buildings,
            including a church, a park, a shopping center, a fire central,
            a disco, a pub, a sport center, the LAPD building, a TV studio,
            a bank, a hotel, a pool, a cinema, a sub, a hospital, my flat,
            a tribunal, a prison, a museum, a laundry,
6 restaurants and many more...
Reality Patch v1.6 beta
Photon Man
109 C
This patch was made to improve the realism in Duke Nukem 3D. These are:

NEW: Pretty much any item or enemy gets killed/destroyed when in outerspace
(outside a starbase, etc)

-Code for the expander
-Code for the rats
-code for the sattelites/space shuttles
-code for the cameras
-Turned the organtic ("Organic Turret") into a proper "Organic Turret",
which has a very high firing rate, and explodes when duke is within range.
added sound to crushing rats
-Helper-Bot beta version
-Hepler-Bot now looks like Duke. At first, he looks like a LizTroop, but
will change into a Duke "lookalike". Also, to use the Helper-Bot, you must now
have a SpritePal of 3 (It WILL stay this way, now. No more changes(i
think..)) Unfortunately, the body stays suspended in the air
-Nearly all enemies are killed when in "outerspace".
-SmallSmoke doesn't appear in Outerspace.
-Fires don't burn in outerspace.
-Sattellites and Space Shuttles fall & explode when NOT in outerspace.
-Microphones get destroyed in outerspace
-Bins get ripped apart in Outerspace.
-Lots more to do with Outerspace.
-minor improvements to the DukeBot

Includes: All files and previous version.

Oxidum v0.99z-demo
AWJ Systems
537 C
After defeating the bad guys, Duke goes to Argentina to get some rest. But rest isn't meant for Duke. Just when he's having a great time, the aliens are planning the second wave. They decide to put him out of the way by sending him to Arizona in the year 2003.
XarTech v2.0
Ben Smit
166   A 6 level Addon for Duke Nukem 3D
This Addon was 1st released in September 1997
XarTech Invasion
Ben Smit
166 C
The aliens have taken over a local
: satellite "XarTech" uplink station.
: Duke is sent in to kick ass!
: Plenty of action - skill dependent
: Suggest you 1st try "Piece of cake"
: as all hell breaks loose in the final
: level with the new Riot Tanks.
- 6 levels
Dukes Revenge Demo v1.2
Leo Kapanadze
12.8M C
It was the year 2008, when Duke Nukem completed his battle with Dr. Proton in Las Vegas. He found out a top secret documentation on his lieutenants office desk, A secret underground invasion that would take over the us states such as: LA, Iowa, Us islands, Las vegas. Duke gets mad and hunts them down for a his revenge. He is trainned and he is stronger than ever.

Warning: This contains sexual explict material must be 18 or older to play.

Note: This maybe v1.3

king 6
10M C
this is a deathmatch addon for duke nukem 3d in neo-western style...
Ben Bradley ("Existence")
1.4M C
Duke removed the alien blood from his heels with a quick blast from his jetpack. As he stood in the middle of the road, overlooking the bulk of intestines and slime which once formed a lifeform that threathened the human race, he sneered to himself,
"Huh huh, what a mess". Just at that moment the radio crackled, Duke picked it from his pocket...

"Duke! Congratulations on destroying... err... whatever that last boss you destroyed was."
"Err, yeah thanks, it was the Cyclops again."
"Ah right, well I guess it'll come as no surprise if I tell you that the alien infestation isn't quite wiped out yet."
"Mmm... figures. I've got used to it after six years and over 4000 individual missions."
"Yeah, I'm really sorry Duke but you're the only one cool enough to fight these beasts. Besides this mission is different, it'll be fun!"
"I've heard these promises before. Different? Different how?"
"We need you to go to Mars. An alien being known as 'Harmstrong' is hiding out there. She's a distant relative of the Queen, and she's laying new mutated troopers with super tough skin."
"Hmm.. but Mars is just a desert wasteland."
"Not completely, the EDF do have one secret research base there... How you actually get to Mars is anyone's guess, but there's a launch facility outside Quaran Town, if that helps."
"Ok, I'm on it."
"... and Duke, watch out. You may come across several new enemies and weapons on your journey!"
"Got it!". Duke switched off the radio and began to walk. "Damn map makers", Duke thought to himself, "won't they give me a break?"

WORLDs v1.4
Josh Dunlavy
2.9M C
Duke Nukem's adventures on planet Earth don't end there. A month after the alien death squads were destroyed, the Earth Defense Forces requested his assistance in an operation that would totally eliminate alien presence from Earth: an all out assault against their domestic fleets. Yes, EDF would strike them on their home planet, pursuing the Overlord to his own territory.

Includes: A batch file to launch the addon if you can't get the included exe to run.

Dukewar v1.2
Mighty7, Agent ME
1.5M C
You begin the game in observer mode, pressing the action button ( default R ) toggles between the characters: Duke, Assault Captain, Pigcop, Octabrain. Once a character has been selected by hitting space bar, you will spawn in with an amount of health corresponding to your character. Pressing the action button activates the character's special skill, for example the Assault Captain's teleportation device. When you die you will respawn as the character you selected at the beginning of the match. You may only change your character when the level is started.

Duke:        As normal. Starts with steroids.

Assault Captain: Hit the action button (default R) to teleport, you must be standing still and not being attacked to use the teleporter. You cannot attack while teleporting. Use the first weapon (usually mighty foot) to fire lasers. Starts with Jetpack.

Pigcop:        Starts with shotgun. Hit action button to make piggy noises.

Octabrain:    Can float around and shoot octablasts by using weapon 1. Has large amounts of health.

v1.0 for duke3d v1.3d
v1.2 This is Mighty7's original DukeWar mod, updated for multiplayer and v1.5 duke3d.

Alot coding was done. Alot of variable item work.
Dark Castle 1
Frater Diatonica Dracona
2.6M C-U
A kind of Tomb Raider meets Deathtrap Dungeon. A nightmare of a castle that you have to escape from.
Shock System v1.0
Andre Frey
2.81M C-U,D
A Single,DM, and Co-op addon.
PaintBall 2 TC
Jake Hanna
3.5M C
Four new maps, 3 sorta new paintball guns, turns all the bullet guns to pball gunz.
Includes Files: PaintBall.zip and PaintBall2.zip
Robotech TC & updates+
5.87M C
Robotech addon based on the populor anima series.

Includes files: rtechtc.zip, robtcat.zip and robo.exe
Includes atomic patch.

Also Included: rtechv2.zip by tomc
Macross city a small sectoin of it includes RDF HQ MBS HQ AND IT DOSE NOT HAVE THE WHITE DRAGON sorry.  It includes a few tunnels and an air lock and hanger so you can go outside

Note: Intended for use with the "Robotech" total convertion
Duke Nukem 3D Aliens
Brian Gates
648 C
This replaces the Pigcop's with acid spitting aliens from the movie Aliens. Alien sounds are also included.
CRANIUM PACK - Duke Nukem 3D, the Sequel (v1.1)
Juha Toivokoski
319 C-U
Lots of new levels, episodes, art and music!
Far Beyond Duked: Another Chapter
Josh Anderson/M.T.C.
155 C
DUKE BLITZ-7+atomic

1- Many sound replacements. Most of these come from the DOOM GOLD
sound replacement series. DOOM GOLD is for DOOM II and was created by ENIGMA-13. DOOM GOLD 15 may be found on a bbs or internet ftp site near you. Also the DOOM GOLD add-on may be downloaded from the DUKE BLITZ home page... see address at the end of this doc. New sounds have also been added by Warlock. These sound were developed for Sound Blaster 16. If you are running a lower order  of SB, an SB clone or have marginal speakers, these sounds may not be what you hoped for.

2- Some music replacements. A wave-table device like a Wave Blaster will
enhance the music a great deal. NOTE: for best sound enhancement, it is best to turn off the music. There are fewer distractions that way.

3- The main graphical enhancement is that we have made the laser trip bombs a bit more dangerous by turning the trip-beam invisible. We have made this change permanent with no option to turn the beams on and off as in earlier versions of BLITZ. We did this because we figure most players are smart enough to know a trip-bomb when they see one, without the telltale red line to clutter up the landscape.

4- Many weapons characteristics have been changed to make them much more
deadly and some have been weakened just a bit so as to require a little more skill to use them. Experiment in Duke Match to see what's what.

5- The ORGANTIC monster left inactive by the D3D authors is very much
alive and functioning in DUKE BLITZ. See the map notes below and the ORGANTIC documentation mentioned there for more details.


1- Some ammo may be old or otherwise unstable. It may explode when picked up. This doesn't happen often, but the main culprits are  boxes of pipebombs and rockets. BEWARE!

2- When Duke gets below a certain level of health, he will slowly die at the rate of about 7 health points per minute. He must get more health or end up dead in a pool of blood. Freeze rays and such will not take him below the critical point level though, so there's still a good chance of survival.

3- In addition to reversing shrinker effects and increasing speed, the steroids now make Duke invisible SO LONG AS HE STANDS STILL. When he runs he'll still be able to be seen. These effects wear off with the steroids. Duke can still be killed while under the effects of steroids so being invisible won't save his neck if his enemies know where he is.


We will be releasing map modules which feature superior quality maps. They
will be grouped in such a way as to replace entire DUKE 3D episodes.

If you've released a good map and wish it to be considered for inclusion
in a future DUKE BLITZ MAP PACKET, please state that desire in your map
description/documentation file and we'll play test it when we see it.

Only straight maps with no graphical or sound adjustments will be
considered and all map authors will be given full credit for their work.
We will only include maps for which the author has given permission for
inclusion. We reserve the right to make minor modifications to any map
as needed.

Note that the ORGANTIC monster now works and may be used in maps. The creature looks as if it's meant to be a stationary, floor mounted item but due to problems in the original code it's been turned into a ceiling crawler with a *heavy* (11 health point decrease) sting! Try playing the test map in the loader and looking in the mirror while ORGANTIC attacks.
Includes: Instruction on how to use the creature in maps.

Note: the atomic version is NOT described above.

Includes: Dbatmc2.zip

New World demo
James Ferry aka Veldrik
584 C
The map is designed for Duke Match, climb ladders, and...
Trigger wire:
  As it is being layed, the "pellets" appear as red dots on the ground. You step on them and they explode. On their own they might not be the most powerful weapon, but in a nice long line they make one big explosion. Lay them strategically, across door ways, or better yet near the tops of ladders and around weapons so they act as bait. They will not arm until you move away from them. If you are playing multiplayer, the trigger wire will not arm until all players are also out of range.
Rotating Guns:
  The green things that sit there and shoot the red/orange things at you like the one the aliens shoot, have been changed so that they will only spin occasionally, and have a high rate of fire and shoot the same ammunition as the chaingun. The rate of fire is roughly half that of the changun. They will also last alot longer.  They now have a "strength" value of 4000. They can handle quite a fair bit of damage, and at close range to small groups of them, they cause a fair bit of damage.
Anti personnel mines:
  Can be found in the grass areas. I advise using hand bombs and RPG's to find them though. They are camoflauged but can still be recognized by the texture, the concentration of the image on the sprite is not as great as the surrounding grass. The mines use to contain nine times the amount, and the crater was more detailed, and had an indentation in the ground. I was worried about the speed so I cut them out and used simpler ones instead.

Some weapon strengths have been reduced, such as the RPG and the chaingun, while the trip bomb has been increased. In the water storage/treatment area, I havn't decided what it will be yet, jump into the water, this is where I used my own editor to achieve this effect. I found it originally by trial an error and then by looking at the way the program stores its data. The water will now let you see out into the area out side of the water, where as before you could only see the opaque surface. I would have used this effect on both sides, but if it were used on both, firing an object across the surface, while not aiming into the water would make it skew off course. I could explain it further, but put simply it is possible to display sector on sector with the build engine although, as I said, the projectiles may vear off course. The way you display sector on sector is performed by having the two sectors spill into each other, but at the same time not letting them spill into each other. It could be called a bug, but it is a good one. The transparent water surface in this map is only simple, and it is a one way surface so that it will not effect the gameplay the way it would if it were two way.
New World III TC v1.6
James Ferry aka Veldrik
3.5M C
Designed for Duke Nukem 1.3d.

