duke3d-tools-editart   Version 7-04-2014   Release 13  57F / 13.5M (c) RTCM Corvin

This page houses tools directly related to Editart along with related tools to help the potential art editor.
Some of these tools will work with other BUILD Engine Games.
A few tools in the downloads: duke3d-tools-build have some support for .art related manipulation.

ART File Handling | ART File Animation | Palettes/Conversion
ART File Readers | ART File Supporting

Filename and author Size (kb) Description

ART File Handling


bastART 1.1 (VB src)
Marijn Kentie
61 BastART is a .ART file editor for Windows. It includes core EditART tile editing functionality, and some enhanced and new functions. You may need Visual Basic Runtime files installed in order for this program to work properly, it works on Windows 7 64 bit.


  • Open and convert both Windows and Build palette files.
  • Easy to use tile browser.
  • Set and preview tile animation properties.
  • Set and preview tile alignment offsets.
  • Import and (batch) export BMP files.
  • Insert, delete and (batch) clear tiles, or change their canvas size.
  • Create new ART files from scratch.
  • View tiles at different scales (1x, 2x, 4x 8x).
  • Fast tile rendering.


You need a palette file for the ART file you want to load. Palettes can be in Windows .PAL format, or Build .DAT format. After loading a palette (it's colors will appear in a bar), you're able to load an art file, or create a new one. When creating a new one, an empty 256-tile file is created. When you have loaded a palette, you're also able to save that palette again. This allows for converting between palette formats.

To quickly select the tile you want to view, you can access the Browser from the "View" menu. In this menu you can also enable the alignment crosshair, or change the rendering scale of the tiles. When you have selected the correct tile, you can use the functions from the "Tile" menu on it:

Import BMP
Export BMP
Batch Export
These functions convert between .ART tiles and Windows bitmaps. Batch export is handy if you want to, for example, export all the frames for a monster sprite.
Insert after current
Insert before current
Batch clear
Standard ART file editing functions. Clear tiles to keep .ART files small.
Preview animation
Animation speed
Tile animating functions.
Properties Opens the file properties window, in which you can set the tile's animation type, the number of frames in the animation, and the tile alignment offsets.


The program has been tested with the following games' art files:

  • Duke Nukem 3D - OK.
  • Powerslave/Exhumed (demo) - OK.
  • William Shatner's Tekwar (shareware) - OK.
  • Shadow Warrior - OK.
  • Blood (shareware) - ART file too big (4096 tiles).

Of course, it's 100% compatible with EditART as well.


Hack by Scott_AW
253 A hacked version of DukeRes(listed below) there was an issue with certain palette orders not allowing transparencies, that seems to occur in PCX images created in certain image editors like Adobe Photoshop. So I had to hexedit hack it to recognize the transparency color that is also one of the highlight colors.
DukeresART v4.00.973
Jock and Peter Gerber
260 With DukeResArt  you are able to make changes into the duke3d.grp file (not recommended), to add new ART-files to this GRP-file or to make single ART-files containing your new bitmaps. This util also allows you to extract any file from the duke.grp file...Among other helpful things, you can take cut and paste art tiles directly..all with a Windows interface. Its a must have!
  • Make New Art Files
  • Load Pallete and Save palleete in Win Format or PaintShop Format
  • Save Names.h file from grp file to a seperate file
  • Import PCX or BMP
  • Extract ANY file from Duke.GRP
  • Copy and Paste Art tile images(flawless)
  • Adjust offsets
  • View and set Art tile animation/set speed and animation type
  • Print options
  • Insert tiles into Exsisting Grp Files(can't make new grps though)
  • Cross wires are availiable
  • Save single art files
  • Display shows all editart readouts..height, width etc...
  • Use External programs
  • Some very little Quake pak support.
DEEP v8.84
Jack Vermeulen / Sensor Based Systems, Inc.
1.1MB DOS DPMI Editor! Edits DOOM, DOOMII, Ultimate DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN and STRIFE in ONE program. DUKE NUKEM 3D ART files

DeeP has powerful graphical importing and level browsing tools. It's easy to export DUKE (or BLOOD, Shadow Warrior, Witchaven and other Build engine games) graphics for custom internal use.

