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Duke3D BUILD FAQs - This page provides Editors, Builders Help with FAQ's, documents and demonstrations from the past and present.

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The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite V 4.7
Ryan Lennox
20.6 MB 02/16/09 Very detailed, rich illustrated HTML guide to build.

Look under eduke32-faqs for an updated version that now covers Mapster32 and BUILD Editor.
The Duke Nukem 3D BUILD Tutorial V 1.0
Ryan *Nukey* Lennox
5.85 MB 05/19/03 Older version of The Duke Nukem 3D Informational Suite.

Building Lesson 1: Interrogation Room!
Mad Martin
272 ?

Special Sprite Reference Guide
Allen H. Blum III
HTML / jAsOn
5 1996

The Build Book
?Matt Tagliaferri?
32 ? ?The Official Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook??

See: further down in BUILD-Other section for Level Design Handbook addendum for corrections.

Jonah Bishop
154 4-29-2000 Includes: Various Mini-Faqs/Maps 

PDF format of v2.0:  mpfq2pdf.zip 287KB (doesn't include maps)
Map Editing Faq v1.8
Jonah Bishop
160 3-13-98 Includes: Maps and FAQs
FAQ Started By Brett Gmoser
156 6-20-96 Includes: Maps

Complete Duke Nukem Build FAQ v1.0
37 7-7-98

UnOfficial Duke Nukem 3D Editing FAQ v1.5
Klaus Breuer
242 2-8-97 This archive is a huge editting faq for BUILD users, for beginners and experts. There is also very little CON information.

This archive now includes version 1.3(in text 1.2) of his faq. This version of the faq includes Klaus's last version of his encoded Museum which he later removed. Look in the rtcm download tools for a util that will uncode the Museum. (uucoddos.zip)

I have also joinned the museum.zip( 7-5-96) into this archive since the encoded version lacks the faq "Guide to The Museum v0.2" which this archive has.

Includes: Map

Steffen "Duke Addict" Itterheim
273 7-22-96 The only FAQ who has it all in one and is supported by Apogee, 3D Realms and Q Studios members. Includes: Maps/art


Unofficial Level Guru's Build FAQ v1.1
Primary Anomaly
17 11-3-99

Ultimate Build Tutorial v1.4
Tyler Matthews
2.23M 4-6-97 Very good, Its in a windows.hlp file and HTML version with images.

Genesis Build
Patrick Steele
1.6M 11-6-98 Music & Sound Effects
Walls Blow Open
Security Cameras
Force Field
Linked To A Switch Force Field
Star Trek Doors
Door Linked To A Switch Swinging Door
Basic Door
Abridge BUILD DOCs
Allen H Blum III & Richard "Levelord" Gray.
Additional documentation by Kenneth Silverman.
Edited by ?
17 96 One of the Docs that came with the Duke3D CD, Edited to help remove the foo-foo stuff.
Build - Mini and How tos
117 2002 FAQ translated from Japanese.

Various Mapping Examples with sample maps.

Build Help
6.98 1999 FAQ for Beginners, Special Sprite Reference, Sector Effector Tag Reference, Sector Tag Reference, General Design Tips.
1.02M 1998 Many examples. Html Format.
  • Getting Started
  • Light and Shade effects
  • Sector Work
  • Special Constructions
  • Sprite Work
  • Texture Work
  • plus more.
EZ Build
Ken Farley
4.26 6-9-97 help the beginner get a grip on the basics of build. I had a hard time making heads or tails out of some of the information I came accross. (because it is difficult to explain some of the aspects of build) I will try to make this as basic as possible.
Build Help Area Faqs
Ben Safranski
216 10-96

Delayed Spawning Effect
Llyr Wyn Jones
2 1-12-08 A how to for creating a delayed spawning effect in Build.

The Shading Techniques
Ryan Rouse
6 6-21-03 This Shading guide will help anyone to make good shadows

How to make Water in Duke 3d
Kevin Cools
4 12-20-01

How to Shade
Kevin Cools
6 12-16-01 A small map showind how to do some nice and easy shading.
- Sloped sectors
- Sectors and walls with different types of shades.

Includes: Map

How to make a swinging door
Kevin Cools
2 1-15-02 Includes: Map

Shawn McCool
11 8-29-96 This is the first version of my docs.

Remote control doom style doors
Jason gardiner
33 1-26-98 TUTOR 4:
Doors that are controlled by a switch and
raise up into the ceiling when opened
door1.map demostrates the doom door
Jason gardiner
32 1-26-98 TUTOR 5:
teleportation pads as seen in E2l1
teleport.map features a 2 way transporter
Shadows and swinging doors v1.1
The Fly
8 12-25-2001 How to realistically construct the "door opens,
rooms lights up" effect with swinging doors

Includes: Map

Requiter's Build Tips v1.0
Matt Gallacher
16 99 I wrote this as a follow up to Jonah Bishop's FAQ entitled mpfqdn19. He did an outstanding job and made it easier to understand, but there is always room for improvement. That's why I wrote this. It mainly goes over mistakes and effects left out of Jonah Bishop's FAQ. I mean, one guy can't do everything, so I thought I'd lend a hand. This FAQ follow up does not explain in detail how to do every effect in Duke Nukem 3D; only what was left out or misprinted.
On and Off Forcefields
Curtis Eng
5 4-24-98 Includes: Map