Two campaigns, "The New World" and "Infiltration"
Multiplayer levels, (one capture the flag and one dukematch)
Training level (all episodes start with this)
All levels can be played with up to 8 players.
Transparent flames
Ladders and netting
Assault rifle with grenade launcher
Burning actors
Capture the flag
Persuading - Like in the Syndicate series form Bullfrog/EA
Equipment aquisition missions
Personnel aquisition missions
Assasination missions
Infiltration missions
Some surface damaging (only in mid and later stages)
The use of "space bar" (or what ever is set to the function
"use") to control some items and retrieve others
Includes a sample config file, demo, intro and ending animations,
original source code ("nw3code.exe") and a patch for
"duke3d.exe" ("nw3patch.exe").

New World IV TC Alpha v0.01
James Ferry aka Veldrik
2.8M C
Jason Castillo/-Team
296 C
A duke3d episode for duke3d all levels are strickly single except for the secret level (unaccesable in real game) called duke match area. this will soon become a duke TC check for up dates.
Zeaon is based on a RIFTS RPG adventure i made up and now it will be brought to you in duke3d form.
one episode of levels(subject to change)
; -cool pig cop effects (shoot grenades when they duck and fire)
-episode names
Garrp,Wumpus /
1.4M C
A. FIREBOMB WEAPON (formerly the RPG)
1. Two modes of use:
a. SECTOR NUKAGE (firebombs will be bluish): open a door, launch one into the area, shut the door.
b. RAINING DEATH: launch one at a ceiling and watch from a GREAT distance, OR, run like HELL!
B. PSIONIC RESONATOR WEAPON (formerly the microwave gun)
2. Two modes of use:
a. LEVITATION: All inventory, ammo, and weapons will levitate toward you
b. MIND CONTROL: The mind control aspects of the weapon offer a whole new realm of fun to duke suddenly you can MAKE AN ALIEN DO YOUR BIDDING. Each enemy will be controllable, and will break out of control, according to his intelligence. These enemies are all succeptible to mind control: Drone (it is, after all, just a machine), Pigcop, Lizard Troopers, Lizard Enforcers, Fat Commanders, and Octabrains. Most monsters can only do things they NORMALLY would do, for example, the Pigcops can't fly. Once you have control of an enemy he will face away from you..hit space to start/stop them. They will also do things you do like jump, duck, jetpack according to their abilities. You may kill them in many interesting ways so try some things out. Here's some ideas: Walk them into tripbombs, jump them off buildings, drown them,  make them take bullets for you, jetpack into the air and then turn it off for a second. For a complete description of the Psionic Resonator's use, including BUILD and programming information, see 'details.txt'.

II. MISCELLANEOUS PROGRAMMING (complete information including BUILD information is in details.txt)
A. ATTACK BLOOD: the blood of some aliens can sometimes remain animate even outside the body...you will know what I mean <evil laugh>.
B. REALISTIC ENVIRONMENT: All of the inventory, ammo, and weapons may be kicked around, and broken. Note: the access cards can not be broken, how
would you finish the level <g>?
1. Several types of Anti-grav (floating) automated shooters sector-based shooters: laser, shotgun, chaingun, rpg, shrinker, freezer. They have three movement modes (stationary, oscillate, follow) which may be set by palette number in build.
Retribution is a single-player ONLY addon.-11 Levels
Radio Free Earth v1.1
1.3M C
A tribute to conservative talk-radio Single-Player or DukeMatch on a Moon Base, Lots of detail and cool special effects.
Adds the following enhancements:
- A cool animated morph with coordinated sound
- Added sprites and textures to make the intent
of some features more apparent
SPECIAL JLauriol v2
Jean-marc Lauriol
101 C
7 levels for one episode
Coolio TC Demo
3M C
Features some new, sporadically placed levels from various level packs.

Weapons originally from the Mob Weapons Patch.


Billy Boy Maps
Billy Boy
7.3M C
7 map pack


Duke's dream time is interrupted when his ride crash-lands behind enemy lines.
Duke must find a way to the Gateway, or die trying. Mind the native population.

The level needs a fairly fast PC for a decent framerate. There are new sounds and a few new monsters, and new art. The mini-boss2 and mini-boss3 make things a bit tough. No boss will end the level. There are several special doors that allow passage between sectors that are piled together. There are "battery" pickups that act like keycards. They don't show up in inventory, but they are
found and placed one at a time, so there is no confusion.

There are a few spots where explosives mysteriously disappear from inventory. Exact ammo amounts are subtracted. If you PLAY with WEAPONS cheat, then ammo amounts get messed up. Normally, ammo is returned after you pass areas with breakable stuff not meant to be broken until later. The map has plenty of ammo. There are several ladders for going up. Just run into them to go up.

NEW expander weapon pickup (with extra power underwater - NOT FOR USE AT CLOSE RANGE-).
NEW code to spawn red and yellow keycards.
NEW actor to spawn from a list of actors after an explosion.
NEW code to set actor palette from respawn floor height.
NEW monster based on the RECON art.
( The BEDRONE will freeze you at close range, then back off and break the ice.)
NEW actor to play sounds that stop playing after an explosion.


How many Pigcops does it take to stop Duke from screwing
in a light bulb? You probably know the answer. It is dawn.
Duke is sent to repair a lighthouse overrun by aliens.
A hard climb to the base of the tower, and Duke finds
there are eight floors to the top , and the elevator is
locked. Some pigcops have learned to toss morters, some
turrets have been upgraded to RPG launchers,
and Duke is thinking he will be putting in some overtime
on this job.

Red newbeasts and red octobrains are twice as tough as the
normal monsters. The troopers explode when they fall into
water. Red turrets are tough, but they still stop shooting
when taking damage. Some sloped roof buildings have insides
where alien snipers shoot through one way windows. Find a way
inside, or try blasting the window with heavy explosives. From
inside, you have the advantage. Easy skill level has only
respawn monsters. Normal skill has some intense battles. There
is a secret level bonus level button. This sends you to E1L11.
I supplied a map for this. Just have it in your directory with
the other stuff here. There are a few large boss types that won't
end the level. It is best to go around these monsters. Also, each
of the eight floors has a room that unlocks the floor above.



Marcus Carlin (cArCuS)
223 C-U
5.4M C
uses a lot of Redneck Rampage textures.
There are some new weapons and aliens.
Under World v2.0
Kirk Fyfe aka O'mighty1
4.5M C
You start at the enterence to an old city
:bar then travel to a space station, half flooded
:with water, next your off to a strange rocky
:landscape with a cool castle and LOTS of
:explosions then you face the final challenge...
:Nasa station...

The freeze thrower has been replaced with a cool FLAME THROWER weapon! If you want to use this in your own levels just download a copy from a duke download page.

The pig cop has been replaced with a 750 hitpoint robot dude that fires 5 laser blasts at once!

The octo brain has been replaced with the dark octo
brain, this new bred of octo have about half the
life of the normal octo brain but a heavy power bolt
that takes 50 hitpoints off it's prey! Also new art
has been added for both the dark octo and it's power

The organic has been activated! read below details.

TONS of new art used in the levels! check it out...

4 new types of civilians!

Night vision goggles have 50% more power!

The 2nd and 3rd boss when paletted 21 have 3000-4000
hitpoints instead of 1!

New music for each level!

A new sound for the flame thrower and two new sounds
for the robot guy!

Mikko Sandt
335 C-U
This new episode placed on future city
of LA.Lots of cool stuff.
What this episode adds for you?
It give you a five new levels for episode one,
lots futuristic places and other cool future stuff.

Is year 2088.Super corporation are all over world.
New alien enemy called Evilation has concuerd a part
of world.This part is LA.When Duke2088 hears that the
new alien generation has landing on LA he have to
take his pistol and go in the streets what are full
of alien bastards.You have to go trought five new areas
of future and find Boss Evilation.Only then the fate
of humanity will be safe

Note: Includes Duke2088.zip for Duke v1.5
Dukerminator 3D
2.6M C
Dukerminator is a bizarre fusion between Duke Nukem and a Terminator! :P We have some new CONs and art to do it.

The art include some weapons edited by me:

Uzi 9mm. (from SW)
Ruger Shotgun (nice)
30cal. Machinegun (A hell of work)
Rocket Launcher (really a crap!)
Hand Bomb (cool art!)
Granade Launcher (...)
Minigun (need Con enhance and sound)
Tripbomb (really a crap!)
Steve W. Long
Episode One

Filename : E1L1.map
Level Name : Plant Alpha 1
Description :
Water treatment plant, fairly straight forward.

Filename : E1L2.map
Level Name : Roller
Description :
A true test of Build capacity, used 80% sector capacity,
and about 70% line capacity. Very large level, over 30
camera positions, conveyor belts, subways,etc.
As a former Army Officer, I laid out the control complex
like a real BN HQ.

Filename : E1L3.map
Level Name : CITY
Description :
A maximum test of Build capacity, used 99.99% sector capacity,
and about 85% line capacity. Very large level, 25 camera positions,
Lots of buildings and long play.
Immense detail, approx. 1.500 non-monster sprites.
Church has no monsters, just help..just appreciate scenery,
and then pay your dues in the cemetery.

Filename : E1L4.map
Level Name : LAUNCH
Description :
Take air tram to subway to massive launch pad, through control rooms
and sniper positions, ready room and board rocket.

Filename : E1L5.map
Level Name : Delta7
Description :
Leave Launch rocket to space station. Blow main reactor & escape.

Filename : E1L6.map
Level Name : Space Transport
Description :
Leave Delta 7 as it continues to blow, get off before you're blown to
bits, create chaos on Space Transport 22 find the escape pod that will
take you to Lunar Base Echo, the final map of Episode 1.

Filename : E1L7.map
Level Name : Lunar Base Echo
Description :
Duke escaped ST22 in the emergency escape pod, and has landed on
Lunar Base Echo. He must find his way to the main power plant
and stop the turbine and destroy the Boss.

Plus more levels....

Nuke The Bastards
Gavin Harris
157 C-U
An entire 7 level episode with an 8th secret level.
Story: Aliens are everywhere. They have taken over
human secret bases around the world. Nuke those
alien bastards.
While searching for the hidden base in the canyons, the aliens
have shot down your helicopter. You must now find the entrance
on your own.
The base is actually a security tunnel which leads into a secret
undergound base. You must get through this tunnel and find the
transporter that will take you to the base.
Once in the base your mission is to rid it of the alien infestation
and get out alive.
In a small town lurks an ancient myth about a temple built hundreds
of years ago, by ALIENS!!. You begin in this town, and you must
find this temple, if it exists!
Inside the temple, you find the same aliens that are trying to take
over the world. But... they must be the same aliens that built this
temple, since their all ghosts!
The main Army Base on the planet earth has been overun with alien
scum. Before the General fled, he left a message in the command
centre. Read this before using the transporter in the command centre
to go wherever you need.
After receiving your orders, you head for where they were heading.
Luckily, you catch them before they reached their destination.
It's time to NUKE THE BASTARDS and put an end to the latest assault
Ever wondered what the first mission Duke ever got was?
Wonder no more. Here it is. [This was my first ever map].
Lost Highway
522 C-U
468 C

CRUZSHIP: You go on to a cruzship and take it over.
There's a huge underwater area with a sunken ship.
There's also an oil well that blows up when you shoot
it or find the activation switch to detonate it.
after you take the ship over you must find the transportation
teleporter that takes you to BERMUDA.
-This level is very big and has a slow framerate.
You should have a fast computer while playing this level.
BERMUDA: Just like CRUZSHIP but you have to search the hotel
resorts and boats to find the access cards which will lead
you to Mt. Everest.
MT.CRASH: You start at the top of Mt. Everest and get to a place
Where you have to get access to go farther down the mountain.
You will then hear a plane crash wich you search and find a
hole off to the side which in turn leads you to a Budha temple
where you have to get the two other access cards. the access
cards will take you underwater and up to a transportation
center wich will take you to BLASTOFF.
BLASTOFF: The guy/s who made BLASTOFF is a genius. You have to play
this level to describe it. It's the best level in the whole world.
It keeps a continiuing pace with Huge Earthquakes and huge doors
that open the side of mountains. Near the end you end up in a huge
space station that you can pull a self destruct switch that blows
the space station up with about 500 (not kidding) explosions.
I made part of this. You can watch it blow up with the video
monitor. At the end you get in a life like space ship that takes
-It's too cool and big to describe any more of it.
-The original one had pictures of Lee, David, George, and Mark in
the space station. I don't know if those guys made it or not.
OUTER LIMITS: I made the beginning of this level. I like the beginning
the most. You start off in the same space ship you ended BLASTOFF
with. The ship's all beat up and broken. you have to fall through
a crack in the floor in the space shuttle. You land in another
space station. You have to fight your way through and find the
cold arctic like hole with a hole leading into water which will
take you to SUB ERA X.
SUB ERA X: You start off in a broken submarine and you have to ditch
it. you eventually go to a transportation. tunnel which brings you
to an area with Egyptian-Aztec like temples and buildings. You
will go through underwater areas and tunnels and transportation
devices. You will end up a pretty big area with a pyramid where
You have a showdown with the boss