-View Duke Nukem 3D graphics
-Draw on Duke Nukem 3D graphics and create new .ART slots.
Edit all aspects of any sprite in 2D mode!
-Export and import Duke Nukem 3D graphics as PCX files.
-View Duke Nukem 3D levels in GRP files.
-Browse directories and preview Duke Nukem 3D levels.
-Print Duke Nukem 3D maps.
-Palette conversion control option.
-Display full detail of Duke Nukem 3D maps (sprites, walls, sectors)
Wireframe and solid 3D preview
-Display 3D Doom and Duke Nukem 3D maps.
Change multiple wall textures with a single mouse click!


i.mage v109
Matthew Allen
668 i.Mage is a small and fast graphics editor slanted towards quite and easy pixel editing, ala DPaint from the DOS/Amiga days. Instead of being a bloated behemoth with a zillion plugins it starts in under a second and it does a lot of the mundane jobs of image editing quickly and without fuss. The right tool for simple jobs.(source available)

Main features

  • Load/Save: Gif, Tiff, Jpg, Pcx, Bmp, Ico.
  • 2 pane view, zoomed and 1:1.
  • Downsampling/upsampling bit-depth, dithering, halftone, error diffusion.
  • Resampling (smart resizing), cropping, rotating, offseting and flipping images.
  • 8-bit palette editor: RGB/HLS ramps, colour cubes/stock palettes, reverse ramps, remapping.
  • Clipboard support.
  • Alpha blending.
  • Basic linear/radial gradient fill.
  • Undo que for most tools.
  • Conversion of image to C/C++ code.
  • Transparency support.
  • Invert image.
  • Convert to grayscale.
  • Brightness/contrast adjust.
  • Save/load/flip/rotate the current brush.
  • Flood fill.
  • Basic drawing primitives.
  • Polyline editor.
  • Text tool.
  • Simple scripting language.
  • Basic colour management via Little CMS, does RGB<->RGB on load/save to the internal colour space (sRGB), allows viewing of colour profile details.
3D Art v1.4
James Ferry
178 Can be used to create actors with either 5, 7 or 8 frames, and place them directly into a 1st position art file named tiles000.art with starting tile 0 and ending tile 256.


Art Editor
Chris Jones
38.7 A Duke3D art editor, this utility is basically the same as the one you get with the game...

ART File Animation


Deluxe Paint II E v3.0 & Deluxe Animate v1.0 Hacked
Brent Iverson,
Steve Shaw / Electronic Arts
2.84M Paint and Animate in 256 Colors!
Create Animations Quickly - Superior Paint Features

An archive of various hacked tools put together including DeluxePaint II Enhanced v3.0, DeluxePaint Animation 1.0 and some DeluxePaint related utilities.
(3DR Used(v2) during development of Duke/ .anm files.)

DeluxePaint is an old Amiga paint program written by Electronic Arts which has been ported over to DOS (well sort of). If you wish to create 8-bit animated graphics in DOS, this is the program for you.
Includes:  play.exe

  • Complete selection of painting tools Draw any shape you want, any way you want.
  • Turn any image into a brush. You can rotate, flip, shear, resize, smear, and shade it.
  • 7 levels of magnification Paint in magnified mode if you want. Use variable zoom for detailed editing at the pixel level.
  • 3-D perspective Move and rotate images in full 3-D, automatically.
  • Use color cycling and gradient fills to create great special effects.
  • Stencils Protect your designs from the slip of the hand or a bad idea. A stencil masks your image so you can paint "behind" and "in front of" it.
  • Use the handy Move Dialog to animate brushes in full 3-D automatically! Ideal for creating spinning titles for low-cost videos.


DP2.ZIP - Deluxe Paint II Enhanced V3.0
dp3da1.zip - Deluxe Paint II Enhanced V3.0 and DP Animate
DPA.ZIP - DP Animate
dpaint2e30.zip - Deluxe Paint II Enhanced V3.0
dpanim10.zip - DP Animate

(with various hacks, you should be able to get one of them to work)

Deluxe Paint Patches1
20.7 -Deluxe Paint II patch for 320x400x256 mode (by Pelusa).

-Deluxe Paint IIe in any modex resolution, Supports y resolutions of 256 and 512 (by BArtist/Heretics).

-Emulator for Deluxe Paint for 320x240,320x400 & 320x480+ New keys (by ECLIPSE).