Curtis Eng
3 5-25-98 Includes: Map

UN - Offical Guide to Apogee's
BUILD Editor Release 2

Matt Bollier
7 5-31-96

2nd Level
Steffen Itterheim
8 12-11-96 A quick 'n dirty map showing what you can and can not do with
sectors over sectors. Includes: Map
Build Editor Notebook
39 4-6-97 Compiled Faqs(Contains parts of Tempest's BUILD Tutorial and Build Notes from Loach.)
COPY & PASTE how-to
John Carto
2 ?
BUILD Tutorials
15 5-96 8 Mini Faqs. Includes Maps

Making glass windows
2 5-14-96 Includes: Maps

Making water
2 5-18-96 Includes: Map

Making teleporters
2 5-18-96 Includes: Map
Making sky windows
3 6-1-96 Includes: Map

Making mirrors
2 5-16-96 Includes: Map

Making light switches
2 6-2-96 Includes: Map

Star Trek doors
2 5-15-96 Includes: Map

Split Star Trek doors
2 5-15-96 Includes: Map

Making swinging doors
3 5-15-96 Includes: Map

Making doors that move up
3 5-16-96 Includes: Map

Making bridges
2 5-15-96 Includes: Map

Build notes
6 5-96 Three HOW TOs along with example maps. One of which can be found in the Build Editor Notebook.
How to make breakable GLASS
2 5-15-96 Includes: Map

How to make DOORS
1 5-17-96

How to make a SUBWAY
3 5-11-96 Includes: Map

How to make UNDERWATER
2 5-13-96 Includes: Map

Mutiple floors in the same space
6 5-7-96 Includes: Map

How to Create Sliding Doors
4 6-20-96 Includes: Map

Swinging Door v1.0
3 7-1-96 Includes: Map
I think this one was updated from 1995.
Build Editor Help File v.0.01
4 5-14-96

How to make Sliding Mirror Doors 5 12-9-98 Includes: Map

How to Parallax Ceilings and Walls
Joe Giddings
3 5-30-96 Includes: Two Maps

DN3D Design Tips
Jason D'Aprile
569 1996 -Build Part  I: Basic Sector and door stuff
-Build Part II: Build Tutorial
The Art of Shading
12 7-15-98

The Bigfall
4 9-27-99 Nice long 1 and a half minute fall :-). The highest height possible with the BUILD engine.
Sounds in levels
Joost Palenstijn
3 -

Build - Advanced
Bruce A. Benko
1.88 96-97 understanding what the Flags are in the BUILD map editor.
The Flags values used are in Hexadecimal, but first I will have to
discuss the binary form. I will kept the number of bits down to
8 bits, cause that is all we will need to work with for the Flags...
167 1-1-05 we can't create structures where we can access the roof and go inside and peer out of a window of - well at least until Billy Boy came along. We could do both of those in his maps with some limitations (we can't see in) but it opened up a whole new era of possibilites
Fake Windows
1.6M - Now this page will show you how to make impossible windows and doors tricks, since you cannot make diagonal sprites like '\' for roof or something like sectors, you can make an alternate that will allow you to make complex base insides (these pic are simple to show how to make it).
Team Colors
Chris Traber
23 ? not 96
maybe 2002
How to us Team Colors

- GAME.CON (with this enhancement already installed)- TEAMPLAY.MAP (sample map utilizing team play method - use to copy method)

Build Tricks: Fun With Elevators
62 10-19-03 This is a guide to using and controlling Build's elevator sector effects. It will take you step-by-step from the basic principles for controlling elevator effects to the creation of a fully functional elevator that works like a real elevator.

Each section outlines solutions to solving problems from previous sections and adding new features to them as well, so please do not skip ahead. Also, each section includes examples, tips, and notes on how and why these tricks work.
This guide also includes sample maps to demonstrate the effects detailed in each section.
Shawn McCool
96 or 97 looking for.

A build tutorial, put together with demo maps on how to do the most useful things in BUILD.
Rotating up/down moving doors
Jason gardiner
29 1-25-98 TUTOR 1:
rotating doors as seen in E2l4
Examine these maps to see how to make them
door1.map is a door that starts lowered and
door2.map is a door that starts raised/locked
Blastable walls
Jason gardiner
26 1-26-98 TUTOR 2:
walls that can be blown up with a
pipebomb, RPG or devastator
blast1.map is a demo a blastable wall
3 5-6-99 Example of a sliding gate door within an arch that is switch-operated, a demonstration of a switch-operated sliding gate door within an arch.
sector over sector example
James Ferry
4 12-24-99 Includes: One Map