Doom 2 (first part)
Daniel Lonard
252 C
Some pervert electrons of the VR of Doom (they were affected by the demons that invaded your screen) decided to morph into another type of invaders, the aliens of Duke Nukem 3D.
Total Apocalypse
Juan Daniel "Papamonos" Gonzalez
1.3M C
Duke has to kill the Cycloid Emperor, and he go out from Los Angeles,now destroyed and occupied by the aliens. His only intention is to inform the situation to the OTAN and EDF Central Command, and he has leave the heavy guns. He only carries the small pistol. But the situation is seemingly impossible, and he will trip through a dangerous way that he did can't wait, and now is too late! A lot of environments he will see now, and the situations will change through the battle. He has dream that the Total Apocalypse propecy comes true...
2.6M C
just play the first level of the episode and you'll know everything
episode also includes a small movie. :)
Vermin Clearance
Frode 'Puritan' Waksvik
2.5M C
This is a full episode with 10 levels+1 secret.
Duke Nukem in RUSSIA (New YEAR)
2.4M 5 Once, on New Year's Eve, monsters returned. But who will save the Earth? Is certain, Duke Of nukem. Lair of monsters in Russia, somewhere in present long-suffering Russia. You will visit many interesting places. And at the end you will play the barefooted III into the American football.
Eye Of Cul
752 C-U
1: Azuebar City
2: Massacre in Bilbao
3: Military base
4: Holocausto in the Mountain range. In this map there was there is (it) a secret way that lead to the mentioned Industrial Zone.
5: Night in the City
6: The Cemetery
7: The Satanic Castle
2M C
In this episode you the set new expects:
1. 6 new maps, large and smaller, but always making you to stretch by brains (and not only on a wall);
2. 170 new textures and sprites;
3. 14 new sounds;
4. 6 new soundtracks;
5. 1 new weapon.
Matt Hayward aka ZODIAK
138 C
This episode is great and features seven crazy levels (Including a secret level, and a bonus Deathmatch level!), but it does replace the second episode in Duke Nukem 3D (Lunar Apocolypse).
Pacifist's Lost Episode
The Pacifist, Kenny, RS Turbo
241 C
It's Duke Nukem. Just play it. The levels aren't connected, except through the CON files (i.e. they have nothing much to do with
each other)
Mikko Sandt
139 C-U
This new episode placed on future city of LA.Lots of cool stuff.
What this episode adds for you? It give you a five new levels for episode one, lots futuristic places and other cool future stuff.

Is year 2088.Super corporation are all over world.
New alien enemy called Evilation has concuerd a part
of world.This part is LA.When Duke2088 hears that the
new alien generation has landing on LA he have to
take his pistol and go in the streets what are full
of alien bastards.You have to go trought five new areas
of future and find Boss Evilation.Only then the fate
of humanity will be safe.

Cinema Walker TC
4.8M C
Duke It Out In NY
823 C
Duke It out in NY Version 1.8 (The Sequal To DIOIDC)

The new episode made by NicksSoft, which has New York
City! Just extract new con and art files and Duke It out
In NY Is Installed! NEW! Multiplayer Map: The NY Rangers
Hockey Arena!

Explore More Than 10 new levels including all over NY!
And all over The Big Apple!
Pigs and Brains
46 C-U
WGSpace Episode
1.6M S
All my Space levels put into 1 episode.
The levels made for this episode have been built over a span of 8 years.
The Legacy v1.0
944 C
Part One:The Legacy

Duke is out to find an ancient weapon left by his ancestors but when he's goes on his journey he has alien company. When the aliens get a hold of the Mega Pulse Wave Ammo they develop their own guns to shoot these powerful
weapons. Duke is then nearly defeated but sent back home only to find THE END OF THE EARTH IS NEAR!!

The Duke 2000 Series is composed of a few parts. THE LEGACY, part one of the series takes place underground where it continues to an underground alien base.
Fight the future
Mikko Sandt
142 C-U
After duke has defeated alien boss underwater he travels back
to his own hq. One day duke awakes in hq and he noticed that the he has a new mission incoming. its about the alien island base. Aliens
are going to use sister-ray cannon to destroy la. Cannon is in aliens
island base. You have to find it before it's too late.

Whats new:
seven new musics and lot of art taken from duke it out in dc.
six new levels medium sized. different con file.
Duke's Vacation
4.3M C
Duke was sick and tired of fighting of alien invasions.He needed some R&R.So Duke took his private jet back home and flew to Hollywood for some beer,babes and rest.Duke was going to book a room at Hotel Hilton.But then Duke finds the streets empty no cars no people no nothing.Duke goes to the lobby of Hotel Hilton a waiting party of aliens is waiting.So Duke locks and loads ready for enything and thats what he should suspect enything.

These con,maps and midi replace episode1.
They also change some weapons.

weapon 2 is changed into a M-64 assualt rifle

weapon 3 is changed into a plasma gun

weapon 4 is changed into a set of dual uzis

weapon 5 is changed into a very powerful rocket launcher,it is called
a EDF Nuke launcher.Test it out to learn the blast radius so you don't get killed using it .

weapon 6 the pipebomb is changed into a CBU-80 GUILLOTINE.This weapon is mini-nuke it is very deadly.Test it out to learn the blast radius so you don't get killed using this deadly but small weapon.Due to saftey restrictions you can only carry 20 mini-nukes.

weapon 9 the tripbomb is changed into a CBU-60 GULLOTINE armed with a uranium core. Use with caution.
Duke In Black TC
Vortex Productions
4.1M C
This is Vortex's first Total Conversion. It replaces the first episode   Duke3d v1.3d. Based on the popular movie Men In Black.
Gabriele R. Giaminardi (saarek)
2M C
It replaces entire 2nd episode
Earth Defence Forces leader has been killed just when a strange artifact has been uncovered. Therefore Duke goes to investigate this at the EDF center. In the meantime, experiments on the artifact reveals its ability to teleport in space and time.
Andrew "Hudson" Childs & Geoffrey van Dijk
3.3M C
Uses a Source Modified JFDuke3D exe, included.
Wolf-Pack v1.3
986 C
This level pack features 6 single/co-op levels, 2 dukematch and new music.
The co-op levels allow up to 5 people to play.
Water Caves allows 5 dukematchers, and Vents allows 8.
There are no difficulty levels, I never use them, so neither can you.
The amount of enemies is akin to the 3rd dif. level.

This includes an Assault Rifle I made,
it replaces the chaingun.

Assault on EDF Fight your way through EDF offices
Secret Area 51 The goverments secret underground base
Prison Break into a maxium security prison
Starport Hijaack a spacecraft
Round and round we go Hijaack a spacecraft (secret level)
Star 101 Abandon ship, and take over your attacker's

Water Caves An network of underwater caves
Vent A massive city connected by tons of
ventilation shafts. This map is HUGE.

Indy Tour V.1
Laurent Juillard
120 C-U
These six maps are build from the most famous scenes of the Ind. Jones Trilogy.
            From Raiders:
            E2L1 (South America 1936) is the beginning of the movie (find the Idol !).
            E2L2 (Ark Trek) takes place in the german submarines base at the end of the movie
            (find the Ark !).
            From the Temple of Doom
            E2L3 (Slalom at Mt. Humol) is the scene of the movie where the
            characters fall the mountain of India in a lifeboat.
            E2L4 (The Temple of Doom) is the longest (and harder) of the series. It begins in the dinning room. (find the five stones of Sankara !)
            From the Last Crusade
            E2L5 (X marks the spot) begins in Venice by the library.
            E2L6 (The keeper of the Grail) takes place in the temple of the Crescent Moon.
            You must pass the three traps of God (The penitent man will pass !), and fight the keeper of the Grail.
            In these levels you will find hard traps, secret rooms, chase in speedboat, chase in mine wagons, earthquakes, submarines, special effects, water, fire and ice !

            Indiana Jones adventures are basically describe for a one character. It's for this reason these levels are NOT made for Dukematch. But the Coop-play is possible.
Dukey Nukem
Luis D. Ramirez (Nuker)
212 C-U
This is something new I just made. I'm not an expert, nor a genius, on
making those TOTAL conversions and my own artwork and stuff. I just re-did
some of the level and episode names. I re-did "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" level, (now
renamed "IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE") but only in one specific area. I added my own
levels to episode 4 (now renamed "IN LABOR"). 8 Levels to be exact. If the
secret level nuke button can be found in level 8, then you advance to the old
level one of epsisode 4. Another thing I changed is the boss level in episode
3. It's no longer the annoying STADIUM level, but the ZOO level! I changed
the ZOO level so that is why if you want to back up the ZOO level that you
already contain, do so.
Juha Laaksonen
1.7M C-U
Duke kicks some ass.
Duke3D Forever
Simon Charles
311 C-U
All build from scratch, my maps modified and improved. Many ideas came from various 3D games such as Shadow Warrior, Quake and Jedi Knight to name a few. Try to spot where I leeched from those other games in my building.


Steve's 2 Episodes
Steve Long
1.2M 3 7 Duke maps. They all bear the original file name (E1L1.map, E1L2.map...etc.)
787 C-U
Kill every thing and survive.
The Real Bad Ass
Olivier Delatour
208 3 An entire episode which takes place at the end of Duke Nukem 3D. It show all ambiences of the game : the Earth, the outer space and the Moon.
FM2X:New York Rebellion and Orbital Oblivion
Fernando Mrquez
2.5M C
Two custom episodes.
MSSP Episode V3.0
Mikko Sandt
1.4M C
MSSP Episode includes:

-Eight levels
-New sounds
-New musics
-Modified enemies
-New textures and lot more


After thousands of alien invasions a group of top scientists tried to find out the source of all alien force. Where's the planet of these creatures? Some of the alien craft were noticed in the direction of Orion star system. Scientists came in the conclusion that the aliens came from Orion's star (which seems to be a planet) called Betelgeuse. EDF tryed to nuke the whole planet away but aliens' defence system was better. As a revenge of this pathetic try to kill all alienkind they decided to strike back. Remains of the alien forces attacked to earth once
again. This time with new units like clone Emperors and clone Overlords. Suddenly all people started to die all over the world. It was an alien-made plague which killed about 60% of the earth's population. Those who were left started their plans against the alien army. Duke was sent to find out if there are any fellows left in the EDF's main facility...

MERC:Fatal Reality v1.4
Ryan Conner, TCM
3.6M C
You are part of the CIA's U.S. Protection Agency. Your the guy who saves
the U.S. government from those hostile terroist groups. The CIA section
your assigned to, MERC "Major Endagerment Restraining Crew", is always ready
for a good fight.

Last week you shut down bussiness at the local militia training camp, which
housed several anti-government leaders. But this week you just feel like
relaxing, and maybe making a trip to the beach.

This morning you wake up to the sound of a door shuting. You quickly get up
and load your gun, but whoever it was is already gone. "What's this?", you
ask yourself as you stare at your TV stand. "It looks like one of those CIA
message disks." Great they just had to ruin your vacation, didn't they.
"Well I guess I better see what this is all about.", you mumble as you get up
and slip the disk into your computer.
Secrets Of The Acropolis
2.9M C

After having rid Los Angeles and the rest of the world and solar system of
aliens (or so he thought) Duke decides to take a well-deserved vacation. So
he packs his bags and heads to the Mediterranean to relax and enjoy the
sites. Among the sites he visits is a museum. But after exploring the museum
for a short while he begins to notice a subtle similarity between the Greek
artifacts and some of the things he'd seen in the aliens' domain. He gets
suspicious and starts exploring further. He begins to discover clues that
lead him to a secret passage hidden beneath the museum. There he finds an
alien artifact which provides him with evidence that the alien invasion was
not a recent development...
JJ Duke Nukem 3D v101c
Jonathon Fowler,
Jason Bredhauer
6.4M C
The same old story. Duke crashes down in a stolen alien cruiser but this
time he is a little closer to home.

Look for the new features. There's a special powerup called the SuperDukePak
and a new actors amongst other things.
Math Pak
Matjaz M. aka MatH
1.3M C
spend a lot of time optimizing frame rate and details

Suburbs is a part of a town with a residental area, parking place
        sewage system.. . . see the rest for your self.
        Got rated 4.95 on elitegames site.

Factory is a sort of industrial zone. Got some ideas from a nearbie
        deserted military laundry.