-DeluxePaint II keyboard shortcuts (by Raster/xtatic)


Programmer's Kit for
Deluxe Paint Animation 10/24/90 v1.0
(src inc)
Electronic Arts
80 Contains the program, ANIM2PCX.EXE, which is readily used to break an animation file into individual picture files for each frame, or to join a group of picture files into an animation file for editing in DPaint Animation or for playback with PLAY.EXE.(see below)
(Includes anim2pcx src and .ANM file formats, .PCX )


DeluxePaint Animation Player Utility (src inc)
Electronic Arts
Source by Jari Komppa aka Sol/Trauma
27.8 Plays back .ANM files

Now Includes: dpapcpl.zip
Deluxe Animator .ANM file player Source Code.


Animation File Maker
Christian Mengler
14 anim2pcx will join all your *.PCX to a *.ANM file


Show Animation Viewer (src inc)
22 This is a small program to play a deluxe animate file. No attempt has been made to time the animation speed correctly. The playback speed will be dictated by the speed of your machine. Includes: src(C and asm)


.ANM File Viewer Version 2.0 (src inc)
17 Views Animation and adjust timing(non-assembler source code included ), frame rate speed options as well as a frame-by-frame speed option for screen capturing.


MLC Deluxe Paint Animation Decoder v2.1
Martin Lobger
94.3 a Direct Show codec that enables you to view your old Electronics Arts' Deluxe Paint II for MS-DOS animations in Windows Media Player or any other of your favorite media players capable of showing AVI files.

you will not have to convert your old animations and you will be able to watch them when ever you like without installing the old software used to generate these files.

Electronics Arts' Deluxe Paint II for MS-DOS animation files uses the .anm extension. During the installation of this codec you have the option to associate the .anm files with Windows Media Player.


ART File Palette/Converters


BitMap/ART Tools v1.0
Akira Ishikawa
23 Tool programs for ART files, for Build Games Ex: Duke3D, Shadow Warrior

These files exist in this archive.

ART2BMP .EXE ART -> BMP Converter
ART format has many images and flags for animation in a file. ART2BMP will separate to many files and convert to BMP format. It will use a pallet file. (Default is "PALETTE.DAT") And it create a flag file and a log file too.
ART2BMPE.TXT English manual of ART2BMP
ART2BMPJ.TXT Japanese manual of ART2BMP

BMP2ART .EXE BMP -> ART Converter (256 .BMP)
ART format has many images and flags for animation in a file. BMP2ART will join many BMP files and convert to ART format.
It won't get a palette data. Because ART file doesn't have palette data.
BMP2ARTE.TXT English manual of BMP2ART
BMP2ARTJ.TXT Japanese manual of BMP2ART

PALBMP .EXE New BMP file creater (from PAL file)
This software can make a new BMP file with getting palette from a PAL file. And, It can make a color pattern image file too.
PALBMPE .TXT English manual of PALBMP
PALBMPJ .TXT Japanese manual of PALBMP

PALMAKE .EXE Palette file creater
This software can make a new palette file for BUILD from source palette file.
PALMAKEE.TXT English manual of PALMAKE
PALMAKEJ.TXT Japanese manual of PALMAKE

PALMUCH .EXE Be much palette program
PALMUCH overwrights sorce file palette data by other palette file for
BUILD. And it finds the nearest color to change color index.
PALMUCHE.TXT English manual of PALMUCH
PALMUCHJ.TXT Japanese manual of PALMUCH

ENGLISH .TXT You are reading.
JAPANESE.TXT As same contents as "ENGLISH.TXT" Japanese version.


Erik de Neve
60 Best palette Reduction for Industrial Grade High quality Textures
BRIGHT is a 32-bit windows-95 command-line utility written for
single-sweep conversion of multiple textures to 8-bit palettized
format using either unique, or a specifiable number of shared palettes, retaining the optimal color range; there is also a special option to provide a good color representation for mipmapped versions of the texture.


Build Customization Suite v0.1a (src inc)
Jonathon Fowler
23 It enables the TC or Mod maker to edit and extract the
internal palettes from Duke3D and most other Build games.

This program can extract and update:
* Build game palette
* Duke3D Water, NightVision, Episode 1 animation, 3DR Logo
and Title screen palettes


TRANSPAL 10-10-1996 (src available)
Ken Silverman
98 This came off the Duke3D v1.5w CD.

TRANSPAL.EXE - to create a translucence table to PALETTE.DAT.