Controllable slopes
4 4-21-00 This effect is simliar to the one in Shadow Warrior. You press a switch, and the floor rises at one end(sloped0 so that it matched the next sectors height.(ramp)  Includes:  Map
Slope on Slopes
JS Build
7 5-26-99 (updated 6/19/2002)
This tutorial map shows you how to Build sloped sectors, split them and correct their incline. It also shows you how to add sloped lighting effects.
Sloped Lighting Effects
JS Build
4 5-25-99 (updated 6/19/2002)
This tutorial map shows you how to add sloped lighting effects.
"clipdist" v1.1
Joe Barta
2 2-5-99 Demonstrates the use of "clipdist" Includes: Map

Translucent Water Demonstration
Bob Averill
20 8-5-99 Includes: Two maps and FAQ

Bob Averill
66 8-15-99 Includes: Map and Art File

TRUE 3D translucent water effect
7 3-20-04 Includes: Map

Transparent Water Effect
James Tan
502 12-18-99 This is the transparent water effect hacked down to it's most basic form. Includes: Map, ART and CONs
Files: Water1 and water2
Build Tricks v0.1
69 3-7-96 A database not only of macro effects, but also build engine glitches and sprite tricks to simulate/produce things probably not thought of even by the makers of the game. Includes: Maps
Pixel height trick
27 2-13-00 This is a little trick for making sectors with pixel-height in odd numbers, like 129, 130, 131, basically any height not divisible by 4.
Includes: Map
Steffen Itterheim
33 7-23-96 This Tutorial will give you an understanding of all the special sprites involved in Duke3D Level editing, such as the ACTIVATORs or CYCLERs.
Includes: Map
SE 0 Tricks HOW-TO v1.02
Tim Conneen
141 5-14-97 Newly discovered special effects inherent to the engine and achieved without alterations to CON files! Build horizontal crushers, gaping pits, stretching doors, shifting passages, and whatever else you can come up with!
Includes: Faq Map/ and Playable Confession Map(w/ SE 0 Tricks)
Snowday V3.0
Jared Moore
Snowday has-Snow, Blizzards, Snow drifts, A MountainCaverns, Ice, A Lodge, A Snow Fort, Snow Trees, Frozen Ponds ,COOL SECRETS, Cody(v3.0 is for duke1.3d) This map has everything you need to add snow to your maps!
Snowday V3.1
Jared Moore
Same as above but for the Atomic Version of Duke(breakable snowballs, dogs)
Build - Other
Height Map
17.3 7-16-00 Built and tested on Duke Nukem 1.3d.
Tutorial map for Builders. Demonstrates the minimum and maximum sector sizes that Duke can walk, duck, jump, fall, and shoot into.
Group Files FAQ
6 12-4-00 This document applies to 3D Realms’ Duke Nukem 3D. Some information will be relevant to other Build Engine games as well.

1. What about duke3d.grp?
2. Why Won’t This Work For v1.3d?
3. How Do I Create the Group File With kgroup?
4. How Do I Extract From a Group File With kextract?
5. Are There Easier-to-Use Programs for Making Group Files?
6. How Do I Load duke3d.exe With a Custom Group File?
7. What Files Can I Use In a Group File?
8. How Can I Easily Package My Group and Con Files With a Startup Batch File?
9. Does My Group File Have to Use the .grp Extension?
10. What Is The File Format For A Group File?
11. Where can I get the source code for kgroup and kextract?

Level Design Handbook

Steffen "Duke Addict" Itterheim
372 ? While matt tagliaferri's "The Official Duke Nukem 3D Level Design Handbook" is a great piece of information for all you level BUILDers it does have some minor errors and in certain places I wish to add some more information, warnings, or whatever. So here I collected a list of errors and wrote additions to certain chapters.

Now includes: The first chapter preview of the book. Added 5-21-04

Most Forgettable list for Level Designers V2.0
Curtis Eng

5 9-20-99

BUILD Troubleshoot
Michael Mittag

D3Export.Faq v1
Ben Smit
Some idea's or tips on how to "export" your new favourite map plus all it's extra files
10 7-7-96

Keyboard Commands Reference Chart
Duke Addict, Levellord

Quick Keys Chart(Build)
4 9-3-98

Anders Korsvall
5 9-1-95 Duke Nukem 3D: Keys Helper File for the Build Editor +
a test level

Build Key Reference Guidev1.6
Jonah Bishop

Dave Atwater aka NippleNut

Sound Effects List
Sorted By Sound Tag Number v 2.0

Jonah Bishop
14 10-31-98

Shane King

Sound Room
JS Build
6 11-13-98 for helping you to choose the door sound you like best. Includes Map
Tile Reference v0.2b
Scott Harvey
a handy-dandy reference sheet for the 3000+ graphic elements in the DUKE3D.GRP file.
Steven Petrovics Griffiths
4 6-28-99 When building you will know all the numbers for the enemies items ammo and the guns....ENEMIES/ITEMS/GUNS/AMMO LIST.
Level Design Course FAQ 11/28 3

Map/Con Authoring Template v1.1 2
Note: see also the Template maker, in the util section of rtcm.

Map Design Tips v1.00
Vedran Jelenic

Level Design Tips 2
A list with 21 tips.

Playtest Checklist v1.05
Jack Gutzler