Bosnia I guess everibody knows where inspiration for this one comes

Hall Of Fame was made just to give credits. Also suitable for those who
        who like small 2 player maps.

Alien Culture is extraterrestrial. No futher description.
        Available only if you find secret green exit.
Long Haul
260 C-U
Stranded in your damaged space shuttle you manage to climb out with
an airtank. On the other side you spot and float over to an unknown space
ship with the earth looming in the background. As you get closer, you are
taken in by its size and presence. You muster up your courage and strength
and wipe out the initial wave of alien intruders and head for the Moon's
Earth Defense Force Headquarters to report your findings.

At the Moon EDF life station (R&R) you find that the aliens have
established a foothold and are preparing to launch an attack on earth.
The quickest way around the moon base is to take the Moon Metroway and
find the keycards to the Earth Teleporter.

Back at the main Earth Defense Forces HQ on earth, you find yourself
a step behind again. Clearing out those *&(#@* aliens, you take the train
to the most secret inner Earth Defense Forces HQ and Research & Developement
Center where you get caught and sent to the city camp.

Seems that there's no end to the......... Maybe it's time to invade
their planet, that's another story.
Mario Russo
963 C
Whats New
-6 New Weapons
-2 New Enemies
-4 New Episodes
-20 New Levels
-New Sounds
-New Musics
-All Grafics news

The agent John Cable received a mission of its superiors; to remove a stone
of the shoe of the corporation. An organization satanic entitled INFERNO, had
expanded its empires during the last years bringing misfortune in the continents. The situation began to be it criticizes when some of the demons escaped from the hell and they invaded the largest capitals of the world.

The game has basically two types of enemies the pistol soldier and the
shotgun guy. The color of armor is different in some levels.

Weapon 1; Power Pipe is the fisrt weapon, You don't nedd any amo or

Weapon 2; 9mm Pistol, 12 shots/reload 12 bullets/ammo pack 100 ammo limit

Weapon 3; Shotgun, automatic reload, ammo pack has four rounds in them.
Ammo limit of 50

Weapon 4; Rapid fire chaingun, uses a lot of ammo, Ammo limit of 200,
Ammopack has 25 rounds in them

Weapon 5; 666 Rocket has ammo limit of 25, you'll find single ammo in
the INFERNO levels

Weapon 6; Hand Grenade Thumb-activated detonator. To blow up the bomb,
just press fire again. You'll find single grenades, Ammo limit of 50

Night Vision- To see enemies in the dark.

Steroids- To run much more and very strong power pipe.

Hologram- Project a false image of the player.

Jet Pack- Allows you to fly away, most designed for multiplayer.

Boots- Allows you to run in lava floor, etc.

Scuba Air Tank- Protect player when is submerged and is automatically
activated when is underwater.

Armor- Extra damage protection

Red Health Pack- +10 Health

White Health Pack- +30 Health

Blue Health Pack- +100 Health (with limit of 100)

Grey pack with white cross- +50 Heatlh (without limit of 100)

The Final Missions
Alan Nick
1M C
The aliens are making a final attempt to take over the world and Duke sets out to land on their planet and destroy them for good.
Duke Tournament+
Mikko Sandt, Team
3.7M C

Duke Tournamentt includes:

-8 Dukematch levels ( seven made by me and one by Dean Lillie )
-5 Single player levels ( all made by me. I had to remove Dean's sp level because it was too slow and didn't fit in story )
-This readme file
-New textures ( From Quake2, Doom, SW, Rott and off course some made by me and George W. Bernard )
-Bat files to launch SP or DM games ( for each DM level and for SP episode )
-New User and Game.con ( You don't have to backup older cons because names are different )
-Many new sound effects from famous games ( shotgun's sound for example )
-New midis ( only two )
-Few modified enemies ( same art as before but now more minibosses and else )
-Two new weapons and two from other Duke releases

Includes: duke2000.zip Additional Levels

DUKELAND Mini-episode
Parasite Productions
9.6M C-U
Those aliens bastards have stolen the happiest
place on earth-- Disneyland. The aliens tried
to physically remove Disneyland and it broke into
pieces. Your mission: take back New Orleans
Square & Tomorrowland.
No one steals Disneyland ...and Lives!!!
- The elevator in the HAUNTED MANSION rocks. It took some creative
thought to create the strecting room feeling. AWESOME.

- Star Tours is always fun.

- Level builders will appreciate the use of sector over sector in the
Captain Eo theater.
Canadian Carnage Beta
Charlie Skuce, A.J. Wood
884 C
The new things you will find are...
1) 9 new levels
2) new music...MetallicA
3) new art
4) new difficult settings
5) 2 new guns
and much much more!!!!
Steven Petrovics Griffiths
914 C
7 levels,Good textures, clear heaps of guys and heaps of ammo.
Battle it out in Birmingham
Martin Bradley
268 C-U
The Story : After clearing up most of the USA from those alien scum, Duke Travels to Europe to assist in eliminating  small pockets of resistance in the major cities. His first stop is the city of Birmingham, England. After a train ride to New Street station, Duke loads his pistol and heads for the escalators to the Pallasades, a shopping mall above the station.

Description : This is NOT Birmingham in Alabama, USA. This is Birmingham, or Brum, in good 'ol England. This seven level episode lets you explore parts of Birmingham City Centre. Yes, this is a replication of a REAL city. Ok, so "Duke it out in DC" was meant to be in Washington DC, but only very small bits of it were actually accurate replications. I've tried to be as accurate as possible for this episode, although there are quite a few bits made up (There is no Sushi Resturant in the Pallisades, for example). Also I used the regular textures for the levels so they do not look exactly like the real thing, but I don't think this matters too much.       
The Brave New World
Mikko Sandt
1.8 C
This is a five-level mini-mod. Four of the levels are new - one of them is "O'Boy" which was released in spring 2003 (the one in this release is an updated version with new locations). There are also other minor changes such as two new weapon models, some new art (some cool stuff), some sounds, con changes & a snowfall effect.
George-W. "Jaco" BERNARD
James Hollidge aka "Cyborg"
6.9M C
7 levels
Alien Invasion
Fred Hero
4.1M C
A Level-Pack
25th Century Duke
TNT Team, Kaotik Industries
1.5M C-U
25th Century Duke is an add-on episode set in the 25th Century, a time
where the global population is exceeding the 300 billion mark. The
environment has been depleeted so much so that the creation of oxygen
now rests in the hands of big industries. The cities of the world reach
higher and higher for the clouds. Scenarios not dis-similar to those
found in the cult movies BladeRunner and The Fifth Element.

25C Duke features:

* Twin pistols for more firepower
* A refined freezethrower
* Heaps of new artwork
* A new episode (6 maps) for Single Player/Cooperative play
with involving detail.
Duke3D eXTREME beta 2
brtherman aka Oh-Zee
5.3M C
In this game most of the guns have been modified or changed.
    The weapons are as follows:
    -The Pistol is replaced by a M-16A2   
    -The Chaingun is now two MP5's
    -The RPG has been modified so now it's a new type
    -The Pipebomb is now a grenade
    -The Shrinker is a Grenade Launcher
    -The Devastator is now the Cycloid
    -The Laser Tripbomb has no laser now (so watch out!)
    -The Freezethrower is now the Flamethrower (figures)

    Also, this game has a couple features I would like to mention.
    When your health goes below 2000 you will start bleeding to death.
    I think if you were 40% less healthy right now with wounds from
    bullets, lasers etc... you'd be in pretty bad shape so you would
    most likely be bleeding to death. Also when you're shot the screen
    will jerk around. To pick things up you have to press space.

    The other following things have been changed:
    -Misc. art
    -The slimer is now a fem slimer cuz I hate the real slimer
    (I will probably change that later cuz it's kinda gay)
    -There is way more blood
    -The woman have been altered in a "revealing" way
    -The movie in Hollywood Holocaust is now truly XXX rated
    -The posters have also been altered in a "revealing" way
Weaponry TC v1.1 Alpha
James Ferry aka Veldrik
1.3M C
Duke now runs at different speeds depending upon how much he is carrying
Weapons weigh different amounts
Heavy weapons include:
Missile launcher
Plasma launcher
Sniper rifle - not physically heavy, just bulky
Man traps
Four sample maps - a new map, two maps from NW3, and E1L1

You can run the program WTCPATCH.EXE
to create an alternate executable, which is
designed for this TC to be run off.
There is a batch file to run a fake
multiplayer game called FAKE.BAT, it
is recommended that you run this batch
file to play the game single player. To
run it multi, the easiest way is to rename
The original code is stored in wtccode.zip

Deathmatch I TC v1.3
Napalm Team
6.2M C
DEATHMATCH is a total conversion (TC) add-on for Duke Nukem 3D v1.5.


* 6 new weapons

* 7 new sounds and lots of new graphics

* 5 new maps for DukeMatch


DEATHMATCH TC features six new weapons - the rest were modified.

Here are short briefings on them:


Ammo pack: 25 rounds Max ammo: 200 rounds


Ammo pack: 70 rounds Max ammo: 300 rounds

* RPG Rocket Launcher

Ammo pack: 5 rockets Max units: 25

* PIPEBOMB Fragmentation Grenade

Ammo pack: 5 grenades Max grenades: 10


Ammo pack: 5/20 shots Max shots: 25/50


Ammo pack: 70 rounds Max ammo: 300 rounds

This weapon is only designed for DukeMatch!


Ammo pack: 50 rockets Max units: 200


Ammo pack: 10 rounds Max ammo: 30 rounds


Ammo pack: single unit Max mines: 10

Deathmatch II TC v1.0

Napalm Team
7.4M C
DEATHMATCH II is a total conversion (TC) add-on for Duke Nukem 3D v1.5.


* 4 new weapons

* 7 new sounds and lots of new graphics

* 1 new map for DukeMatch
This Map is a nearly exactly reproduction
of an industrial site in
Offenbach near Landau (Germany)


DEATHMATCH II TC features four new weapons

Here are short briefings on them:

* AK74

Ammo pack: 25 rounds Max ammo: 200 rounds


Ammo pack: 70 rounds Max ammo: 300 rounds

* LAW 80 Rocket Launcher

Ammo pack: 5 rockets Max units: 25

* PIPEBOMB Fragmentation Grenade

Ammo pack: 5 grenades Max grenades: 10

The Return
Sean, Matthew, Brian, Rory, Jonathan
5.7M C
A 9 level episode starting after "The Gate" A sub-quest after the Gate TC. Not part of it.(The Gate TC is not needed)

  After the Antirrans witnessed the birth of the supreme being through
the interaction between the two types of "humans", the Overlords tried to clone the effect and duplicate the union. They succeeded in creating one
"Prototype" of the new supreme race of Antirrans. All the Overlords transfused their blood to the GENEPOOL of the new being. As a after thought, the Overlords reasoned that it would be good for the hatchling to have protection on its new home on Earth. They created mass amounts of shadow beings from the refuse blood from the GENEPOOL. These creatures were sent to Earth not to destroy it yet, but to wait for the coming of the Queen.
    The Overlords only assumed it was a female since the original union
produced one. But they could not be sure. So they left the egg under careful
watch until it was ready to hatch. If the waiting period was broken and the egghatched, the bond would be broken and the new being would surely die.
    When you, Duke Nukem, came along and destroyed the first wave of the
alien forces seeking to claim back Earth for Antirra, the Overlords had no
choice but to fight against your one-man army. But knowing you would probablydefeat them as well, they had no choice but to break the bond with the hatchling. To keep it alive, they sealed it into a cocoon with the rest of
the blood from their GENEPOOL. The last reserves had been spent and it was
death to the master race. Their only hope rested on the being that emerged
from that egg.....

Includes: Hints and detailed documentation.
Stian Sigvartsen, Peter Stephens
977 C
Features: 7 brand new exciting 1P/MP levels
            1 brand new DM only level
            2 brand new MIDI tracks (level 1 and 6)
            New ending
Includes Files:  tfc10.zip and tfcatom.zip
Luke Nukem 3d
176 C
A series of 3 brand new EPISODES using the Star Wars Trilogy !!!!!!!!!!
In total there are 3 new episodes , 27 levels , and heaps of new sounds and Values.
Duke Smurfem 3D v1.10
Paul Smith
4M C
Oh no! Duke's been Smurfed! Now he sounds like he's been sucking on helium! In order to be un-Smurfed, Duke's gonna have to get past the Queen and her drones that protect the Desmurfilator Device. This means Duke will have to kick the smurf out of every alien sonuvasmurf that gets in his
I got the "smurf talk" to work by increasing the pitch by 750 units in the user.con
Murder: The EDF Conspiracy
ice-wolf / Team
4.7M C
With the devastating attack on Earth by the Aliens forces, the Earth Defense Forces decided that they needed to develop advanced defenses for Earch that would either deter further invasion attempts, or stop them should they occur.
Within a year construction of five weapons platforms had been completed. These stations carried weapons salvaged from alien cruisers and destroyers that had been crippled in the war. By the end of the second year, 70 such stations were in orbit. Conscription of much of the remaining population allowed EDF to replace their shattered armies, and factories began spewing war material.