Extended Color Look-up Table Pack
Lezing Entertainment
1.2M Duke has quite a limited set of look-up palettes what leads to considerable restrictions when making realistic or weird environments; for instance, there's no way to brighten a texture, desaturate or invert its colors.

Hex editing allows modifying PALETTE.DAT and LOOKUP.DAT files used by Build engine to introduce up to 128 palettes and shades. You just edit the color tables in a raster graphics editor, save them to a raw format and then insert raw data into the files. I used this trick when making LNGA mod's palette system. Afterwards I decided to make something fully compatible with conventional Duke maps; I hope that such mod will be useful to the mapping community.

The Extended Color Look-up Table Pack or ExtCLUT mod is a quick project designed to add new entries to the standard set of palettes and improve the translucency preserving compatibility with most Duke maps. See Readme.txt for details; also look over the test map.

Duke's palette with repeating colors highlighted. Since their RGB values are the same, some of them can be overridden to serve as special colors for various effects achievable via the translucency table. The mod reserves eight colors for this purpose.


build-palette-editing-tools 1-31-2011


918 Two simple tools I created to manipulate or create new palettes for the build engine, or Duke3d and related games.

PalMake will convert a PNG file into a new palette based of the original Palette.dat(for shading and transparency data) and make a new *.DAT file for you.

PalShift will allow you to select ranges of colors and shift their Red, Green or Blue values by a negative or positive amount. You can use it to simply tint colors or change them into new ones. This is also fairly early in developement so it may not be perfect and you might be better off creating your own with the first program. But if you lack decent image editing skills/program it might help you out.


Palette Extraction/Update Tool
Jonathon Fowler
12 This program makes it easy for TC developers to work with Duke
Nukem 3D's unusual palettes. Different palettes are used by the
game for a few different things:

* The 3D Realms logo at the start
* The title screen
* The ending animation for episode 1
* The underwater effect
* The night-vision effect

This program can change or extract the palettes for these items.

NOTE: This program will only read and write Paint Shop Pro palettes (palette version 1). It will not accept any others.


33 For 8-bit Pcx shading table generator.
The file shades.dat contains both information for increasing and decreasing the colour intensity. It can be for an example be used for phong-texture, different colour quantization techniques and for various bitmap effects.
(requires DOS4GW.EXE to run)


OpenGL Editart v0.01 beta
James Ferry
152 The main feature of this program is direct importing and exporting between different art files, and automatic and accurate palette conversions.


xtract (src inc)
344 This program is designed to extract the palette.dat file, any art files, and any maps in a build engine group (grp) file.

It is packaged with the dukeconv program, which will convert all your build engine map files over to the intermediate map format used by Quake 1/2 and Half-Life.

xtract will extract all the art from a build group file, and place them in a subdirectory named tiles. It will then Extract all the maps, and the dukeconv program will convert them, and place them in a subdirectory named maps...

Includes: dukeconv.exe


Lameduke Beta Pal
28 Lameduke Palette

Out of curiosity, I've ripped out the palette from the old beta screen shots and put it in the game.

I've fixed the blue range to make it compatible with Duke GFX (the beta one had two hues of blue) but it still looks a bit weird.


Duke Nukem 3D Palette 2 (duke3dpal.zip) "duke_palette.zip" for Duke3D
Contains: DUKE3D.PAL 3KB
For  Photoshop


Duke Nukem Palette 2 (dukepal.zip) for Duke3D
Contains: Duke3d.pal 2KB
For  Photoshop


Duke Nukem Palette Files (Photoshop 3+)
5 (dukepal2.zip)All the palettes from duke..to plugin to Photoshop...and more pallete info.(more than 256 colors) for Duke3D

Duke Nukem Standard Palette

3D Realms Title screen palette (version 1.3D - Yellow + Blue)

3D Realms Title screen palette (version 1.4 - Brown (yuk!))

Duke Nukem Title Screen palette (duke standing on dead guy)

Palette for anim at end of first episode

DOOM/Heretic Palettes 3 Palettes for DOOM and Heretic for use in graphics editing, eg. with PSP v3.x.


Texture Colorizer v1.0
Jaimi McEntire
133 This program lets you recolorize textures to a common palette, and can restrain colorizing to a range of colors you can select. Extremely handy for creating textures and making them look good in your palette. Includes Bitmaps with the hexen 2, quake, and 6DX palettes


EZPalette v1.01
Michael Lam
21 Anyone who wants a easy-to-use (although not so accurate) VGA mode 13h palette editor for Windows. The main use if this palette editor is to help making palette for any 256-color mode artworks


PCXLite (src inc)
Jari Komppa
24.6 lossless PCX compressor.

A PCX compressor I made in 1998, now ported to windows. Analyses PCX files and rearranges the palette in order to get most out of the PCX compression. Due to the way photoshop saves PCXes, this tool can chop as much as 25% off PCX sizes.
PCXPAL 1.0 (w/Pascal src)
Juri Vainonen
6 This program is used to extract 256 color palette data from PCX-images. You can create cool palette with program like Deluxe Paint (DP can't save the palette alone), and extract it from .PCX with PCXPAL.
PCXPAL creates new file, which consists of 768 bytes, which are red, green and blue values (0-63) of colors 0-255. Like this:
Now you can use different palettes easily whenever you need them, just great!-


PCXpal v4.0
169 converts pallet files for use with many programs.

BMP Image - Standard bitmap images containing 16 or 256 colours are recognised. True colour bitmaps are ignored.
GGD SaveState - Save files for Massage, a Game Gear and Master System emulator.
GIF Image - Graphics Interchange Format. Detection of pallets in these files is unreliable, because I don't understand the file header format.
GS* SaveState - Save files for Gens and Genecyst.
Jasc Pallet - Pallets for Paint Shop Pro.
Megadrive Pal. - Raw pallet data for Megadrive/Genesis games.
MS RIFF Pallet - Microsoft RIFF pallet files.
MSD SaveState - Save files for Massage, a Game Gear and Master System emulator.
PCX Image - Uncompressed images with 256 colours.
Tile Layer Pro - Pallet files for the ROM graphics editor.
PCX2PAL v.92
Mike Ruete
39 This program will rip the palette lump from a standard .pcx file and save it to a separate file. This program was written to create raw palette files for various uses.


(Release 3)

20 Takes either a group file (.GRP) or an art file (.ART) and tries to read the tiles within the file. This util includes the functions:
  • Information at the bottom of the screen on and off.
  • Save the current tile to a .PCX file
  • Perform a screen capture
  • Animate the current tile
  • Extract the current .ART file from the .GRP
  • Transparency on and off
  • Water pallette on and off
  • A few other functions
  • It has a 4095 tile per .ART file limit (there are usually 256 tiles per .ART file).
WinTex  v4.3
O. Montanuy
281 It is a multi-game-editing program that was originally intended for ID's older games (Doom2, Hexen, etc.) but in this release has support for Duke Nukem and Quake. Midi's, wav's & many of the various wall tiles and sprites (you can view the various elements of the .ART files now) can be viewed from within the program, or extracted and saved to disk
Requires [ vbrun300.dll ] 225
  • View Duke.grp file
  • View Art tile images
  • Click on an animation file and a list of all art is shown(can't view though)
  • View Con files
  • Listen to wav/voc files
  • Use External programs
  • Imports bitmap Images to Art files
  • Import wav/voc and midi files(replace exsisting ones)
  • List wasted space in grp
  • Clean up wasted space
  • Copy and paste
  • Rename files in grp
53 bitmap format converter, palette resolver and extractor
My utility that converts BMP-pictures to BMPs with Duke palette. It`s for those who make user graphics for levels.


XWE v1.16 (inc src)
1.8M To view images, first select the PALETTE.DAT entry: Type "palette" into the QuickFind box, then press enter. Press enter again to open the palette. Click Palette|Use Current from the menu. The images (.ART entries) will be displayed correctly.

BUILD Games Supported:
Shadow Warrior
Duke Nukem
Redneck Rampage



ART File Readers


Chris Jones
12 A program which will compare your user ART files to the built-in 3D Realms ART files, and output a difference file containing the differences between them.

The program inserts your ART where it needs to be so you CAN distribute your new ART without re-distributing 3DR's ART, and it greatly reduces your archive size.


defs.con TO Name.h
Photon Man
28 It'll convert your defs.con tilesets into a names.h file!.
Duke Nukem 3D Art Utilities v2.0
39 The package contains utilities for distributing new image tiles which can be used to created/change monsters, weapons, etc.