If the aliens ever returned, Earth would be ready......
Duke Dependence Day
Roland Blais
1.8M C
Duke meets Independance day!
5.93M   To change character and weapons, you only get three characters,
three cons, and all of the weapons there are for now are included.

The Default is the Heavy SWAT but the Sniper and Original SWAT
is included.
command and conquer tc
900   These maps were originally for the command and conquer tc, but due to.. issues they never really seemed to get included, and the tc died.
Ambush on Duke's Private Home... ADDRESS: #969
Guy Babin
216   is really a conversion from the original DOOM wad.
This first map (level) was drawn and reconstructed to match the
house I've lived most of my life. BEWARE.
204   The Duke is being dropped in the middle of the chaos, where he has to blast his way trough the city to find a hidden base and Destroy it!!!! Thus his challenge wont stop there, no, now he must go into the pestation itself and end this Alien plague once and for all!!!

Requires: Duke it out in D.C.

Tunnel Episode
Jussi "hullu" Kivilinna,
Pekka "donari" Kivilinna

The Lost Duke Episodes 2.0
Mark Hadley
420 C
The 4 Lost Episodes of Duke Nukem, way back when he was still working for the CIA (see Duke Nukem I). Apparently, before the fight with Dr. Proton, he had fought off an alien invasion of Earth (though more in secrecy), the selfsame ones that tried again later during Duke Nukem 3D.

Shrink Trooper - Much like the Lizard Captains, except they shoot shrinkers. Sometimes they drop shrinker ammo when killed. They wear grey suits.

Laser Guard - Like the lizards with the chainguns, except with red skin, and they fire rapid-fire lasers instead of bullets. Very dangerous at close range.

Bio-Warrior - Bright glowing green lizard warriors that emit a humming sound. Their gun shoots acid. Be careful, their lifeforce also generates a field of radiation around them that will hurt you if you get too close.

Pig Captain - These green-suited pigcops fire RPGs. When killed, they will sometimes drop their armor or some ammo for the Devistator.
Shotgun Turret - These blue gun turrets fire dual shotgun blasts. Very deadly.

In addition, there's a new weapon canister (it looks like a dark-blue-rimmed rubbermaid can). When shot, they will usually explode (with a wide radius) or
they will drop a random weapon. Sometimes they will drop an atomic health instead.


Freeze Guard -- Lizard warriors with blue skin. Watch out for their freeze blasts.
Bio-Warrior Mark II -- New and improved, these fearsome creatures, made from alien drones, are fast, strong, and radioactive. Unlike the Bio-Warrior Mark I, these do not lose their radiation when they die, so their bodies are still radioactive.
Termination Trooper -- These fearsome little troopers, distinguished by their red skin and grey outfit, are tougher than other troopers and are armed with mortar guns and the site- to-site teleporters.
Alien Guardian -- A non-acquatic mutation of an Alien queen which has red skin, with its electricity adapted to be able to travel through air instead of water. It also has mutated so that it lays Mark II Bio-Warriors instead of regular alien drones.
CLEMENT Pierre-Olivier
2.5M C
- ALIENS : They are terribly fast and they jump at you when you
are out of range. They only bites, but they can eviscerate you
in a couple of seconds, so avoid contact !!!
The best weapon to terminate theim is the Flame Thrower.
The M-40 canon is also a good choice because of it's fire
Once dead, the molecular acid is still active, take care of
your new shooes !

- FACE HUGGER : small and fast, when close enough, they jump at your
face and don't give up easily !!! Better shoot theim first !!!
The best friend of the space marine, when one is sighted, is
the Shotgun. The Flame Thrower is heavily unefficient...

- EGGS : They spawn Face huggers.

- SENTINEL : An automated guardian flying above the battle field.
It fires laser and spred small bombs when close enough.
Not so aggressive as Aliens but difficult to hit.
The pistol is of no use and the Shotgun or the Flame Thrower
may be the best weapon to kick theire metal ass !!!
When dead they explode.

- BATTLE TANK : An heavily armored battle tank firing missiles and
droping automated mines !!!
Better know how to strafe and how to run or you will learn how
to die !!!

- AUTOMATED MINES : small mines homing to their target with a deadly
accuracy ! Shoot theim before the kiss !!!
You are free to use the ALIEN "patch" to make everything you want...

Octabrain ---> Facehuugers Pigcop ---> Aliens
Boss3 ---> Tank Lizmanspitting ---> Guided Mines
Commander ---> Sentinel

"wrote this when looking for a job,  ended up at Zero Software."
Final Battle v1.0
1.3M C
Includes:  final.zip(246kb)v.9 , finalpak.zip(978kb)v1
3.3M C
One day (august 20) Duke recieved a mail from the Feds. It was a cry for help against some aliens. Dukes first thought was:
-No frickin way I'm doing this sh!t. They had better handle their own bussines... But before he had finished that thought he heard an explosion. The aliens were trying to attack duke. They had blown a big hole in his wall. Now the cloned aliens were all over. Nobody, sneered Duke, Destroys my home - and lives !
Mike Channell
1.1M C
The bullet weapons have all been enhanced, the pistol is now equivalent to one shotgun blast, a chaingun is like a rapid fire shotgun and the shotgun its self is about 5 or 6 shotgun blasts worth, hell when you are up against 3 pigcops who are firing the enhanced shotguns.

When you go to collect steroids they may have been drugged by the aliens so you had better make a decision, take the chance or leave the steriods alone? After all, winners don't do drugs.

A new feature that Duke is now equipped with is a pair of kinetically charged rocket boots, Duke's movement is constantly recharging the boots which replace his mighty foot ( makes sense really ). They are faster than a jetpack and overall they are more efficient.

The jetpack is now a back pack filled with explosive semtex, press J and detonate taking out any other dukematchers who are picking on you.

Duke has a holographic camoflage system which can distract other players
or hide you from sight. Remember use it in a position where you won't look stupid. To activate, duck and hit space.

Pipe bombs are now fitted with an extra treat, they either shoot acid or psionic blasts when detonated. Handy!
Uranium Pak v1.0
1.4M C
1) An ALL new EPISODE!!! With ALL new levels!! (see botom for disclamer and credits) Replaces Shrapnel City though...
2)ALL THE DANCERS ARE NAKED!! And the posters too have naked pictures on them!!!!! *yes!!*
3) An UZI that replaces the stupid, lame, weak, crappy, pistol!
5) Duke swears more!! (Maximum that he can!!) *woohoo!!*
6) Press the spacebar ANYWHERE and Duke will swear.
7) Hold down the spacebar and listen to Duke swear and swear!!
6) All new music for each level of the new episode. (see below)
9) Press the spacebar on any wall and splater blood on it!
10) When you kill troopers whatch MONEY and BLOOD fly everywhere!!
11) Shoot troopers in the neck and they will suffer for a LONG time!!
12) An all new storyline for the new episode!!
Capture The Flag v1.2
Mike Channell
1.5M C
For a long time hardcore Dukers have been begging for a capture the flag style conversion for Duke Nukem 3d, the duke tag level in version 1.4 was a capture the flag style game but it was too difficult for most level builders to create levels for it due to the complexity of the gameplay. Many times attempts have been made to create a worthy CTF conversion yet all have failed, up until now.

Duke CTF features:

* Fast and exciting gameplay.
* Teamplay and team colours.
* Dukematch backwards compatability.
* Four CTF enhanced levels plus two never seen before CTF levels.
* Online support.
* Level creating faq.
* Weapons remain unchanged for original badass fragging.
Duke Arena v2.8 Beta
Duke Arena Team
4M C
This a BETA VERSION. This is a Multi-PLayer Add-On for Duke Nukem 1.3D. It includes the best Duke Match (DM) levels from the original game, New DM levels, Capture The Flag levels (CTF), King Of the Hill (KOH), and many more...

This archive contains in development extras and open-cons.

Duke Arena Beta Demo(v2.8) - darenabeta.zip


Duke Arena v2.7 and open cons(src) - V2_7.zip
Duke Arena v2.76 open game.con - V2_7_6.ZIP
Duke Arena v2.8 open cons(src) - dukearenabetav2.8cons.zip
Duke Arena Help files and Maps - DAt42.zip
Duke Arena Team File - DA-Team-Guide.txt
Duke Arena Features - Duke Arena Features Guide.rtf

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."
1.7M A 9 Maps plus one Credit map. Each *.map file is a different world for the play "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's
Nest." While the naming conventions may seem a bit arcane, they are actually
the page numbers for the monologues or scenes where the world appears (based on the Samuel French acting edition.)

You need the full version of Duke Nukem 3D to run these. Note that these are
not game levels, so there are no monsters or nasty things. These worlds were
designed to wander through in about a minute or two (the length of most of the monologues in the play).
The Premium Edition v1.6+
The Gangster aka King6
20.7M C
Uses a HACKED Duke3D v1.5 exe, included.

Includes Registered Files:

FragPrac.zip included. Single Player Frag Practice. Small add on adds computer controlled enemies, making the game more enjoyable in single player. Also Matrix and Budweiser Player Art included.

Duke in Denmark
13.4M C
1 new Episode (with intro) and multiplayer versions
New ART, SOUNDS, MIDI, WEAPON (modified), ITEM (modified), ANIMATION
+ DUKETALK in danish!!
+ an animated cursor and a DUKE in DK-icon.
Nathaniel Miller aka NIPPER
3.5M C
Ok the plot is this: I wanted to make some maps and new guns so I threw this TC together.

There is only one Episode with 5 levels, I guess you could call this a demo but I probably wont make anymore maps for it.

All the levels are pretty self explanitory, Because I suck at con editing (among other things) you dont realy have to rescue any hostages but they usally will be your only source for health.

Tools used: Duke Res art, Neo Paint, DNCE, Goldwave and BUILD of course.


-The mall map ends with you getting to the helicopter in the parking lot. If you blow up the trash can in the hall outside the back of KB toys you're screwed.

-If you're wondering what the hell is with the boss in "dust-off" well keep wondering cause I dont even know what made me put "him" in this TC.

-if you're looking at my art with Duke Res art please ingonore all the crazy crap that was never used in the TC (octabrain for example).

-TCmap3 is based on my local mall.

-Pay no attention to the Enemies killed stuff at the end of the board.

Note: Featuring artwork from WW2 GI, NAM, Lame Duke, and sounds from Counter Strike

A Jedi's Quest
8.2M C

Here is a list of the Weapons & Enemies we will have in our TC, as you can see almost everything is changed. Some things are going to be kept top secret until the game is released, So keep your eyes open and let us know what you think of the TC so far by emailing us at Jedisquest@...

----- Light saber: The preferred weapon of the Jedi.

----- Lazer Pistol: A secondary weapon to use for light battle.

-----Recoiler: Solid Barreled lazer blast.

-----Triple Barrel Repeater: Rips through any enemy.

-----Fusion Bazooka: Packs one BIG blast at a time.

---Thermal Detonator.

----Double Dominator: Dual Mini fusion blaster.

--Lazer Tripper.

--Force Power.

--Stormtroopers: The henchmen of the Empire.

--Imperial Guard: Take care of the dirty work for the Empire.

--Imperial Commander: Copied the look a Boba Fett's outfit and trained them for intense battles.

--Imperial Scout Droid: Launched from imperial cruisers on desolate planets to search for rebels.

--Explosion Droid: These ingenius droids will detonate on impact.

--Airborne Troopers: Stormtroopers equipped with mobile airships.

--Fett Warriors: Once belonged to the BobaFett clan, now loyal henchmen of the Empire.

Will remain topsecret, you'll have to play the game to see them.
4.18M C

2.1 THE EPISODE --------------------------------------------------------

The Pray Your Prayers total conversion features a 11 level mission based
episode. Divided these levels are in total 5 missions, 5 briefing maps and
one top secret level.

2.2 THE WEAPONS --------------------------------------------------------

The weapons are the highlight of the Pray Your Prayers total conversion.
With 9 totally new, original(as they are hand drawn) weapons, PYP has the
most unique arsenal available.

Nothing has changed with this. Duke still has the ability to kick alien ass.