AHEAD.EXE .ART file "header" editor (v1.0) enabling the creation and distribution of new monsters and other new art.
DNA.EXE Archiving utility
DNA20.TXT This file
EXAMPLE.ART Example .ART file created using DNA.EXE
EXAMPLE.INI Example .INI file used with DNA.EXE
EXAMPLE.MAP Example .MAP file (not the greatest)
EXAMPLE.TXT Authoring template for EXAMPLE.MAP (and installation guide)
TDNA.EXE Tile information utility
XDNA.EXE Extracting/Creating utility
Notes: Reads a .MAP file and extracts all the images referenced, and extracts the images back into the .ART files.


20 Features of this package:

  • Combine the contents of files TILES000.ART to TILES014.ART into a single file
  • Will renumber the tiles in <FILE.ART> given a starting tiles number, and write the changes to <NEW.ART>
  • Views .ART image files
Neil Adler/Bobby Flory
12 Will identify which ART file a tile(Image) number resides in. Valid tile numbers are 0-4095. (256 tiles per ART x 15 ART files total)



ART File Supporting


42.7 RotSprite is a sprite rotation and scaling utility developed by Xenowhirl. It outperforms most professional graphics software (such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro) when rotating sprites through an angle other than 90 or one of its multiples. Typically, other graphics editors will apply anti-aliasing or use a primitive nearest-neighbor method when rotating images, which produces results that are ugly or unsuitable for sprites.

As an additional feature, RotSprite can also resize sprites (and it does a very good job also for this task).

This is a utility is for rotating and scaling sprites lossless (designed for 256 color images), ie, when broken / expands the input image does NOT perform any interpolation techniques such as anti-aliasing or applying nearest neighbor other programs such as Photoshop or GIMP. Accepts BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and TIFF.


RecolorBMP v1.0.14
Adam Biser aka winwolf3d
73.7 An easy to use 8-bit (256 color) BMP recoloration program.
allows you to map colors to other colors within the palette


Spricer Beta v8-21-2012
Karl Patrik Johansson
157 Spricer is a tool for slicing spritesheets, open up a .png, .jpg, or .gif and the program will mark all sprites/frames in that spritesheet. You can then either select some of them and export them or just export em all.

HUGE Performance updates, new tracing method, and a lot of new features to use!

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework

Spricer v0.2
HYSEDE Development
34.8 This is a little yet extremely useful tool to slice sprites out of an sprite sheet.

SPRICER is a standalone application for fast and easy slicing of sprite sheets.

No more hours wasted, more time for creativity!


Easy marque sprite selection.
Export selected or all sprites with transparent or original background.
Drag n' Drop sprites to preview animations.
Drag n' Drop sprites to different applications.


SMColor Picker v0.1 (w/Src)
32 Color picker utility. You place the mouse pointer into the point onscreen - and it shows you the color of a pixel. Color is shown in RGB, CMYK, COLORREF and HTML formats.


Screen Thief for DOS v2.01
Villa Software
38 A Small program you can use to capture Editart, BUILD, and Game Screens in there entirety, including status bars. Particularly for Editart use.


Wally v1.55B
Ty Matthews, Neal White III
1.1MB Program to manipulate game texture files, including Quake, Quake2 and Half-Life. Allows for enhanced editing, viewing, BMP/PCX/TGA import/export, setting of texture flags & contents, browsing of a directory, clipboard cut/copy/paste. Allows for new creation, and loading of existing textures.


Endoomer v1.0.1
Zink The Dink
42 Is used to edit ENDOOM data that is stored in a IWAD or PWAD. However it also works to edit the ANSI Duke3D / Shadow Warrior ending.(.BIN file)


TheDraw v4.63
Ian E. Davis/TheSoft Programming Services
282 Color and Monochrome Screen Image Generator/Editor. An Endoomer companion.


shmansi v1-8o-b
Jonathan Mcpherson
240 a freeware ANSI character graphics editor with advanced capabilities...works to edit the ANSI Duke3D / Shadow Warrior ending.(.BIN file)
TeraLogic Texture Maker 32v0.91 beta 2
Tobias Reichert
437 Generates true-color hi-resolution textures and background tiles.
RG View
Jrg Fischer
24 Takes two .pcx files and makes them Red/Green Red/Blue 3D. It requires you have a pair of R/B Glasses. If you ever played Duke3d in Red/Blue 3D, then this may interest you.