The new handgun is still Duke's favorite, the .45 SOCOM FD (Future Design).
The new version of the handgun is a bit more powerful than the old one.
Max ammo: 200 rounds. Ammo clip: 12 rounds.

Used by the mutated L.A. police squad, this shotgun is heavy and powerful.
However, ammo is more limited.
Max ammo: 24 shells. Ammo box: 6 shells.

Fast and powerful, this is the weapon preferred by most. The MP5 rips all
foes to pieces quick. Effective against all enemies.
Max ammo: 200 rounds. Ammo clip: 50 rounds.

Developed by the aliens, this big and heavy weapon fires plasma charges at
your enemies with the same brutal power of the RPG but with less explosive
Max ammo: 40 charges. Ammo pack: 5 charges.

The duck is the only species unknown to the aliens, and EDF's weapon
scientists used this to Duke's benefit. A rubberduck with C-4 strapped
around its neck? Bounce one against your enemies and watch them fly. FEAR
Max ammo: 20 ducks. Ammo box: 6 ducks.

The ultimate in combat strategy. This weapon makes one target disappear for
a short while, allowing Duke to set up traps, collect items, change weapons
or whatever he please. The downside about this weapon is that it blinds Duke
for a couple of seconds when it's used, making him open to attacks.
Max ammo: 10 charges. Ammo crystal: 1 charge.

This multiple-fire compact plasma generator is a piece of modern technology
at its finest. This weapon will annihalate every resistance within seconds,
leaving nothing behind but a bloody mess.
Max ammo: 100 charges. Ammo box: 15 charges.

The ideal trap. Place one on a wall, and when anyone passes it, the motion
detector will trigger a concentrated explosion, destroying the creature
passing it. Including you, of course.

Who knows why and how someone managed to amputate the hand of a Shambler, but
who cares anyway as long as you get the benefit. Use the hand's electrical
powers to...Well, you have to see it for yourself. Be careful though...It may
have surprising results.

Includes: atomicprayers.zip for 1.4/1.5 users to play.

WOLF2DUKE Release 4
3.4M C
A four episode and 20 level TC with inspiration from one of the first shoot-em-up games, Wolf3d from ID Software.
The Ultima TC Demo
4M C
The Ultima TC features:

* Three new weapons So Far: The M16, The New 2X Barelled Shotgun & The Light Machine Rifle
* NO new testures!!
* All New Weapons sounds & new sounds for the 2 new enemies
* 4 all new Single Player Episodes
* 2 New enemies: The Fish Security Drone & Lo Wang From Shadow Warrior

Daniel Kurstak ( Skynet )
5.6M C
Hunt Predators in settings ranging from the jungle, to space stations, to the Predator
homewold! Features 8 levels, 9 new weapons, and new enemies...
Compiled by: Matt Lubbers
1M C

All it is is a group file like duke3d.grp
only it has all new maps and some new art. ;-) when you run the batch
files; newnet3d.bat for multiplayer games and newslf3d.bat for lone
games, it extracts those files into your duke3d directory. Doing this
makes duke3d.exe use these .map files instead of the ones in you
duke3d.grp. The batch file then runs duke3d with a different .con file
that puts in the names of the boards where the old names were.
After the game runs, the batch then automatically deletes the files that
it made to save you hard drive space long term.


Strike Force
4M C
consists of 4 brand new SINGLE-PLAYER episodes that

1) 44 New levels!
2) 44 New music tracks (including some from popular movies)!
3) 22 New sounds!
4) New graphics (title screen, tiles###.art)!
5) A brand new weapon, the SUPER DEVASTATOR!
6) 10 New Remote-Ridicule sounds!


* More gore for ALL enemies, INCLUDING the new enemy, the protector
* More gore for Duke!
* Cool stuff happens when enemies blow up!
* More gore for the bosses!
* A new enemy, the Bio-warrior!
* Upgraded rockets for the RPG!

8.6M C
3 Brand New Episodes.
All New Weapons
6 New enemies

Episode 1- Full Sp, Co-op (2-8 players) , and DM support (2-8 players)
(6 levels)
Episode 2- Full Sp, Co-op (2-8 players) , and DM support (2-8 players)
(5 levels)
Episode 3- DM support (2-8 players) . (Deathmatch Only)
(5 levels)
12M C
Uses a HACKED Duke3D v1.3D exe, included.
Saving Private Ryan
Edge Designs
14M C
Level 1: Ohmaha Beach
Level 2: Vierville
Level 3: Bunker
Level 4: The Fields
Level 5: Last Battle

Thompson Sub machingun
M1 Carbine (1 frame completed)
Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
Bazooka (M9A1 Rocket)
Hand Grenades
Sniper Rifle
Dual Bazookas
Plunder & Pillage v1.01b
Petrilla Enterprises /
Jesse Petrilla
12M C
Uses a HACKED Duke3D v1.5 exe, included.

You are Captain Jess Murdock, a renegade pirate who must fight his way through gangs of enemy pirates, plunder your way through enemy villages, and pillage everything in sight in an attempt to regain what was lost at sea and gain a name for yourself as the most notorious pirate on the
high seas!

Quest For Hussein
Petrilla Enterprises /
Jesse Petrilla
9M C
Uses a HACKED Duke3D v1.5 exe, included.


Quest for Alqaeda
Petrilla Enterprises /
Jesse Petrilla
10M C
Uses a HACKED Duke3D v1.5 exe, included.

Osama Bin Laden and his cronies must be hunted down and destroyed. You are dropped in the heart of Al-Qa'eda territory. You must fight your way through hordes of Osama's "men" in your
Quest For Al-Qa'eda.

Last Reaction & Water Bases
George-William BERNARD
11M C
Duke was coming back from his last mission : the Queen was now dead and Duke was very tired.
A light, coming with a deafening sound, appeared just in front of him.
 -Mr Nukem ! We've got to bring you back to the H.Q.!
 -OK, I'm coming !
 -Congratulations, you were very efficacious. But I fear that you won't back to your vacation now: 2 English geneticists have been kidnapped, those aliens looks to be interested in cloning. Something else...
 -What ?
 -The cyclop, and the head of that hideous space frog have disappeared from our laboratories last night, just after you leave. You must start in the lake in area 65B. Aliens are very active there.
 -How many time have I got ?
 -About 3 hours before they start the 'production'. Nevertheless, the cyclop being more evolved than the frog, you certainly won't see one of them before 8 hours, Time for it to get its adult size in growing accelerators.
 -One more match against that imbecile ? It will be too easy !
 Duke turned back to the door.
 -Duke !
 -What ?
 -What about the Queen ?

Includes: lrwbup.zip

Duke Los Angeles v1.0
Daniel Mitchell
8.4M C

Duke L.A. includes:

-11 Single player & Dukematch levels ( All made by me (Daniel Mitchell) )
-New textures ( From many 3d games )
-New User and Game.con ( You don't have to backup older cons because names are different )
-Many new sound effects from famous games ( shotgun's sound for example )
-New weapons
ZeroHour Demo v1.4
Bill Tatton, Team
6.3M C
The Missions:

From Dukes new Mission Control Center you'll learn the specifics of each mission.

New Weapons

Spike Cannon:

Spike is the nick name that we use for the new gattling gun. Use "4" on your keyboard
to select "Spike" as your weapon.

SM (Shoulder Mounted) Rail Gun:

Projectile is launched via magnetic pulse. It's a heavy hitter, but muzzle velocity is low.
Use "5" on the keyboard to select the SM Rail Gun as your weapon.

Hand Bomb:

This is the new version of the pipe bomb. Hit "6" on the keyboard to bring up the hand

XL Flame Cannon:

This plasma fed flame cannon can take most foes down quick. It has a fairly high
muzzle velocity. Use "0" on your keyboard to select the XL Flame Cannon as your


Based on Tazer technology, this weapon fires high energy balls of electricity.
If it hits a wall, the energy balls safelly disperses and is grounded out.
However, if the Mega-Tazer nails an enemy, electric fields bounce all over
the place nailing other enemies in their path. Be careful though, if you get
hit by one of the reflected balls of electricity, it can seriously fry your ass.

Monsters and strategies:


The servant is the lower class of the warriors in the world that we are creating. He is fast,
and mean at close range, but can't take to much damage. He has the ability to sometimes
tuck and roll out of the way of weapons with a slow muzzle velocity.


This is the upper class of the warrior race. Much quicker than the servant, and can take
quite a bit more damage.

Giant Spider:

The new alien race that Duke has encountered relies on these creatures to act as
guardians. Quick and agile. It can only attack at close range, but it packs a heavy punch.
Spiders have the ability to walk on ceilings, as well as climb to the player. We wanted to
design a monster that was relentless in it's pursuit. We've succeeded. Running
backwards while firing is a great way to knock these bad boys down. The Giant Spider
also has a nasty habit of pinning you up against the nearest wall and shredding you to
bits. Jump away from the spider when you're pinned.


These flying guardians are fairly weak, but fire multiple lasers. Don't try to take the
screamer out toe to toe. Strafe and fire. Keep moving, and you'll have the knack of
taking the screamer out in no time.

Heat Sensing Mine:

These mines lock onto the players body heat and explode on impact. They are very
weak, but are fast. A shot gun blast or a couple bullets will blow the mine away.

The Sentinel:

Very slow, but tough and deadly. A couple of blasts from the SM Rail Gun will take
these down quick. Keep moving, use your surroundings to your advantage. Find a place
to take cover and wait until you have a good shot. Using your steroids is a great way to
get some distance from the Sentinel. Once you've got some ground between it and you,
use the SM Rail Gun.

RPG Borg:

The aliens have created an entire race of new robots to serve them in their
quest to conquer the universe. The first type if the RPG Borg. The nasties
aren't to fast, but they fire RPG's at you like they were going out of style.

Stalker Borg:

This borg is equipped with a shield on one arm and a set of razor sharp claws on
the other. Not only is it quick and agile but it also has the ability to cloak
itself, making it hard to see. Your night vision goggles will bring these
enemies into clear view.

Assault Borg:

By far the toughest of the borgs. This guy is equipped with a jetpack. While
flying it will pelt you with grenades. While on the ground a wrist mounted
laser is the weapon of choice. One other feature of this borg is a impenatrable
sheild that is temporarily raised when the borg has been damaged.

STEALTH Buzzsaw drone:

Not very tough, but it can inflict a lot of damage, and it's hard to hit. Equipped
with STEALTH technology Dukes weapons won't lock onto it. The best way to take
these guys down is to hit "i" on your keyboard. This will bring up a set of cross
hairs. Use your keyboard to lock onto it and blow it away.

Mini-Mech Boss:

These are early versions of the main boss. The main boss is a prototype, one of a
kind. The mini-bosses are equipped with missiles and lasers. They also have the
ability to drop heat seeking land mines. When you destroy the robot, it's pilot
leaps from the cockpit and will attempt to finish you.

Mech Boss:

Although it looks the same as the Mini-Mech Boss, this baby is a lot tougher.
It can take a lot more damage as well as spawn a lot more heat seeking land
mines. Have fun with this one.
Terrorist Terror v1.1
CMV, Acidic Productions
5M C
It is the story of Steve Forest a secret agent an the way home
from a top secret mission. Suddenly on the journey home his
plane is hijacked and he, along with others is taken hostage.
You play as Steve Forest as you hunt down the terrorists across
the globe.

Terrorist TC features:

* Duke Nukem is replaced by a new hero, Steve Forest.
* Various outrageous new weapons such as Super pipebombs and
the Despatcher!
* New inventory items like cloaking device.
* Four new enemies
* Loads of cameo's, look out for lo-wang, dopefish and many more!
* New sounds and lots of new graphics tiles!
* A new episode (9 maps) for Single Player/Cooperative. Play unique
levels never released on the net.
* Loads of cool sprites, like snowmakers, that you can use in user
* Great running storyline.
Extreme Justice
Akimbo Productions,
Vincent Civiletti
10M C
Desert Storm
Jeffrey and Jeremy Mathis
8M C
As a war commander, you must locate a secret missile base. In this missile base, they are creating a super bomb. If they finish production of the bomb, it would mean certain disaster for the USA. Once you have located it, you must blow it up and escape alive.
Age Of Evil
7.3M C
It has 15 levels
MOR WAR v2.0 final
Michal Moravek, Pavel Moravek
5M C
If tvrzeni "all levels of the game are replaced by new" definition of TC (Total Conversion), the MOR War TC. It is a datadisk to play Duke Nukem 3D. It consists of four episodes. (Each after 11 levelech).
The first is specially designed for DukeMatch (the lower number of players).
The second is the orbitu and on the Moon.
In the third fight on Earth. These two episodes are suitable for singleplayeru and cooperation, however, actively promote and deathmatch. (Not only the starting position, but also weapons and objects in addition.) Finally, the recently completed fourth episode is part of the singleplayer (1st-6th level) and parts for deathmatch. Each level has a new music. Find here and a bit of new graphics and some new sounds. While the player can set the difficulty, but it is still quite high. The fact that the majority of players are big fans of the game, and therefore it can well. I recommend, however, experienced players often use SAVE. In addition, there have been other interesting efetkum. (For example, the expander is here normally can be taken from the country and some weapons are stronger.) And there is a possibility to play multiplayer against fictitious automatic fighters (BOT). This is "packed" in the GRP file.
Action DN3D Demo
Action Duke Team /
6.8M C
Stay under cover at all times, because if you are injured badly you can bleed to death!

There are no health packs in Action Duke3D, but you can bandage yourself by holding the space bar when you start to bleed.

The MP5 is actually a very good weapon against the terrorists in the game, because it fires in true 3-round bursts and has a 36-shot clip, so don't worry about finding better firepower because most of the time, you won't need it.

The M16 comes with an attached M203 Grenade launcher, which can be very deadly (to the terrorists AND you). Be careful of shrapnel when used at close range.

In Action Duke3D you are equipped with a pair of field binoculars - to use them, duck and hold space.

Remember to take any ammo that comes off a dead terrorist, because you won't see spare clips just lying around on the ground!
Andrew Childs (Hudson)
4M C
You are a part of a counter-operations team sent by the government in an attempt to stop the outbreak of a mutigenic virus (original eh?) All of your comrades have been slaughtered... you are the only one left. (One playable map) You make your way to a local shop where the survivors had stored a cache of munitions. It's time to get the hell out of there
N.I.B.: The Nightmare Edition
Diatonica Dracona
8.4M C-U
A Special collection of maps with a flowing story.
Duke Nukem: Atomic Heretic v1.14
Paul J. Smith
4.4M C
It's not quit done yet, but I wanted people to be able
to enjoy it already!

Jason Ng
20M C
Bubblegum Crisis
* Compatible with ALL versions of Duke Nukem 3D (Shareware and
Registered; PC and Macintosh).
* Sounds including new Priss quotes, bonus screen music and a rockin' new ending theme!
* Re-modification of all weapon sprites! Older weapons have been tweaked to improve performance. Newer weapons have been
completely redone.
* Pay your respects at the all new SYLIA SHRINE.
* Catch an anime flick at the movie theater.
* Bubblegum Crisis Artwork is everywhere! Other anime artwork is also lurking about. Find every secret, flip every switch,
you'll never know what you'll find.
* Fight for your life against a BU-12B Battle Boomer!
* Additional graphics and sounds for Registered Versions of Duke!
* Duke sprites have been replaced with 3D rendered Priss! Have Priss Matches with all your friends with everyone in hardsuits! For Priss Matches, all players MUST HAVE IDENTICAL Priss Nukem files in their duke3d folders and all computers MUST BE configured IDENTICALLY in the SETUP program.

1 Mighty Foot =Ankle Bomber n/a
2 Pistol =Palm Cannon APDS Rounds
3 Shotgun =Gravitic Sling UHDU Rounds
4 Ripper =Railgun x3 35cm Flechettes
5 RPG= 30 mm Gauss Cannon HEJA Rounds
6 Pipe Bombs =Killer Doll n/a
7 Shrinker =Sting Ray Gun Shrinker/Expander Crystals
8 Devastator =Eliminator HEAP Rounds
9 Tripbomb= S-Mine n/a
0 Freezer =Raven Special Nitrogen Cartridge

Includes: prissn16.zip and priss1se.zip

LithDuke V0.2 (beta)
2.5M C
You may notice that conventional duke3d is not optimized for Dukematch.
Only one DM level is included. The purpose of this mod is to optimize Duke3d
for Dukematch:

* A safety mode
* A 'Weapons stay' option
* A megahealth instead of the Atomic Health and Medkit items, which gave a
disproportionately large advantage to the player who was able to collect them

In addition, 'techs' are included to make the game more interesting,
described in detail below.

Unfortunately, due to the new architecture, levels not designed for this mod
won't work with it. However, they can easily be converted by adding tech
spawn points and remapping the Atomic Health and Medkits to be replaced by
the Megahealth and Minihealth. The technical details described later in
this text are a good start to converting levels and creating your own LithDuke
Nuclear Pack v1.0
2.7M C
The New Messages Option for Builders
This is a new feature that any map builder can use.
(if Michael Clark is credited!)
This allows you to create messages for the player when he/she is wandering
around your level. It is a feature in quake, but not duke, until now.

All you do is look in the nuser.con file for instructions. It is simple, and very effective. See the Military Base to see what I mean!

New Items
Here is a list of new items you can collect:

Faulty Night Vision Goggles - These can electricute you when worn, watch out!

Nearly Empty Steroids - Looks like somebody beat you to it, not much left in
the bottle!

Fake Atomic Health - This is a little trick that only gives you 5% health instead of 50%. Still ok though.

Super Value Ammo Crate - Now this is nice, a crate of ammo for every weapon
in the game, this is usually only found in secrets.

Coke Can - This, as the name suggests, is a can of coke whcih gives you 20 health when collected.

New Traps
Mines - Quite obvious, these are mines and when stood on explode.

Electric Fence - Don't get too close to this otherwise you will get a nasty shock!

New Monsters
Cop Robot - This guy doesn't hold back with his grenade launcher. But
make sure you clear up after him or you may stand on one of
his undetonated grenades!

New Weapons
The Gravity Gun - This sends your opponants flying into the air, then they find themselves plummeting back to earth in pieces.
Armageddon 2 : Strength Beyond Strength [ Beta version ]
BullGames Production
15M C
This version will allow you to test the game in many circunstances - either in a local network, modem-2-modem, serial or Internet play

Uses a HACKED Modified DOS Duke3D exe included.

Registered files included:

Note: There is an EDuke32 counterpart/version available.

Starship Troopers PAK v1.1b
Bgame Productions
32.3M C
  • 12 new levels in 4 star systems - either single play or Cooperative
  • Dozen new multi player maps + the CTF mode
  • 5 biggest, fastest, ugliest, most dangerous foes ever
  • completely new AI code for most of the enemy routines
  • 8 new hard-core 3D rendered weapons, including the Nuke Launcher and (v1.4 only) double-barreled Cleaner
  • AI troopers that fight along your side
  • the breathtaking particles system with realistic physics - feature never before seen in a Build engine game enabling some incredible effects such as crumbling walls, pieces that fall off the bugs and realistic blood
  • a LOT of gore
  • air strikes, cargo drops
  • dynamic WAV music that changes with the situation
  • atmospheric and environmental effects
  • full user map support, with FAQ's
  • v1.3 - v1.5 support
  • 300 new textures and all new AI routines for the environment immersion
  • intense story
  • Duke replaced with real MI trooper
  • mission based levels with briefings
  • timed missions
  • area triggers
  • ... and a whole lot more

CONs are Compressed.

ssttcump.zip UserMap Package - you need this to build maps
ssttc.zip Full Starship Troopers TC v1.00 - Initial release
ssttc-usermaps.zip Special maps made for the TC

Note: There is an EDuke32 counterpart/version available.

Bgame Productions
2M 3 Demo of the SST TC for Duke
Nukem 3D. Based on the story
by R.A.Heinlein and the movie
with the same title.

- 2 new weapons
- 2 new enemies
- 1 new level

CONs are Compressed.

Includes: 9 xtra fan made maps!

Mystique: Ages in Time v1.1
26.4M C
A Dream of things to come.


And for a moment.. everything became still. The winds stopped, the air became stale, and all was at
peace. Dimitrious looked around himself;
seeing fields as far as the eye can see. He looked at the brilliance of the deep blue sky; and he saw it
staring right back at him.

Dimitrious screamed and fell to the ground "WHHHHYYY?" he cried to the heavens above. Then it
occurred to him that no one had spoken
to him at all; as if he knew what was going to happen.

"You must...." echoed a voice throughout the clouds. "You are the only chance."

Dimitrious wept upon the ground.

"Lives were not meant to be lived.. but meant to be structured to serve a truly higher purpose."

"But why must I serve this purpose? Why?" Dimitrious's tears slid the caked dirt down across his face.

But the clouds did not answer. Everything remained still. Somewhere off in the distance; a low thumping
noise began. Soon it seemed to multiply; and growing ever closer...
Merc 2 v1.1
Heyyo (Ryan Conner), TCM
20 C
Following the death and destruction unleashed upon the world by the deadly FAJ (Fugitives Against Justice) terrorist organization, military and interpol divisions were deployed around the world to clean up the mess, and begin the long process of restoration. It seemed as though everyone, being military or civilian, was in some way doing their part to rebuild all that the FAJ had destroyed.....
The Gate v1.0
16M C
The aliens home world, Antirra was dying. Their species was coming to end due in part to the feudal nature of the race but mostly due to the depletion of new blood to their GENEPOOL. The Antirran technology at that time was where we will be in another 80-90 years...nearly immortal in a decadent society of high tech slavery. A few of the more farsighted elders decided to find a solution. Genetically altered Antirran chromosome would be artificially produced and place in a panspermical state. That is, sent to the far reaches of space to be followed by a craft carrying one, dormant, Antirran, female. With the onboard biocomputer ticking away the altered genes began a "dance of life". By the time a suitable system was found the soup was ready. Both craft landed on the planet that was chosen for it's stability, resources, and a very good chance of supporting the life that would soon follow....
Fusion v0.1 Beta
Roberto Diaz aka KillerHomer
18M C

You are John Parsons, one soldier of the Space Marines Corp of the
earth. After a lot of years of fight against the most dangerous alien
races of the Universe, your time in the Military Service is gonna
finish. The last thing is a pretty journey back to the Earth.
Or maybe not? Something is going wrong. The radar is detecting strange
objects flying to the Earth. When you see them closer, you are able to
see what they are: Strogg spaceships. The Stroggs are an evil alien
race that was exterminated by another Space Marine a long time ago.
These are probably the survivors, that want revenge. You need 3 more
days to arrive at the Earth, but Strogg ships, faster than yours, will
be there in 4 hours. You think that the Earth is forsaken and nothing
can be done. The human race will be exerminated.
But when you arrive, you see that nothing has happened. One day after
that, you receive a phone call. The Stroggs are attacking various
zones, including chemical plants, villages, and New Madrid City. Looks
like they are making bases to prepare an attack to exterminate human
race. The army has been posessed by the Stroggs and now you are the
only who can kill these damn aliens. Looks like you'll have to do
a suicide mission... but you are the only fate.


-> High-res sprites and textures.

-> KillerHomer's animation method (only 1 angle, but super smooth animation
because I can use more frames per action)

-> Realistic-looking levels.

-> Hard and intelligent enemies.

Includes: f_atomic.zip

Borg Nukem
Kevin "Kef_Nukem" Cools
Borg Team
20M C
Borg Nukem is a game all about the Borg which can be seen in the Star Trek series.

Uses a HACKED Duke3D v1.5 exe, included.

Includes Registered Files:

Note: CONs are compressed.

Includes: Borg Nukem - Low Quality Patch - bnlowq.zip

Duke Meets Doom v3.1
7.8M C
2000 TC Demo
(Full 1999 and demo 2000)

Curtis Tuck
19M C
Duke was going to see Primus in concert, but first he had to save the world. Get to the concert or you suck!

Note: This mod combines his prevous mod 1999.zip with this one.
Imagination World V1.1
James Stanfield
19.5M C
This is the Imagination world TC, a full- TC as there is a new main charecter, all new enemies, weapons,textures plus a hell of a lot more. It is as total as a total conversion can be, as it replaces almost everything, even small things, like the borders, smallest font, water bubbles & the smoke that the Rocket creates. There is a Training course in the Level Iwbfaq that I recommend you try to learn some of the New features of Iw.

Includes: Nshow.zip and Iwgame.zip (Snow Fix)

Armageddon Gang Wars Demo
BullGames, Bruno Silva
22M C
Duke Nukem Army v1.0
13M C
Duke Nukem Army. It's a very good Mod and as the title says, it's an Army based mod. Most stuff is ripped from Half-life and Firearms

There are 4 kind of game types.
Only one of them is made for Single Player which is the D-day part.

Assault: Team blue will always attack and team red always defend. The flags
are normal switches, that will open a door if they were all activated. Behind
that door there is a Nuke Button. When team blue (or team red) presses on that
button, the attackers have won (the base explodes).

CTF: Hard work of coding, I hope you like it. Maybe you will find some bugs,
because my code isnt perfect at all.
It is not tested as well as the assault mode.

Hill Defend: In every HL map anywhere a flag is placed. If a team conquers it, it
will need to defend it for about 5 minutes, then it has won.

The helping bot doesnt work properly, I know. I hadnt the time to make him perfect.
Michael Cranston / Team
8M C
Included are 27 single player / coop maps, 6 new weapons,
10 new enemies, a new main character and storyline.

The Story

Several weeks ago we lost contact with a small colony on a planet called LV-426. Based on the ranting of an obviously disturbed former flight officer we sent out a small team of colonial marines. They we expected to find a downed transmitter and help fix it, but that would not be the case. Shortly after they reached the planet we lost contact with the entire group. As policy states we waited the standard seventeen days for contact. Those days have come and gone and still no word from our people.

You are part of a fast recovery team that was sent to the planet LV-426. The ships the first team arrived one is missing and there remains no contact from the ground. Your mission is to go in and find out what happened.

The United Systems Military has become suspicious of the Company's activities in this area so keep an eye out for them. There is no love loss between the colonial marine core and the USM so don't trust them.

Good Luck Marines!
Father-Marrow /
BIG Productions
11.4M C
Includes an extra level: DESERTDM
Alien Versus Predator
10M C
Hunting Season is Open! There is no place to hide! Play as Colonial Marine
Private Duke Nukem, use your weapons and your wits to destroy your enemies and
survive. Watch out for Aliens and they voracious instincts. They will do everything to defend the hive and the Queen. Beware of Red Predator and his comrades. They will use grisly arsenal to acquire the ultimate trophy...the skull of the Alien Queen! They will also try to eliminate a small pain in their asses - YOU !!!
Platoon TC v1.1d Pak
TNT Team
9.7M C
Platoon is a total conversion (TC) add-on for Duke Nukem 3D v1.3D and v1.5.
The TC takes place in the Vietnam War. You are the lieutenant of
the 2nd Platoon, Company B. Your tour of duty takes you from the
fierce firefights in the jungle to the dark and booby-trapped
underground tunnel systems.

Platoon TC features:

* Duke Nukem is replaced by a real soldier
* Seven realistic new weapons
* A cool new inventory item for DukeMatch: Trip Flare
* Four new enemies
* Cool aircrafts which drop napalm and bombs
* 35 new sounds and lots of new graphics
* A new episode (6 maps) for Single Player/Cooperative play
with realistic missions
* A new episode (7 maps) for DukeMatch play including new
versions of Bad Karma's map Beirut2 and IceBreaker's map Arabcity
* Lots of cool military stuff (mines, artillery, radios, etc.)

This is a package that was put together to include all Official Materials Available including user maps and faqs on how to make maps for platoon. Some novelty material also.

Includes: platomic.zip, platoon.zip, platoon-files-maps.zip, plmapfaq.zip, pltrts10.zip, screen.zip

The Realm of GRUNE v1.2
Dark Flame Conversions
9.04M C
You wake up in a bed full of sweat. You look around for any sign of what was once not there. You shiver as you gently lay back down onto your bed sheets. You contemplate what the hell that dream was about. A ravenous beast chasing you through a castle yelling threats to you about eating your soul...

"...Duke, you must stop him before its too late, you must..."

...you appear to be in some gothic dungeon. Determined to see what the frag is going on, you push a clip into your pistol...
Submitted by: Dark Wolf

Includes: demowalk.zip , gruguide.zip, gsecrets.zip

Castle Dukenstein v6.12
Myles J.G. Edmonds
2.1M C
Includes: ds-61-1.zip , ds-61-2.zip
American Assault
Wardie,Garfield/Wardie Entertainmant
3.1M C
American Assault is a total conversion (TC) add-on for Duke Nukem 3D v1.4/5. The TC takes place after " The Birth ". Duke takes his well deserved vacation but again it is screwed up but those alein maggots.


* Five new weapons ( 2x Pistol, 2 Barrel ShotGun, Gatling Gun, Nuclear Pipebombs & the Super Devistator.
* 6 new sounds and Some new graphics
* 3 Single player Episodes
* 1 Duke Match Episode
Includes: Xtra.zip; Author personel notes related to duke3d,keyboard setup,addon, and probably the Newest map for Duke Nukum 1(not duke3d)-Dead Beat Street.


RTCM Kit v10-10-98beta v2b+
Corvin , Various
3.36M C
A Bunch of code put together and modified for a multiplayer mod.

The kit is a mod that combines MANY edited cons together to produce one Solid group of CONS. It Enhances Duke play and is leaning towards Realistic Duke Matches. Hopefully it will become a basis for "Realistic."


Commercial Add-on Demos - Released by their Developers or Distributors.

Duke it out in DC Demo 1
SunStorm / Wizard Works
4,441   (1st released demo)
The first 3 levels and most art

This file was removed because it actually contains the entire game. It was an oversight by the distributor.

Also the complete version (exactly as it is on the register add-on CD) is found on PC Gamer June 1997 3.3 CD. Perhaps another oversight.

If you extract the .SSI file with unpackssi.exe program, it actually gives you the entire game.
Duke it out in DC Demo 2
SunStorm / Wizard Works
2.79M   (2nd released demo)
The first level (Whitehouse) and some art
Here's a sample level from Wizard Works' Duke it out in D.C. add-on pack. It lets you battle the alien monsters who have taken over the White House, and includes screen shots and info on the full episode.

Also found on:
Gambler CD (08) 08/97:/Utils/3d/Duke/

Duke it out in DC Demo Teaser+
SunStorm / Wizard Works
1.46M   (3rd released demo)
The first level content stripped. Playable.
Now Contains: Wizardworks DC banner.
Nuclear Winter Demo
Wizard Works/ Creative Carnage
5.09M   Wear some warm clothes.
DukeZone II demo
Wizard Works/ Creative Carnage
148   More of a proper addon than the last DukeZone.

Lameduke Only Add-on's

Enhanced Lameduke v.1.1
550 A A Enemy Replacement for the Beta version of Duke Nukem 3D. You must have Lameduke installed to play with this stuff. It makes you able to fight against the following enemies in Lameduke:
Predator Trooper, Pig Cop, Lizard Captain and the Octabrain.
The graphics of the Lameduke-Duke are also replaced with those of v.1.3d. There are actually no sound-, and con-replacements in v.1.1 of ENHANCED LAMEDUKE.
Geoff Halliday
7.8M C

In order of coding:

    1. Female Guard
These ladies are what you'd call a... real threat. Being the
brute force of the Fazis, a cheesy alliance between Neo-nazis and
extreme feminists, they're armed to the teeth with a
very powerful machine gun.

    2. Male Guard
These war-hardened artillary officers aren't the kind of people
you'd play games with. Specially trained to use a rocket launcher,
they're perfect at making their enemy's day just a little bright.

    3. All-purpose Generic Brand Trooper
Not specifically well trained*, Troopers carry the largest threat
in numbers, where they can easily mow you down with their powerful
QEDPACs or 100% compatable. However, not being trained very well
has a very painful downfall--they'll freak if you pull out an RPG.

*Or well coded, either.

    4. Cyborg Captain
These semi-robots are significantly more threatening than their
Trooper subordinates. Armed with an RPG (no pun intended), they
can be fatal at close range. Watch out!

5. Drone
AltDuke drones are much different from the character in Duke 3D sharing
the name. Instead of exploding once they're close enough, they prefer
to hang back and shoot you up. The easiest way to get rid of them is to
use a QEDPAC, which fries their circuts. Asta la vista, baby!

6. Slimer
The only difference from the Duke 3D slimer is that the AltDuke slimer
can only be killed by a QEDPAC.

> Boss Creatures

5. THE Octabrain
Out of the depths of the alien homeworld comes this fierce beast. In Duke
Nukem 3D, it's brainchildren plagued you as one of the four most formidable
non-boss creatures. In AltDuke, you come face to face with the engine's most
fearsome creature*, who makes the Ganalech cower in fear.** Capable of firing
an ominous volley of around a hundred psychic blasts per second, and putting
the Cycloid Emperor to shame, Duke will only encounter it on O@ (E4L16), and
in the secretive Sixth Episode, to be released with AltDuke version 1.4.00.

Beware the jade beast . . . . . . . .
Geoff Halliday
7M C
Geoff Halliday
3.6M C
|-- CURRENT CHANGES ----------------------------------------------------|
|* Started to change font into blue gradient
|* SELECT DIR picture now more helpful
|* Force Field looks like the D3D forcefield now.
|* Brought in Camera, Sea Mine, Slimer, Auto Turret, Palm Tree and More     |
|from 1.4.
|* Going to bring in 1.4's Shark. UPDATE: Now have Dopefish, instead!
|* Brought in several Gamma-Version inventory items, including Holoduke     |
|and Jetpack.
|* Now distributing modified TILES005.ART as a seperate file. Anyone    |
|wanting improved console will now have to deal with the wonders of    |
|a 3D Dopefish replacing their precious shark. :D UPDATE: No longer    |
|distributing 005.art seperately; merged in 1.3.96 and later.
|* Pistol replaced with tweaked Riot Gun from Shadow Warrior.
|* RPG replaced with Napalm Cannon from Exhumed/Ruins: Return of the    |
|Gods/1999/PowerSlave/Whatever it's called in your locale. To be    |
|changed sometime in 2002. Update 8:02 PM 1/10/02: Intend to change back|
|later tonight. Update 2:48 PM 1/17/02: Now looking for replacements. If|
|you can give/think of a good one, e-mail me!
|* Standard WEAPON2 (Telsa Particle Beam Cannon) has been replaced with |
|Deztra Cannon Mk. 3B (modified shrinker, which doesn't shrink). 
|-- CONtrol FILES
|* Maybe disable GOD MODE for final release? (Version 1.4)
|* TROOP now armed with BULLET (Weapon 3), and also drops BATTERYAMMO    |
|when killed, or threatened with the RPG (Drops 4!). If wasted by the    |
|RPG, you get mucho grandais ammunition (2 AMMO, 2 BATTERYAMMO, 2      |
|* Gave CAPTAIN the RPG because TROOP has BULLET.
|* Changed name of BULLET to SHOCKGUN (I'll still use BULLET in this    |
|readme, though)
|* Reorganized CON files into more reorganizedness.
|* Now Version 1.3.97!!! At this rate, I'll be out of the Betas and      |
|into the Gammas! (:D For those who don't know, Alphas are VERY early    |
|versions of programs, Betas are later test versions, and Gammas are    |
|final releases)
|* I made "score" sprites that float up for a little while, like in the     |
|older Dukes...
|* ...But they don't work, for the same reasons that TC developers can't|
|make totally new defs.con references in 1.3D: It's all hardcoded, baby!|
|* EXE Hacking Update! CAPT has been changed to DUKE, so EDITART & othe-|
|rs don't conflict.
|Since I've /finally/ found CONVMAP, by everyone's god, Ken S., I have      |
|made a whack of maps for this far out relic. Enjoy!
|* O7.MAP: My first map. Not much has been implemented yet, but it was    |
|just an experiment. More cool thingies soon!
|* O8.MAP: Still just an experiment. Implemented glass, and         |
|* L1.MAP: Almost finished; sort of an experiment, but will be the first|
|level of the first episode in 1.4.
|* L2.MAP: Right now, it's a joke sandbar with some Sharks/Dopefish    |
|floating around. Will be the space station's second map, in which    |
|Duke has to get to an escape pod, and back to Earth.
|* M3.MAP: LAIR/TEMPLE by Adereth. A short map to test out how various    |
|things work in BUILD 5 engine. I still haven't gotten an togglable for-|
|cefield to work, though.
|* M2.MAP: PROSPECT VALLEY by Adereth. Needs to be built upon, add swit-|
|ch in powerplant to operate Core Software, add one in there to operate |
|exit door, make exit work.
|* M1.MAP: Post-Nuclear-Apocalypse. Needs more work.
|* O2.MAP: SKYMAZE by Adereth. This level is corrupted; don't even    |
|bother. Update 8:04 PM 1/10/02: Replaced with smaller version of SKYMA-|
|ZE, now not corrupted.
|* O1.MAP: WARZONE by Apogee and Adereth. Added walls w/ graffiti, exit     |
|and made much cooler.
|* N1.MAP: THE BUNKERS by Adereth. Duke's third mission of the series    |
|starts here. Can he escape and save the world from the Fazis? You    |
|decide. [Fazis = pseudo-feminist Nazis]
Geoff Halliday
2.7M C